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The Episode starts with Suraj being in drunken state after the drugs intake. He dances on Manma emotion laage…Imli dances with him. Everyone look on. Imli falls in his arms and they have an eyelock. Tejaswini stops Suraj and asks what are you doing. He says I m dancing, come with me. She puts water on him. He asks how is it raining in this sunlight. She says I m bringing you to senses. He asks really, I will come to senses then. He puts bucket of water on him. Vivaan looks on and says drug addiction will increase. Tejaswini sends Suraj to his room.

Suraj takes a bath and sings song. Vivaan comes and asks how are you feeling now. Suraj says what magical thing did you add in that juice. Vivaan says brother’s love. Suraj says I liked it, show such love sometimes. Vivaan says I can’t give drugs to

anyone, I did not give you drugs, I gave you bhaang to teach your mum a lesson.

Vivaan asks Suraj to come, they will go and see the plot which they want to buy. They leave. Vivaan sees Chakor and asks Suraj to stop the car. Suraj says I think we should hit her. Vivaan says she is wounded, lets have some fun before hitting her. Suraj stops the car and says Vivaan you really changed, you said right. Vivaan asks Chakor what happened to you. Suraj says I told Chakor not to run so much, see she is unable to walk now. She asks him to leave. Suraj says I will break your other leg too. Vivaan says she is acting, nothing happened to her, she understood Tina will make her lose, so she is avoiding race. She asks Vivaan to get lost. Suraj asks her to mind her tongue, else he will show what he can do. Vivaan says leave it, don’t kick ill cat. Suraj says he is saying right and laughs. Suraj and Vivaan leave. Chakor goes. Vivaan looks at her and thinks how did Chakor get hurt.

Chakor comes home. Kasturi cares for her feet and applies some lep. Imli comes home and looks on. she says I will apply lep to Chakor. Kasturi asks don’t you have work at haveli. Imli says no, my work got over. Kasturi says fine, I will just come. Imli asks Chakor did you go to run or wrestler, and applies lep. She asks why are you seeing me like this. Chakor says I m seeing your behavior is good today, what is the matter. Imli says you have problem when I m talking well, can’t you see me happy. Chakor says I always want you to be happy, I m afraid that your dreams will never be true. Imli gets angry and asks Kasturi to apply lep.

Bhaiya ji tells Vivaan that this land is not beneficial, what will you do buying infertile land, its deal of loss. Vivaan says I want to do this loss deal. Bhaiya ji asks what do you mean. Suraj says hear your plan once, I m sure you will be glad. Vivaan says you will be worried for income tax. Bhaiya ji says govt. takes 40% earnings. Vivaan asks him to buy this land if he wants to save that 40%, if you show in your account that you are getting loss by this land, loss gets cut from profit, then it will be just profit. Suraj says Vivaan is saying right, we can save crores rupees of tax every year. Bhaiya ji says great, I did not think this.

Vivaan says this file is very imp, keep this safe, no one should see this. Bhaiya ji says I will keep this safe where no one other than me can reach. Vivaan asks shall I come with you. Bhaiya ji says no, don’t feel bad, some secrets are such which can’t be said to children. He goes. Suraj says he is our dad and goes. Bhaiya ji goes to his room and opens a secret locker. He puts papers in it and locks it. Vivaan looks on. Bhaiya ji fixes the photo frame back on the wall. Vivaan thinks so this sin pot has got full, I have to give this good news to Chakor.

Chakor leaves from home. Vivaan meets her. He asks her to sit in car. She says anyone will see. He lifts her and says I will take you such way that no one can see us. She says you are feeling guilty that Tina broke my leg, so you are lifting me. He says no one can separate us, Vivaan is of Chakor and Chakor is of Vivaan. They have an eyelock and smile. Bolna mahi bolna…..plays………….. She says if I miss bus because of you, then you will drop me to camp this way. He says fine, we will reach till morning.

He says you scolded me infront of Suraj, say sorry. She says I did not mean that, sorry. He says no, say that sorry, I mean say I love you. She asks him to walk ten steps and then she will tell him. He says just ten steps, fine. He asks her to say it now. They have an eyelock. She smiles. He asks her to say. She blushes and says I will say next time, my bus is coming, bye. He asks her to stop. She turns and smiles. He smiles and says she did cheating and left again.

Someone makes Chakor faint. Chakor falls down. She gets conscious and finds herself in the jungle. She says there is just 3 hours for registration.

Update Credit to: Amena

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