Udaan 18th April 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji scolding Suraj angrily. He says you were overconfident to win, what happened then, Chakor has won. He scolds Suraj and fumes. Kasturi dances and Bhuvan feeds laddoos to Chakor. Kasturi says I m very happy today, I have four reasons to be happy, Chakor won, the kids did not become bandhua, Chakor got another chance to take part in race. They ask the fourth reason. Kasturi says Imli loves us a lot, she got her hand shot for us, it means she loves all of us. Chakor recalls Imli’s words.

Aditya calls Chakor. She says I have big news. He says you got another chance to take part in marathon. She says you know everything. He asks will you lose again to help anyone. She says I will not lose this time.

Suraj recalls Chakor’s words. Imli comes there and servant

stops her, saying Suraj is angry. She goes to him. Suraj scolds her and says you cheated me. She says I swear, I did not cheat you. He holds her hand and sees his name on her hand. He says you got my name written on your hand, now I understood why I lost. He laughs and says Imli is in love with me. He says you did not wish I win and kiss Chakor, so you taught her shooting, I was thinking how did Chakor learn shooting in 2 days, you taught her right, I lost because of you, what did you think, if I can’t kiss Chakor, then will I kiss you.

He scolds Imli and says I will never kiss you, the dirt pig is better than you, you are my bandhua, I m your owner, our relation will always be same, there can’t be any other relation. She cries. He pushes her on the floor and goes. She says I love you a lot and cries.

Chakor comes to meet Vivaan. She sees him drinking for her victory. She asks will you ruin yourself to celebrate my victory. He gets shocked seeing her. He asks when did you come. She says I came to return this gun. He holds her hand and stops her, asking her not to go. She says my words did not affect you. He says drugs became part of my life, I can’t live without it, why don’t you accept me the way I m. She asks him to choose between her friendship or drugs.

Imli recalls Suraj’s words and cries. Chakor sees Imli and asks her to stop. She runs and stops Imli. She says you made me win today, the kids got free because of you, I m very happy, I want to shout and tell everyone that I won because of you. Imli says leave me, stop praising me, you know very well, why I did all this and for whom. Imli leaves. Chakor says I know our hearts are clean, Suraj’s love dirt will get clean from your heart soon.

Its night, Kasturi worries for Imli and tells Chakor that Suraj is a devil, if he does anything to Imli. Chakor says don’t worry, Suraj will not do anything to Imli, I know he would be angry with her. She rests and recalls Vivaan. She goes out and sees someone sitting under the temple tree. She wonders who is it.

She sees Vivaan. Vivaan smiles seeing the moon. She calls out Vivaan. He greets her. She asks what is he doing here. He says I just see a face when I close eyes, so I have come to see that face here. She asks who. He says black cow. She asks what. He says do I know anyone else here, I have seen moon and thought to come here to light diya. He compliments her. He smiles seeing her. Wind blows. They have an eyelock. It starts raining. She dances in rain and he smiles…. She says let me go, leave my hand, there is nothing between us. He asks really, don’t we have any relation. She says no. He asks then why do you care that I take drugs, why you take risk and come to meet me at haveli.

Bhaiya ji says I have organized training camp. Vivaan asks Chakor to give an answer to him, can he drop her to camp tomorrow.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode.. Loved chavvan track…

  2. Finally suraj imli ki dil ki baat or chackor vivaan ka dil ke baat jaan gayi.i’m so happy

  3. WOW….. love vivan and chakor’s chemistry….. paras u rock man….

  4. any one tell who is vihaan? because I started to watch this serial before 3 days pls

    1. Vivaan is the son pf ranjana

  5. Love vivaan and chakor. Many people think that suraj and chakor will marry. But I read in a spoiler that in the upcoming episodes, vivaan and chakor will come closer and there will be love triangle with imli loving suraj, suraj loving chakor and chakor loving vivaan

  6. finally Vivan get to know about his love for chakor <3 😀
    Happy at ever………………guys in the spoiler it said that suraj will be paired with chakor………but I will say that vikor will be united 4 sure coz in childhood only they dressed up like radha and krishna. so I'm sure that vikor will be united instead of sukor

  7. I still fell suraj is ryt fr chakor lyk tey complete each other n vivaan is weak tats his flaw weras imli is strong headed so tey make a pair…if its suraj n imli ten imli will support him in all his wrong doing n ter went b any change.,BT if chakor is ter wit suraj ten his love fr her MAY change him n make him kind hearted n to win her he may even free all bhanduas…chakor n vivaan r always gud FRIENDs…guys D’s is my personal opinion pls dnt bash me…

    1. I am also agree wid ur opinion…nd if writers dont wish to make charaj pair why the would make suraj to love chakor?

    2. U r absolutely rite…meri mann ki baath cheen li…..Charaaj will be a perfect pair….and imli can be paired up with vivaan or aditya. ..aur ek baath chaan bhi imli se pyaar karta hai na. .

      1. Sorry It’s not chaan it’s chagan

      2. Its Grt to knw tat so many ppl think lyk me….fingers crossed SUKOR d best jodi…n chavaan best frnds forever….

  8. Chakor and vivaan shared lovely chemistry in their childhood. So I can’t imagine anyone with chakor except for vivaan. The character of vivaan was very strong when he was a kid. He was a fearless and intelligent kid. Now he has changed because of tejaswini. And Suraj.. I just hate him.
    I want chavvan to unite…

  9. I luv suraj. How cute he is…… WOW

  10. even I like vivaan too with chakor

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