Udaan 17th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Udaan 17th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji asking Chakor to recall the day when they all sing freedom songs, he went to jail. He asks Chakor to apologize to him. Everyone cry. Bhaiya ji reminds Kasturi how he made Dadi’s voice shut by burying her alive, shall I bury Chakor. Kasturi says leave Chakor and Imli. Bhaiya ji says fine, I will leave them alive. He asks the boy did he throw stone at him that day. He asks the kids to throw stones at Chakor and others. The man says don’t do this torture. Bhaiya ji says fine, if the kids don’t pick stones, shoot their parents. Chakor asks the kids to do what they said. Kasturi begs to Bhaiya ji. Bhuvan cries and says leave my daughters.

The villagers beg to Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji asks them to take Chakor, if Chakor tries to lift her head, I will bury all of them

alive. He asks Chakor not to come near haveli. He asks what to do with you three, I will think of this in haveli, come. Ragini asks Kasturi to take Chakor, and not worry for Imli.

Chagan says we did not know Ragini will cheat us, what will happen of our future now. They all cry. Vivaan and Imli sit in shock in their room. Imli cries and says it was so bad what we went through. Chakor says she is hurt seeing Bhaiya ji alive, what will happen now, he has made this Poornima night as Amavasya, there is no morning of this dark night.

Imli says I got to know you love me a lot, and I was thinking your first love is Chakor. He holds her hand and asks her not to think this ever, I have none in my life than you, I m ashamed to have such a mother. She hugs him and cries. He says I want to stronger our love bond, I want a child, I want our love to have a sign. She says but…. He stops her and says we have seen death from close, that wish for life increased, I feel we should fill happiness and colors in our life, and forget everyone else. She nods and hugs him.

They sleep. Imli gets up and recalls Ragini’s words. She sees a gun in her cupboard. Tejaswini works as servant. She falls asleep. Bhaiya ji gets angry and kicks her. Suraj holds Tejaswini and gets angry. Bhaiya ji asks Suraj and Tejaswini to massage his legs.

He calls goons to aim gun at Suraj. Tejaswini says leave my Suraj. Suraj says don’t worry for me. He calls his men there, who come and aim gun at Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji smiles and taunts Suraj that he is a snake. He says now it will be fun when game is equal. Ragini comes and aims gun at Suraj. She threatens to kill Suraj. Bhaiya ji asks Suraj to stop his men, as he has won. Imli comes in her old avatar and aims gun at Bhaiya ji. They all get shocked.

Imli says game did not end, game just started, you are smart and talking like a fool, if you have a queen, then Suraj will also have a queen right. Bhaiya ji sings and laughs. Suraj taunts Bhaiya ji and says you would have killed me if you were smart, I tried to kill you, your fate was good and got saved, you tried to kill me, my fate was good and I got saved, lets see whom does fate support. Bhaiya ji says killing you is not tough, I would have buried you alive here right away, but I won’t do this. He asks the men to lower guns.

He calls Suraj mad and says we will meet tomorrow and talk, just leave now. Tejaswini asks Suraj to agree and come. Suraj says fine, old bones will need rest, don’t think 24 torture can shake my mental state, I don’t get tired so soon. He goes.

Kasturi asks Chakor to have food. Chakor says I m scared, that devil has come back and will not leave anyone, he will kill everyone, we have no way, I can’t let this happen. She packs their bag. Bhuvan asks what happened. Chakor asks them to leave from this village. Chagan and everyone come and apologize as they did not believe her. Chakor says I don’t have any bitterness, its too late and can’t help. The people ask Chakor to help. Chakor says I m also shocked, I have spent 10 years of my life to be able to talk to him, but now I don’t have any way, he has become more powerful now.

Bhuvan says Chakor helped everyone and now you all are seeing her state, everyone have to fight or die, forgive us, leave us alone. Chakor says Bhaiya ji said right, he has become more dangerous. Kasturi encourages her. Chakor says I have no way to end him, I m scared that villagers signed on contract, what did Ragini buy, their work or respect.

Bhaiya ji does aarti and ask villagers why are you looking shocked. He says I had some work, so called you all. He says Ragini is my son, she has done a lot for me, son is heir for a father, and now Ragini is my heir. Suraj says I don’t regard him my Papa, why did you call me. Tejaswini asks him to listen. Suraj says I won’t listen to anything.

Tejaswini and Imli come along Suraj. Bhaiya ji insults Suraj and says I decided my daughter Ragini will become my heir.

