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The Episode starts with Rocky telling Nana that this home becomes hell when Vaibhavi comes. He asks Chakor to come, they will have some fun and make snacks, and then they have to go in morning. Chakor asks why did he call this home as hell. He says its long story, I will make your favorite snack come. Nana is glad seeing him smile. Vaibhavi is the Madam ji, and meets Babu and Munna. She comes to the goons and is angry on them for losing Chakor. She scolds them and tells their punishment. They apologize to her. Vaibhavi shoots them.

Rocky makes the snacks similar to what Chakor made for him at the food stall. They together have some great time. Nana is happy seeing Rocky smiling and laughing, unlike before. He laughs talking to them. Chakor does not eat the snacks and thinks of her friends. Nana asks

her to eat it, and not worry for the kids. He says Rocky will free them tomorrow, and he made this snacks for you, we did not know he knows cooking. Rocky says he knows many things, which you and your daughter don’t know. He asks Chakor to leave it if she does not like it. She says you have it. He says fine, I will go and sleep. She says no, stop. He asks her to eat it. She says her hands are bad. He says I will make you have it. She says your hands are also bad. He cleans to her clothes. She cleans her hands to his clothes.

He says now you don’t have reason to skip eating. She says fine. They ask each other to have it. Nana records it and says they have lovely friendship between them, if Vaibhavi sees this side of her son, she will be very happy, and blesses them. Vaibhavi looks at the goons torturing the kids. They ask about Chakor. The kids say I don’t know they know anything.

She says you feel they know about her. Babu says I don’t know. She says why are you torturing them, leave them, find that Chakor. She says I m going home, call me when you get her. She leaves. Rocky asks Chakor did she like the snacks. She says I like it. They have a laugh. Nana records Rocky’s laughing with Chakor and smiles. Rocky plays with Chakor.

Vaibhavi gets a call and says she will supply the blood, that girl is not an animal, its rare blood. She gets angry on Chakor. Nana records the moments and says Chakor you met Rocky, and me, and now meet his mum. Chakor says I will meet her and tell about his drinking. Rocky gets annoyed. He says no need to meet anyone, come with me, I don’t want anyone’s bad shadow to fall on you. Vaibhavi comes home and rings the bell. Rocky asks someone to opebn the door, as Madam does not like waiting.

Vaibhavi comes inside and sees Rocky. She talks to her dad and asks who is that girl. Nana says I can’t believe my eyes, Rocky used to come home drunk, he came here smiling. He says he did the video shoot. She says not now, I will see later, I m tired, I have work stress, a girl is missing, she has to find her, else her name and work will get spoiled, He says you will get her. She says where can she go.

Chakor sees the room and Rocky talks to her. He says filling things in a room does not make a mother and son relation. He says you won’t understand this, you are small. He cleans the bed for her. She jumps on the soft bed and smiles. He smiles seeing her. He asks her to sleep and they have to save her friends in morning. She says she will get everyone here. He says you are my friend, your friends will be my friends too. He gets a wine bottle and opens it. She stops him from drinking, else he will sleep. He says don’t worry, this will make me stay awake all night. He asks her not to worry and sleep.

Nana sees the video and laughs. Vaibhavi asks what happened. He says this house looks different after that girl came. She says show me who is that girl. She sees Chakor and is shocked. She smiles.

Vaibhavi asks Babu to get his men and take Chakor from Rocky’s room. Chakor asks Rocky to wake up. Babu shows the room to Munna and asks him to get Chakor. Chakor gets sad seeing Rocky not waking up.

Update Credit to: Amena

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