Udaan 18th July 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Chakor asking the people to help her, and no one helps her. She falls down and sees Ishwar in pain. Ishwar calls her. She runs to him and says she will call doctor, no one is helping her. He asks her to focus on race, she has to win the race, and its less time left now. He asks her to win for him, her parents and all villagers… you will win the race. She says no, I can’t go leaving you in this state. He says I will be fine, don’t worry, this is final race, else all my hardwork will go waste. He asks her to go ahead and run in the race for his sake. He asks her to promise. The police comes there.

Vishnu runs to Ishwar and takes him. Ishwar asks Chakor to promise him, she will run and win, never look back and just go ahead. Chakor says yes, I will run. He asks her to say

aloud. She promises him that she will run well. Ishwar is taken by Vishnu. Chakor says I will win the race and holds his hand. Ishwar smiles. Dheere dheere……………plays…………

She looks at him as Ishwar leaves in the jeep. She recalls his words. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai…………… plays………… She gains strength from his words.

Ishwar is taken to hospital. Chakor starts leaving from there and runs to the race venue. Abha signs in Aditya’s school forms. The teacher says sorry to trouble you, but principal thought Aditya did the sign. Abha says Aditya never lies, he has gone on his dad. The teacher says we know, he is very honest. Abha gets a call and is shocked. She cries and drops the phone. Aditya takes the phone and gets shocked.

Arjun waits for Chakor and tells Laxmi that Chakor will come, she was with Ishwar, Chakor comes there and Arjun asks where was she, and where is Ishwar. Chakor recalls Ishwar’s state. He asks why is she sad, is everything fine, come on cheer up. He reminds her that its her fourth position, it means she will cross finish line. He makes her stand on her mark. He asks her to remember focus. Chakor recalls Ishwar’s words. Arjun says all the best.

The race starts and everyone start running. Abha is with Ishwar and tries to given him strength. Aditya asks Abha to hear what Ishwar is saying. Ishwar tells Abha and Aditya to always stay strong, and fight against injustice. He asks her not to let Chakor break and cries. He is taken away and she leaves his hand. Abha and Aditya cry. She hugs Aditya. The girls run and Geetha gives baton to Chakor, asking her to run. Chakor’s turn comes. Chakor stands in shock and Arjun asks her to run.

She sees Ishwar there, giving his hands and standing with his arms open across the finishing line, asking her to come. She smiles. Arjun gets to know about Ishwar’s death. Ishwar encourages her and she crosses the finishing line running to him. She hugs him. Everyone clap for Chakor. Udaan hai…………plays……….. Chakor realizes Ishwar is not there. Arjun looks on sadly. She signs no to Chakor. She drops the baton and stands sad.

Chakor shouts Mausa ji and cries hugging Abha.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. spandan s rai

    i didnt expected the such a bad news i request u tht i want eshwar back to the serial plz plz plz plz eshwar dont go away leaving the udaan serial y eshwar u did this such a way say or mail me plz plz dont go i am big fan of urs plz plz eshwar dont go……..

  2. 2nd

  3. Very sad to hear that ishwar is no more.pllllllzzzzzzzzzzz…it’s a humble request.plz don’t let ISHWAR UNCLE to go.we loves him that much as same as our dearest CHAKOR.PLZ…….IT’S A HUMBLE REQUEST……

  4. Very sad to hear that ishwar is no more.pllllllzzzzzzzzzzz…it’s a humble request.plz don’t let ISHWAR UNCLE to go.we loves him that much as same as our dearest CHAKOR.PLZ…….IT’S A HUMBLE REQUEST……also plz don’t let kamal narayan to come out….

  5. ?????2 sad news
    1. Eshwar death
    2. Last night of chatting on tu

  6. blo*dy fools

    no 1 helped chakor….how could they????

    And vishnu and other officers left chakor alone there…….disgusting

    i thought that aditya and abha will hate chakor after this but after seeing the precap i was relieved from abha……..but aditya!!!!!

    Ishwar died……plz take a leap and show ishwar alive(i know this will not happen but still its my dearest wish)…….

    Nd i read in india forums that KN will prove bhagya mentaly unstable nd ArGya marriage will be called off from the court……really pathetic thought……
    🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  7. Nd this blo*dy ”Important change in comments”


  8. Uhhhhhh

    plz dont mind my sayings friends but right now i m not in my senses

  9. I need my sisters
    richu di
    su di
    devu di
    nd otherss

  10. Anu shabbu plz giv me ur fb names……dis is d last day of chat

    plz giv it today plzz

    i wnt to continue our friendship

    my name is Diyashi DV Vyas nd dp is a wallpaper in which a girl is sitting near lake

    1. Hey I think u r in my frnds list …. Or else find me from liya/richu’s frnds list ….

  11. Ok ok
    richu di
    i luv u….u r d bstestt
    su di
    luv u too…..muahhh i’ll miss u
    my chhoti sis……luv u
    devu di
    i’ll miss u a lott…..
    dnt kno whr r u….but really u r my
    nevr tlkd to u much bt i’ll miss u
    maanu, shanaya, anu, shabbu, elsa
    i’ll misssssss uu alllll

    1. I was missing and am missing and wil miss u the most dear ..

  12. Raylene Thomas

    This is so heartbreaking to know that Ishwae Rawat is no more !!! this is not done …. Ishwar and Chakor were the ones that we looked forward to see !!! they looked like real father and child !!! please bring him back … PLEASE

  13. Ishwar is such a big part of Chakors courage and strength, how could he be killed off.

  14. it stupid to kill off ISHWAR in the show ….he was the only one in a position to help Chakor .Without him you might as well shut down this serial bring Ishwar back or we will all stop looking ar Udaan

  15. Guys i read that bhya ji and tajeswani will be relived that there are no proof against them but abha has some and will enter court as lawyer to get revenge for ishwars death and justice to villigers despite the fact abha and chakore are completely shatterd

  16. Dhruvki
    this must happen soon

    1. I also wish that dia (sorry for not replying on the coments actually i don’t look at the comments often when i read the updates once)

  17. Devu di
    u r in my frnd list
    lv u
    anu shabbu plz reply

  18. Its ok dhruvki

  19. Its ok dhruvki

    btw dhruvki=dhruv+thapki rit???

    1. Yes its just that i forgot to change the name

  20. I m still able to post waste cmnts

  21. if iswar passes away what will be the future of Chakor and her villagers?????
    plz do something n don’t let die iswar plzz

  22. Nonsense
    this IMP CHANGE IN CMNTS is a work of total bullshit
    just to lessen up cmntators……so that cmntatrs wd c dis nd stop cmntng….its not re

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