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The Episode starts with Chakor asking few questions to Baa to know about her memory. Baa answers everything. Chakor claps and hugs her. Chakor says Bhaiya ji will not leave Arjun, she has to call Ishwar. She hears the phone ringing in haveli. Baa asks Chakor to help her. Imli brings Chagan, Billu and other kids there to the temple. Baa and Chakor are on the way. Baa says Bhaiya ji will scare the villagers by punishing Arjun. Chakor asks what will he do. She says he will tell them to throw stones at Arjun, this will fulfill his revenge. Chakor says Arjun will die, we have to think something.

Baa says what can we do, till Ishwar gets the warrant. Chakor says she has an idea that Arjun will not be hurt. Baa says great, I wish Ishwar gets police. Bhaiya ji tells the villagers that Arjun has done big sin,

he has kidnapped Devi Maa and was marrying him to spoil her. The villagers get shocked. Bhaiya ji asks is his sin forgivable. They say no. Chakor brings Baa there by hiding her face. Imli and kids meet them and ask whats happening.

Baa asks them to make paper stones and bring them fast. Chakor says yes, this is solution to save Arjun. Imli asks is Baa fine now. Baa smiles. Chakor says she will tell later and they go to make fake stones. Bhaiya ji says beat him. The kids make fake paper stones. Baa asks the villagers to stop and know Bhaiya ji’s truth first. Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini are shocked seeing her. Baa says he has tried to kill me, he is my son and made her daughter as Devi to make you all Bandhua. She says she is also his Bandhua.

She says the girl does not know meaning of Devi, she is also bandhua, he knows she is ordinary girl and she is not devi, but he did this to fool you all. Bhaiya ji turns the table round and shows he is innocent. He asys he was went through pain when Baa was in coma and lost memory. He gains sympathy from the people. He asks Lakhan to send his men in between the villagers. Bhagya cries and says she is Bhagya.

She says she is not Devi. Baa asks them what proof they want, Bhagya is saying she is not Devi. Bhaiya ji says its kalyug, they are making Devi Maa also doubt, they are disbelievers. Bhavani takes Bhagya inside. The kids give them fake stones to beat them. Arjun does not get hurt. The people think the stones re light, maybe this is Devi’s miracle. Bhaiya ji checks the papers. Chakor gets Ishwar’s call and asks him to come fast in temple. Bhaiya ji’s goon beats Arjun by sticks. Chakor drops the phone in shock.

Bhaiya ji asks Ishwar why did he get police to arrest Arjun. Ishwar says police has come to arrest Bhaiya ji and shows warrant. Bhaiya ji gets arrested and rages in anger.

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