Udaan 18th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Tripathi asking Bhaiya ji to see the news, Chakor has put allegations on him, and now he can’t take the oath. Bhaiya ji and Suraj fume. Kasturi is glad that Chakor would come. Bhuvan says he can’t go against Bhaiya ji, as Bhaiya ji rules this village, he feeds them, he dominates them, what will Chakor do after coming here, I remember how Bhaiya ji killed my mother. Kasturi cries and fights with him. They cry and he asks her not to have dreams, else don’t know who will die this time. She says no, this time sin pot is full, and Bhaiya ji will be finished, Chakor will come back and take revenge for everything.

Bhaiya ji, Suraj and Ranbjana come back to haveli. Bhaiya ji says let Chakor come, I will kill her. Ranjana asks him to calm down. Suraj asks her to go, they have

to talk now, you go and manage kitchen, we will manage Chakor. She asks Suraj what is this way to talk to me. Bhaiya ji asks Ranjana to go. She goes. Suraj says its different thing now, I m with you Papa, I will face you, I will drag her and bring her here. Bhaiya ji says you are saying right, I will go and get her here, I will kill her, come we will leave.

Suraj asks him not to do mistake. Bhaiya ji asks what. Suraj says why are you giving importance to Chakor, we don’t need to go, why to send army to catch her, our few goons are enough, they will get her, then do anything. Bhaiya ji agrees and says whatever you want to do, do it yourself.

Chakor goes to market to buy clothes. She says this will suit Bapu and recalls Bhuvan. She recalls Kasturi and Imli, and shops for them. She buys a doll for Imli. She buys drawing brushes and pencils for Vivaan. Aditya comes and sees her. She says you changed in 10 years, you are not bargaining. She says I did not change, and bargains. She turns and sees him. She says you are that reporter. He says yes, that’s why I know everything about you, what did you buy for Imli. She asks do you know Imli. He says yes, I got this doll for her. He laughs and says when Imli sees this, she will say Didi, are you mad. She says you are talking like us. He says yes, I had friends like you. He asks what did she buy for Billu and Chagan. She says nothing, I think I had one more friend, Aditya Rawat. He says sorry, I got caught, how did you identify me. She says I identified you when I was on stage and saw you. He asks really. They do high five. She says I m very happy and hugs him. He says I m following you since first race.

Ranjana cooks food. She changes the food to be sent to Vivaan and tells Tejaswini that she can’t send food made by Tejaswini to Vivaan. Tejaswini says I know you are hurt, that Vivaan loves me more than you. Ranjana says yes, I know this, he will hate you soon. Tejaswini thinks we will know it soon. Chakor and Aditya talk having ice gola. He says you still talk in same language. She says this language will remind me to get freedom for Aazaadgunj, I get bad dreams about my family. He says don’t worry, I m sure they are fine, now we will go Aazaadgunj and end Kamal Narayan’s rule. She asks who. He says we and all the press reporters. She says fine, I will buy few things and come. He says we will meet at press club. He leaves.

Chakor sees some cars and turns. She asks who is there, leave me. The goons catch her and bring her somewhere. The girl says wait, I will make her right. Chakor asks who are you. Its Imli. She aims gun at Chakor and says Didi…. Chakor recalls Imli and gets shocked.

Chakor asks Imli is this new way to welcome by gun, won’t you hug me. Imli asks her to stand there, be habitual to see me with gun, I did not come to welcome you, but to take you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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