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The Episode starts with Chakor talking to Kasturi and saying her identity as Choka. Chagan looks on and recalls that Chakor is Choka. She asks someone to take Kasturi home. Dadi takes her. Bhuvan apologizes to Bhaiya ji and asks him to sleep peacefully. Kishor takes Bhuvan along. Chagan stays there and asks Chakor about Choka. He says you are Chakor right…. Amma and her children get shocked. Amma asks Chagan to be quiet, this is Choka. Chagan says no, she is Chakor. Soham scares him and asks him to leave.

Amma says this Chagan can tell villagers about Chakor’s truth, what will happen then, Sunny go and stop Chagan, explain him. Dadi takes Kasturi back to village. Chagan thinks to find about Choka. He turns and sees Sunny. He asks about Chakor. Sunny asks him not to tell anyone. He says it means

Chakor is alive. She says yes, but no one should know this, else Bhaiya ji will kill her. She asks him to help Chakor and be quiet. Chagan says I won’t tell anyone, don’t worry.

Vivaan beats the plate and Ranjana stops him. Baa says everything is fine Vivaan, they all are fine. She prays for Vivaan. She sees Chakor stopping Vivaan. Baa says I think Choka will make Vivaan fine. She sends everyone out and leaves. Choka tells Vivaan that he is sad for Chakor’s death, but don’t worry, she will come back and meet us. She asks him to trust Chakor. She shakes hands with him. She shows him the moon and says they get sleep seeing the moon.

Chakor goes out and sees Kasturi’s broken bangles. She recalls Bhuvan beating Kasturi. She gets sad. Bhaiya ji recalls Kasturi’s words and drinks wine. He goes out. Chakor’s cap flies in air and her hair get loose. He asks who is there. She turns to see him. He gets shocked seeing Chakor. He says Chakor…. No, this can’t happen, she has died. He recalls Kasturi’s words and drops the wine glass. He calls out servants. Chakor sees her hair loose and lights fluctuating. She breaks the light by stones and goes. He says ghost and worries. He asks someone to glow lights. He prays to Lord and is scared.

He runs out to see Chakor and does not see her. Tejaswini, Ranjana, Amma, Baa and everyone come. Amma asks does ghost stay here. Ranjana says no, Vivaan slept peacefully after long time, why is he making noise. Chakor runs to stable and gets dressed as Choka. Vivaan comes there and sees her. She thinks why did Vivaan come here at this hour of night.

Tejaswini asks what happened. Bhaiya ji says nothing. Baa asks him whose ghost did he see, Ishwar, Chakor or Satya. She says he has killed many innocent people. Amma and everyone look on shocked. Amma recalls her and Satya’s past memories and how Satya was killed.

Vivaan walks to Chakor and she asks what is he doing here. Vivaan sees her making excuses. He looks at her. She asks him to go to his room. She asks what work he has, why did he come here to waste her time. She yawns and says I m feeling sleepy. She sends him. She gets relieved and says does Vivaan get to know my truth.

Chakor says if Bhaiya ji is scared seeing her face, she can make Kasturi fine too. She says I have to become Chakor again and gets dressed as Chakor.

Update Credit to: Amena

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