Udaan 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji having food. Tejaswini asks him why does he come to have food, don’t come again. She tells what Suraj did, he cheated Chakor, like he cheated her. He asks what, I don’t have any son, I m Bholenath, let me eat. Tejaswini asks him to stop acting mad, you are scorpion who has bitten their lives. She asks him to calm down. Servant takes Bhaiya ji. Kasturi says help me in making food, Chakor is going to come. Tejaswini says sure. Kasturi says she can’t stay in haveli, she will come here, her heart broke.

Chakor says I can’t go there with my tears, when they get to know I got so much weak, they will be hurt, I have to face this pain alone. Kasturi says Chakor is coming for herself, we should be happy for her. Bhuvan says yes. Chakor comes and hugs them.


says no Chakor, you can’t leave me this way, I won’t let you go, you can’t leave me. Imli comes to him. She does the aid to his wound and says you can’t give happiness to anyone by hurting yourself. He says I don’t want to get aid, I did this for Chakor, the way villagers were treating you, Chakor could have not seen it, I regret that Chakor could not see my heart, she left me, you tell me if her trust broke, my trust also broke. Imli cries and says Chakor is such a girl who loves him a lot, who believes him, when he accepted sin by himself, how can she bear it, she is a human, not stone, she has shattered, its your mistake, not Chakor’s.

Chakor says you know there is much happening in haveli so I came here. Bhuvan says you did good, we all are with you. Chakor asks Kasturi what did she make for her. She sees the food and says you knew I m coming, so you made my fav things, I m hungry, give me food.

Pakhi asks her mum when will her work end. Her mum says it will be done now. They think how to fit the gun nozzle. Pakhi says I can help. Her mum stops her. Pakhi says I will do the work fast. She puts the parts. Her dad asks her not to touch it. She goes. Her dad says don’t know, what will we do.

Imli comes to Vivaan’ss room and sees everything thrown on the floor. Vivaan comes there and scolds her. She says till I m your wife, I have right to come here. He says you have no right on my life, get out. He pushes her. Suraj comes and holds her. Vivaan says your lover makes entry on time always. Suraj asks him to control anger, Imli has baby in womb. Vivaan says if would be father has no worry, who will worry then, if you worry, take your mistress. Suraj shouts stop calling Imli as mistress.

Vivaan says Imli is your mistress. Suraj and Vivaan fight. Imli gets worried. Suraj scolds him. Imli and Vivaan’s pic falls down and frame breaks. Imli stops them. She picks the pic and cries. She says I will not come in your room Vivaan. She hugs the pic. Vivaan says I want this, don’t come again. He tears the pic. He asks her to take her pic, she has no relation with him, his room and life.

Suraj takes Imli. Imli says I will come back to you Vivaan. Vivaan throws the pic. Chakor recalls Suraj’s words. She gets restless in sleep. She goes out of home. She sees Tejaswini awake. Tejaswini cries. Chakor sits with her. Tejaswini says you know my and your story is same, like Suraj cheated you, even his dad did this with me, he got his illegitimate child Ragini and then made Ranjana my sautan, I regret that Suraj is hurting you so much. Chakor says don’t get upset, its Suraj and Imli’s mistake. Kasturi comes and hears them. Chakor says I may scold them but not the baby. Tejaswini says the rules are strange, someone does mistake and someone bears, I have to say one thing, you are thinking good for the baby, you have a big heart.

Chakor says I can’t bear this, whatever they both did, my heart and trust broke, now I can’t trust them, my heart wants to cry aloud, but I can’t cry because I don’t want to hurt my parents. Kasturi cries. Chakor does not see her and cries. She says I m scared, my patience can break. Kasturi holds her.

Kasturi says you can hide your pain and sorrow, but not from me, you are my brave child. She asks Chakor to cry and lighten heart. Chakor cries and hugs her.

Chakor says I got much lonely. Kasturi says the one who has parents is never alone, what did you think to do now. Chakor says now I have one way, I want divorce from Suraj. Kasturi and Tejaswini get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thanks for the update. My favorite part was the talk between chakor and tejaswini, and chakor and kasturi.

    I was so happy to see KN, I wish we see more of him. Suraj is slowly realizing how much his decision hurt chakor.

    I wonder if they’ll get divorced before working together on stopping the kids working in the gun factory or afterwards.

  2. Episode was OK OK but the most nice part was the conversation between teju and chakor. I wonder that is raginni an illegitimate child?? Then is her mother ranjana? Guys pls clear my confusion. My god, I m worried about the precap.

    1. No, Ranjana isn’t Ragini’s mother. Her mother was a servant or bandhua, I don’t remember exactly.

      Yes, they’ll get divorced in court.

  3. Chkr does take the divorce papers to him but he burns it. As surj cant live without her.

    1. In the newest olv, they sign the papers in court, you can find the link in yesterday’s episode page.

  4. Too much dragging..vivan should know ragini truth..I don’t like the episode. .but chakor and teju part was ok ok..plz writer end imli’s pregnancy matter..we just want sukor moment…plz stop imvan fighting. .

    1. Did ragini made fake reports of vivaan????

  5. I’ve heard that Surj is going to burn the divorce papers which will make them end up having divorce in court. Which I absolutely don’t want. I just want them together. Miss their cute nok jhok. Jungli billi and pakandi wali.

