Udaan 18th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Vivaan reveals the truth

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The Episode starts with Chakor trying to free herself, Suraj and Vivaan. She gets a stick and ignites it. She then burns her rope. Suraj says great, be careful. Ragini asks the goons to stop Chakor fast. Chakor frees Suraj and Vivaan. They try to run away. Ragini gets shocked. Chakor says we have to find Imli now and take her. Vivaan says we just got saved, leave Imli, we shall run. Suraj says don’t become Jagat mata. Chakor says that woman will kill Imli. Goons come there and threaten to shoot. Ragini smiles. She says you all have hit your own feet, you cheated me, the goons will kill Imli first and then you all. She calls the goon. She gets angry and says why is the call not connection. She gets shocked seeing the camera feed off. She says where did Imli go.

Imli comes there and shoots the goon.

They all get shocked. Ragini thinks how did Imli reach here. Chakor, Suraj and Vivaan fight with the goons. Imli saves Chakor and shoots the goon. Chakor looks at her. A goon goes to stab Imli from behind. Chakor holds the knife and saves Imli. Imli sees her bleeding hand and gets shocked. Suraj kicks the goon away. He asks Chakor is she fine. Mahiya…..plays…… Ragini shouts no, this can’t happen, how can they survive. Imli tries to run. Vivaan asks where are you trying to run. Suraj says you can’t go anywhere Imli Devi. Ragini shouts and says Lord made their good fate, they got saved again, but they won’t get saved in future.

At home, Suraj does aid to Chakor’s hand. Chakor smiles and says you are so stupid. She says you are laughing on me. He says you got so scared, you have beaten the goons and now you got scared. Mahiya….plays….. He says I felt you are hurt because of me. She says aw, did you get angry. He says yes, I m getting love on you now, I have to think what to do with Imli. Chakor says we shall give her to police. He says I have to ask her some questions. She asks what questions. He shows the gun and says about this….. They come to Imli and see her gone.

Suraj says she has run away, I will find and kill her. Imli calls out Chakor and smiles. She says don’t worry, I won’t run away. Suraj asks who has opened the ropes. Chakor asks why didn’t you run. Imli says I won’t run, I know you will catch me again, you are clever, there is no use to send me to jail, I promise I will get away from your lives, I want my freedom. Chakor says you think you can fool us, no, you knew if you ran away, that mad woman would have taken revenge. Suraj says Chakor is right, you have to stay in jail, answer me. He aims the gun. He asks what do you know about this. She says this is not an ordinary gun. He says I know this gun is used by Indian army in battles, who got this to you, tell me. She asks did you go mad, you feel just Aazaadgunj is the world, the world is much bigger, there are many evil people, one of them gave me this gun, is there anything else to ask.

Chakor says Imli never gives right answers, tie her and take her. Suraj and Chakor tie her and take her out. Imli says you want to get saved from me, its fine, send me to jail, I won’t stay for long, I will run away. Vivaan says you are threatening as your thinking ability ended, I was shut in a dark cell and had hatred for you, now I got to know someone else is my culprit, I have to find that woman, this happened with you also, you had hatred for Chakor by one misunderstanding and wanted to ruin her. Imli and Chakor ask Vivaan what does he mean to say. Vivaan says I want to bring a truth out, Imli thinks Chakor told me her lie of miscarriage and fake pregnancy. Imli says I know Chakor has told this. He says you are a big fool, Chakor didn’t know you are pregnant. Imli says its a lie. He says its true, I got to know this from hospital records, your hatred for Chakor is baseless, you have burnt yourself and others by this misunderstanding, you are your own culprit. Imli gets shocked. Vivaan says I m saying the truth, throw the hatred for Chakor out of your heart, Chakor is not such as you think. Chakor cries and sees Imli.

Imli acts mad. Chakor gets shocked. Suraj says I will speak to mental hospital doctor. Chakor says Imli won’t leave. Chakor cries and tells Imli that she will end her hatred.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Mahiya ruined Sukor moment for me, it’s too loud and disturbs the feeling of the scenes. I’m disappointed with Sukor scenes lately, they’re either angry and bitter or too short. I expected them to clear the air about Suraj’s jealousy and declare their love for each other, but none of this happened, where is the continuity?
    It seems someone freed Imli, interesting.
    Makers are crazy if they think of turning Imli positive again, she can stop hating Chakor but what about Kumud and the guy she murdered? what about the bridge collapse victims? what about the girls she sold and Chakor’s miscarriage?
    She can repent in jail as much as she wants but she can’t be let off just for saving Chakor’s life.

    1. There should’ve been a Sukor heart-to heart about Vivaan before they moved to the next track. It seems makers can show Chakor-Vivaan and Chakor-Imli bonding but not Sukor.
      The bigger the MU, the more emotional the reconciliation scene should be and this MU desreved a better Sukor scene, currently there is no closure. Unless CVs plan to continue with Suraj’s insecurity in the next track that would be a huge mistake.
      I thought the olv had different scenes, there were tears in Chakor’s eyes but that wasn’t shown today.

  2. About the new promo, I urge people to wait for the episodes before cursing the makers and declaring Sukor dead.
    There are high chances that it’s Suraj who’ll go on a mission, he’ll either pretend to be this woman’s husband or replace her prospective groom and he’ll accept the mission because of Chakor’s insistence.
    Sorry for saying this but if you didn’t give the show a chance after the 1 year leap when they showed Sukor happy life, there is nothing they’ll show that’ll bring you back. ln all shows the leads lives are full of trouble and villains get away with their crimes, udaan isn’t an exception.

  3. Spoilers were creepy

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