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The Episode starts with Suraj getting close to Chakor. She pushes him back and goes away. She asks whats all this. He asks whats an issue in this, we got married, you dedicated yourself to me, its our suhaagraat today. She says to hell with it, I m helpless and that’s why I m here, if you come close, I won’t leave you, you know why I m here, so don’t take advantage of it, I m not your wife in this room, we will not sleep on same bed, I will sleep on bed, you will sleep on floor. He laughs and asks will I sleep on the bed, you are forgetting this is my room.

Suraj says this is my bed and you are my wife, I will sleep here with my wife, now we have to spend seven births together, whats the use to fight, you keep me happy and I will keep you happy. He gets close. She pushes him and shows knife,

saying I will stay in eight births, just for Imli’s sake, but nothing can happen between us, we can’t have any relation, this will be just your dream. He asks did you get mad, will you kill me. She says no, I will give such wound that you can’t show your manhood. He recalls how she shot at him before. He pushes her and says wild cat, you were wild and will always be wild, I m not interested in sleeping here. He takes his pillow and goes to sleep on ground. She says I m with you just for Imli, I will always have this knife with me. He says lets see till when this knife stays sharp. He goes to sleep.

Imli goes to room and sees Vivaan sleeping. He wakes up and asks Chakor did you come. She switches on lights. He says I felt its Chakor, are you fine. She says yes, I m fine, but you don’t look fine, why, till when will you wait for Chakor, forget her like she has forgotten you, I dropped her to her room, its her and Suraj’s wedding night. She cries and says if I don’t punish myself, how will she know my power to bear pain, I want to know I have courage and power. He says I should learn from you, not to have dreams, as life’s reality breaks dreams, I should also leave thinking of Chakor. She holds his hand and says fine, we both will think of our future from today. He asks are you also thinking what I m thinking.

Its morning, Chakor comes from bath and Suraj argues with her. She dries her hair and he compliments her. She shows him the knife and keeps him away. He says you should have let me sleep well. He says this was your punishment to sleep on floor, I have habit to not get sleep, how can I get sleep if so many things are happening. He says wild cat…. Meow…. And leaves.

Imli asks Vivaan is our decision right. He says yes, what we decided is good for everyone. She asks when will we tell Chakor. Tejaswini asks Chakor to learn house rules, why is she acting now when she decided not to give divorce to Suraj. She asks her to apply sindoor in her maang. Chakor applies sindoor unwillingly. Vivaan comes there and says strange, you used to hate Suraj and putting his name sindoor today. She asks how are you. He says I m fine, I already got ruined by you and can’t see myself ruining more, you don’t deserve that I regret for your cheat, when you went to Suraj, I was going to take drugs. She says no. He says then I recalled the promise to my love that I won’t touch drugs.

Suraj comes there and says you are mature, you should know not to come to husband and wife’s room in morning, they can be in any state. Vivaan says yes, I can see the state, I came to say I m leaving from this country, I m going London, I will transfer money to Chakor, and Suraj and Chakor can stay as they want. She says you can’t go leaving Imli. He says we decided to take divorce. She holds his hand and says you can’t do this. He moves her hand away and says you have no right to ask me anything, I can take my decision if you took decision alone. He goes. She cries. Chakor says I will tell everyone that Imli has your child, if Vivaan leaves, what about Imli, what will people say, Imli can do anything. Suraj asks her to worry, its all because of you, now bear this. She requests him to do anything and stop Imli and Vivaan’s divorce.

Chakor tells everyone that she wanted to get Imli married to Suraj, as Imli is pregnant with Suraj’s child. Bhuvan and Kasturi get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What the hell……what was this?I don’t like suraj………why choker doing all this nonsense. I feel bad for Vivaan .he is so sweet.I like him very much even I want choker with vivaan not this suraj.leave him for imli….and how they forgot imli is pregnant. ……and let them happy our cute pair vikor????

  2. Tashan tashan and tashan yar in dono ki bich ka tashan dekhne me alag hi maja hai.bcs love starts with hatred

  3. within 24hrs of marriage if you decide to separate. . The wedding will be called off. . That’s the law .. You don’t have to take divorce. ..

    The track itself is meaningless. ..

    Anyway I like imli n vivans pair. .

  4. The only couple in the show is vivaan and chakor.. New viewers can never understand the bonding between them

  5. What bout the viewers who lik Charaj and r not new viewers but r watching from the beginning? I’ve been watching from beginning and I personally adore Sonoran and chakor!

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