  6. Sukorian

    I still dont like to watch it.
    But reading this update make me happy teju n chakor n kasturi the three have a bounding now. KN is back lets see what he will do.

  7. Nandini oh my god your right i think now ranjana is ragini mother we all know ragini is illegitment but no1 knows the mother i think kamal was having an affair with ranjana at the time cuz after manhor died ranjana and kamal got married so quick and imli is right she understands chakor pain one thing im glad about is that cvs showed chakor is not perfect shes a good person but even she has the right to feel upset and angry in most shows the protagonist is the one holding everything in and never expresses her feelings but this show does thats why i love watching it and guys im kinda happy sukor are getting divorced cuz now they will get married willingly and with all the rituals i really wanted to see sukor marrige with rituals and it looks like imli will go bk with vivaan cuz she says she will always wait for him the only think i want this time is for cvs is to only focus on sukor marrige in the remarrige track and nemo in yesterday’s episode u sed u hate suraj clothes so do i his clothes r so ugly what are cvs doing to his style i dont like before he always use to look so cool

  8. Atlast the story is going in the same way.. like leads come close then somebody creates misunderstanding and the leads are separated… as per the latest spoiler suraj had to sign on the divorce papers in the court.

  9. I actually thought yesterday that Suraj finally understands the damage he’s caused but no, today he said my trust is also broken and Chakor should have trusted him despite he himself announcing to the world and refusing to tell her the truth. I still don’t understand his logic when he says he did what he did for Chakor, that makes absolute no sense whatsoever.

    Imli is she stupid as well she knows how angry vivaan is so stay out of his way. Her and Suraj are the same they always make bad situations worse, Chakor told her to stay away for a bit and she went and did something stupid and that was a catalyst to the whole disaster that followed

    1. So disappointing!Chakor was right.Suraj is ‘pakhandi’ (hypocrite).

    2. I agree with you lucy thats why imli was right saying you stated from ur won mouth that ur the father anyone would doubt that how can u say ur trust in chakor has broken cuz she didnt beleive u uv sed it ureself but chakor does think about the situation and goes by suraj cuz she also doubts what he sed but wen chakor was going to talk to suraj she sees him and imli laughing together and they were really close which makes chakor think that imli and suraj are made for each other thats why she becomes very adamantfor a divorce

  10. If suraj did this everything for chakor then he should tell her that..he lied such a big thing to her which broke her totally n felt betrayed her n again saying he did for chakor..how anybody though chakor can tolerate n accept n trust such stupidity..never…Though he is not responsible for imlis baby but only responsible for their divorce n still expect chakor should understand him..she is very sensible n matured girl couldnt bear such stupid things..
    End this track pls..clear misunderstanding

  11. Lol…what does Suraj expect from Chakor? ..that she will celebrate hearing this..and his reasoning is uttermost illogical. .cvs are butchering his character to a great extent. .

  12. Shreya.

    Hi guys…yes it was ok ok episode…even I loved tejaswini ji nd chakor’s conversation nd also kasturi kaki…nd guys Suraj did these all for chakor bt d sad truth is he didn’t understand chakor hurts by his words…budhu suraj…even I loved imli’s conversation…hw she told chakor also a human being…nowadays my love for imli aldo increased…bt I really hate imli for one thing she always goes behind vivaan….in my point of view both d brothers Suraj nd vivaan deserves punishment…

    Tippu I agree with u dr…cvs shows hw chakor express her pain not lyk other serials…nd u r ryt chakor is gud…

    Aditi u r ryt.. Suraj is not responsible for imli’s child…bt he is responsible for sukor’s divorce…

    Sukorian thank u Soo much for dis link dr…


    Guys c dis is our sukor vm…I really loved dis…hope u all lyk dis…

    1. Thanks lily for the link, this is before their divorce in court, i guess.

  13. Thanks sukorian for the links, funny interview.
    Thanks shreya, it was a sweet video.

  14. Udaan’s TRP impression is 3884 (1.75), it’s in 9th position.

  15. Hey guys yeah it was a OK episode for me too…I liked chakor, theju,kasturis conversations and today I liked imli too…
    After this divorce, don’t know what will happen..how long this misunderstanding drama goes….

  16. Hey guys i read a new spolier it states that soon it will be revealed to the viewers that ragini is behind all the fake reports of vivaan then ragini and vivaan will be successful opening the new child bundua gun factory and will make alot.of.money then vivaan will find out that he can be a father and he will realise his mistake and will ho against ragini and the gun factory

    1. Sukorian

      but it will too late everything is shattered

    2. Thanks tippu, I wish this is true, but this will require a several months leap.
      Lucy, I don’t understand why Suraj is shocked from Chakor’s reaction, it’s natural; Imli can see it why can’t he. Even if he told her the whole truth, she couldn’t have remained with him because everyone would’ve made fun of her. CVs made a mess of this. I liked that Imli went to Vivaan’s room, she shouldn’t have but it shows that she still loves him. Imli easily abandons her self esteem for her love, but I’m happy she has not moved on from Vivaan back to Suraj.

  17. Thankyou lily k,shreya,sukorian for the links.___ tippu thanks for this great information. Episode was not so good.i hate vivan. How can he use such a cheep language for his loveone?

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