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The Episode starts with Chakor getting glad seeing Sultan. She says I was sure you will come to save me. Khasta says you think you will escape from here, its tough. Khasta goes to kill her. Sultan kicks Khasta down. Chakor says leave him, I know the way out and takes him. Khasta gets up and says I have to stop them. Om sees the secret passage and says Sultan fell inside, don’t know whats there and calls out Megha.

Chakor says this is the exit, we have to break this. She tries pushing the big stones. Sultan also kicks the boulders and makes way. She says we got saved, we will tell everyone about the joker. Khasta locks them inside the door.

Bhaiya ji scolds Imli for helping bandhua kids. He calls her a cheater and says I told you if you do mistake, you will be punished. She apologizes and

cries. He says they are bandhua kids and now Suraj will teach you haveli rules. He calls out Suraj. Suraj asks why are you shouting, I m coming. Tejaswini asks is this way to talk to dad. Bhaiya ji laughs and says I was also like him, so I m like this now, and asks Suraj to punish Imli now. He says she has supported Vivaan in making bandhua kids run away, slap her hard. Imli gets scared and says leave me. Suraj says shut up, I have many other ways.

Chakor says Sultan, I think killer is outside and shutting us. She shouts to open the door. She ctaches the joker’s hand. Khasta pushes her and locks the window. Khasta laughs and says now Chakor can’t run out, you will die here. Om comes to everyone and says Sultan fell in the pit. Megha asks how can this happen. Om says I m saying truth. Vishaka says we can go and see. They all rush to see. Khasta ignites the place by putting kerosene oil.

Chakor shouts for help and asks Sultan not to worry. Chakor coughs and gets shocked seeing the fire. She shouts Sultan. Suraj scares Imli with a gun and asks her to run now, and will not stop till he tells her to. He gives her the gun and asks her to keep running. Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini smile. Bhaiya ji is glad and says now Imli will never go against us, Suraj the one of whom Praja is scared becomes the king, fear has to be there, you did great, you are my son. Suraj says I can do more if you allow me. Everyone get shocked seeing the fire. They hear Sultan. Om says save Sultan, he is inside. Vishaka asks them to get water. Khanna asks all of them to blow off fire. Khasta comes there and smiles. Khanna and everyone put water. Khanna asks Khasta to help everyone. Khasta gets glad and just pretends to help. Sultan sees Chakor unconscious. The water falls over Chakor and she wakes up.

Chakor says we have to catch the joker. Sultan breaks open the door. Khasta and everyone get shocked seeing Chakor.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Tired of seing bhaiyaji winz since the series starts..We need to see changes all the time bhaiyaji wins dats not how da series goes we should change n I can give u da ways of changing it its ma favourite series can’t miss it BT plz for chakor seak I can give u advice for more

  2. Amezing effert sulthan…….

  3. Nice episode. . Luv u chakor..

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