Suraj touches Bhaiya ji’s words and apologizes to him. He says I m with you, I m ready to help Ragini. Chakor gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. just hate vivaan such a self centered person he is.And no sukor scene in dis episode.I think suraj will bring chakor as his wife to haveli as a part of his plan by saying that “we have to keep enemies closer to us than normal ones”

  2. Wwow kn and suraj ke bick tashan is awsm I think chakor will be angry with suraj and suraj use secret plan batayega

  3. oh! is suraj really with ragini?? or pretended ?

  4. Wtf confused ? suraj km ?

  5. nice!! thanks for written update!!

  6. Why doesnt Suraj use the secret that he knows about Vivans father being killed by his own mother just to marry Suraj’s father. Another thing is getting to me and that is Imli’s insecurity. Theres bigger things to worry about other then guy that used to be your sister’s lover…

    1. Mona146

      Even i thought the same. Is he thinking about vivaan as he would be hurt knowing it. Imli is insecure as she knows her worth and will not stop doing it. Im sure when sukor track will start then she will feel insecure for them also.

    2. Suraj knows that secret will not matter KN will not care that Ranjana killed his own brother, Vivaan already does not care much for Rajana so much so that he is will to kick her out on the streets with her psychopathic little family. I hope Tejaswini becomes positive I will get pretty mad if they have her running behind KN trying to be the perfect lapdog to get into his good graces, the man kicked her, she should only be thinking of cutting that foot that kicked her off and feeding it to him.

  7. This episode was gud….happy to see sooraj caring for his mother n chiku is very loyal towards sooraj….I always liked imli”s this gun girl waali avatar n happy to see again her in this avatar….but what about the precap??? Why sooraj is obeying Kn??? Anyways I think this distance n misunderstanding btwn sukor gonna get them closer…..

  8. Definitely one day chakor and suraj will be sideline and imli and vivan will become main leads . Stop this nonsense chakor did a lot of things but imli only got high light now imli is life for vivan and Rani for suraj ,nut what about chakor?

  9. Suraj and kn scene was very nice and yeah suraj is pretending

  10. Mona146

    even i got irritated when she called herself as rani of suraj. that too when she knows that suraj loves her even now. I know she was speaking in terms of play but till she has got on my nerves.

  11. Tejaswiteju

    In latest updates it shows that,Chakor is doing karwachouth or helping to Maa.is Chakor will do karwachoth for Suraj, exiting

  12. Guys you are misunderstanding…. Ragini is KN’s queen, she is his daughter, likewise Imli called herself Suraj’s queen as they are part of the same family, she may not be in love with him anymore but he is still her husband’s brother. Suraj will not go back to his father he is going to take revenge for that kick KN gave his mother he will probably offer to support them in exchange for something. Suraj is good at tactics. SuKor union won’t happen anytime soon sadly. Vivaan will try to kick out KN and co as he still has KN’s wealth and the haveli belongs to Suraj.

    I really felt bad for Tejaswini but she irritated me yesterday when she asked Suraj to listen to his father, the man kicked you you silly b****h! You should be planning on setting him and Ranjana on fire not appeasing him so you can be biwi number 1 again.

    Chakor will be observing Karwachauth with her mai (not for Suraj but just for the sake of Karwachauth) I am sure that somehow there will be a SuKor scene then…. they are really making us cry for SuKor scenes….

  13. s suraj is pretending and all four of them will be joined together against know and I hate vivian how selfish he is

  14. Tejaswiteju

    Yah I think so.chakor gives an interview that this is not an imp to her,box she lost her love and for divorse.i think sukor screen will be there.suraj will be there in karwachauth.but we can’t expert this udaan drama,like other dramas.how suraj and Chakor fall in love,it’s very interesting thinking about how.really the writers are amazing

  15. The track is now just losing its touch!the entry of Bhaiya ji was nice but now Sooraj..oh no. Plz sukor……

  16. no sukor scenes very sad and that fool ragini a sentimental

  17. Hmmmmmm….nooooo….sukor scenessss…..kalika u r ryttt…thy r making us cryyy….. I think suraj have some awsm tricks to hunt kn that’s why he is supporting knnnn…..am sooo…. exciting 4 next epiiiiii…….

  18. In the upcoming episodes suraj will sacrifice himself to free them and will pretend to molest imli for saving vivan and in the new promo kn said that this diwali will be surajs last diwali.

  19. hi everyone!
    i’m watching this serial after a very long time and excited to see the twists
    i think suraj is just acting

  20. Suraj, Vivann and Imli are together, they have planned everything to make KN think that Suraj is on his side, Suraj is basically KN’s trojan horse. The papers that Vivaan signed are probably to transfer KN’s wealth into Chakor’s name or something. SuKor will not happen anytime soon. I was hoping when Chakor was breaking down and crying with her parents that Suraj would show up but no such luck. They are really making us cry for SuKor scenes.

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