Udaan 18th February 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Ranjana sending Vivaan to Chakor. She smiles and says she won’t let Tejaswini win so soon. Chakor and Baa sit in village. Vivaan comes and says he will join Chakor in her Satyagrah and Ranjana has sent him. Baa says what, maybe she has some plan in this. Vivaan says no, she has changed to my old mum now. Baa wishes the world becomes like kids, they are so innocent that they believe all lies said by elders.

Manohar takes food for Vivaan and sees the door open. He does not find Vivaan and shouts. Laali comes and he asks where is Vivaan. She says he went to village. He asks who opened the door. She says Ranjana. He gets angry. Ranjana talks to her dad. He asks her not to call media now, let the matter heat up more, we will inform them on time and media will attack on Aazaadgunj,

I will see how will Bhaiya ji get saved. Ranjana says I will wait for that day. She sees Manohar angry and ends the call. He scolds her and holds her neck. She says leave me.

He says I know why you sent my son there to show down Bhaiya ji. She says if you raise hand on me again, I will not spare you, you forgot I have hand and my dad too. He says threaten someone else about him, and I will threaten you, don’t use my son, keep him away from politics. He says he will get Vivaan back and then cut her feathers. He leaves. Baa tells about Bapu doing Annshan/hunger strike. He says truth always wins.

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Imli says the story did not fill my stomach, I m going. Kasturi asks her to sit. Imli says why should I stay hungryI. Vivaan says no one will eat if you don’t have food Chakor. Kasturi asks Imli to sit quiet. Chakor says I will not eat till I get my condition fulfilled, but you can go and have food. She says if she breaks hunger strike, she won’t get education and freedom from bandhua/bonded life. She asks them to go and have food, rest and then come.

Bhaiya ji scolds Manohar for not controlling Ranjana as she has sent Vivaan to their enemies. Manohar says yes, I have given her much freedom, but now its enough. He takes out the gun and asks his goons what happened to them, come with me to village. Tejaswini says they won’t come as they are afraid as their families are sitting with Chakor, and they can die. He gets angry. Bhaiya ji asks is he done, shall I say anything. He says my wife always supports me. Manohar says I understand. Bhaiya ji asks Tejaswini her plan. Tejaswini says her plan and it will start with Girja.

Girja says what did I do and gets worried. Tejaswini says nothing, but you will do now. Kasturi talks to Chakor. Chakor says you are my brave mother and I m also brave like you. This hunger and thirst does not affect me, as I stay hungry most of the times at haveli, I m fine and strong. She asks Imli to go home and have food. They all say Vande Mataram.

Girja brings food for Baa and says Tejaswini has sent food for everyone. Chakor says thanks and asks everyone to have food. Girja asks them to have food. Baa says its sin to send food for the one who are on hunger strike. Girja asks Sheru to have food. They all are shocked seeing the fire in the village.

Chakor says she has to stop the fire. Baa stops her. Tejaswini says everyone will leave supporting Chakor. She says Manohar and his goons will kidnap her on right time.

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