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The Episode starts with Chakor being in shock and imagining Babu taking Imli. Imli comes there with Vaibhavi and Chakor thinks she is imagining. Imli calls out Didi. Chakor gets glad and the sisters run to hug. Chakor touches her and sees she is really there. Mutti me hawa ke………….plays………… They hug and smile. Everyone smilke seeing them. Imli says Vaibhavi got me here to my sister. Rocky looks on. Chakor thanks her. The people praise Vaibhavi for bringing happiness, she is Lord’s avatar who came for helpless kids.

Vaibhavi says she wanted to help the kids and everyone clap. Swara asks Thapki why is she not happy. Thapki tells her something. Vaibhavi says we will take blessings and pray that kids are fine and together. Rocky calls Vaibhavi as Aai. Chakor tells Vaibhavi that Rocky

is calling her. She asks Rocky to talk to his mum. Vaibhavi can’t believe Rocky called her Aai and gets very happy hearing Aai from him.

Rocky says thanks Aai. She cries. He says sorry, I have blamed you always, I was wrong, I did not know you are finding Chakor like me, forgive me. She says you called me Aai after long time, I m very happy, forgive me too and hugs him. They all do the aarti together and pray. Vaibhavi says she will send the kids to NGO. Rocky says we got Chakor after long time, I want the girls to come home with us, then I will send them to Aazaadgunj. Vaibhavi says its good, fine, if you decided this, we will welcome them home. Swara says Chakor we will leave now. Thapki asks Imli to be with Chakor and take care. Vaibhavi says she has kept Swara’s bags in the car. Thapki says we will take group selfies.

Swara asks Rocky to be with the kids and asks him to promise he will drop the girls to the village. Rocky says don’t worry, no one can do anything till I m here. Swara thanks him and leaves with Thapki. Vaibhavi asks Rocky to go home with Chakor and Imli, she will come after this function ends. Rocky hugs Chakor and Imli, and takes them. Vaibhavi smiles.

Soham, Tamasha and Sunny hide face from Babu, as Chakor has told she was Choka. They see Chakor and Imli. Sunny says see there, Babu…. Babu sees Rocky taking the girls. Sunny asks who is this girl with Chakor. Soham says how is Babu letting them go, is Rocky also with them, we have to do something. Sunny says we will follow the car. Abha calls Arjun and calls Imli got missing, she is sent to Mumbai. Arjun says Chakor and kids went to Lucknow and might have reached there. She says I can’t believe Singh is with goons. He says we should be glad that kids are returning home, I m worried for Imli.

Tamasha stops Rocky’s car by bringing his bike in between. Chakor asks Imli about their family. Imli says everyone misses you, when will we go Aazaadgunj. Chakor says very soon. Soham and Sunny catch Rokcy. Tamasha shows kung fu. Rocky asks what nonsense is this. Soham says how dare you kidnap Chakor. Rocky says leave me, who are you. Chakor sees this and stops Sunny. She says this is my Rocky Bhaiya, my friend. They leave Rocky.

Rocky asks do you know them Chakor. Chakor says they are my friends who helped me a lot. They all apologize to Rocky. Rocky laughs. Imli comes. Chakor says she is my sister Imli. Vaibhavi asks Babu what is he thinking. Babu asks why did you make two girls together. Vaibhavi says we have to do Imli’s blood test, if her blood is same, then we have two golden hens, my house is the safest, don’t worry about Rocky. She smiles.

Chakor says she has to go to Amma’s house, to get Ganpati back. Vaibhavi gets shocked as everyone went, and gets glad seeing Imli sleeping in Rocky’s room.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Gum epd and thx swara and thapki for helping chakor


    I’am glad at last Imli and Chakor meet together and share some joy although still some obstacles.

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