Udaan 18th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Chakor walking to haveli., Arjun sees her and calls her out. She says Arjun Sir and runs to him. He lifts her and hugs. Yeh housnlon ki udaan hai……………..plays………….. He asks how is she. She says she got his cap, and called Lucknow to call him. He says he came for her, and he has all news about her, whats going on, why is she expelled from school and why are villagers angry, tell me from beginning. Suraj and Prince stop Roshni. Suraj asks why did she come home and went without meeting him. Prince says you did not wait for me at school, where did you go, to meet whom.

Arjun says so this all happened, but the worst thing is your village kids don’t trust you now. She says its not their mistake, they got angry seeing that, maybe I would have been angry too. He

says no, forget it, they will realize it one day that you did not cheat them. He says move ahead and stop thinking about past, your aim will be just one, that’s taking part in race and winning.

Bhaiya ji goes to meet Devi Maa. Chakor follows him thinking of his words and runs after his car thinking he is hiding something and its related to temple and Devi Maa. He reaches the place and scolds Bhavani. He greets Devi Maa and bows down to her. Bhagya blesses him. He asks Bhavani how did Devi Maa go out. She asks what is he saying, she did not go. He asks do you think I m fool. She says I did not see her going out, tell me who saw her.

Chakor comes there and hides behind the car. She sees the driver and thinking how to go to sneak into the temple. Bhavani says what, is that girl your bandhua. He says yes, she is my bandhua, she stays with me in my haveli, but very clever for her age, she has told everything to Tejaswini. He says she does not know anything else if Tejaswini thinks I have hidden her first daughter since years, then think what will happen. Chakor thinks driver will not move, what to do. She is about to throw stones to divert him. He gets a call and she says thanks for saving me. She runs inside the temple.

Bhaiya ji says I m man and have patience, but Tejaswini is a woman and she is her mum, she can’t bear this. Chakor comes there. He says no one should know that I m related to Devi Maa. He turns and sees Chakor. Devi smiles seeing her. Chakor gets tensed. He says stop. She asks why is he hiding Devi Maa from Tejaswini, whats wrong if she does Darshan. He says how dare you follow me, I will kill you today and goes to hit her with road. Bhagya comes in between and hugs Chakor.

He stops and Bhavani asks him to stop, else it will be bad if Devi Maa gets hurt. He greets Devi Maa. Chakor talks to Devi Maa and asks her how is he related to her. Chakor asks why is Bhaiya ji hiding her. Bhagya says Pita and Chakor is shocked.

The panchayat decides Bhivan and his family can stay in village when he breaks relation with Chakor. They cry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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