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The Episode starts with Chakor apologizing to Imli. Suraj provokes Imli and says Chakor is selfish, she left you alone, she is responsible for all your troubles. Imli recalls what all she faced because of Chakor. Suraj says punish her, get all your frustration out. Imli slaps Chakor. Suraj and Bhaiya ji smile. Chakor gets shocked. Imli asks Chakor why did you come back. Chakor asks Imli to beat her more. Imli slaps her numerous times. Chakor asks can I take my friend now, if you all are done. Bhaiya ji says fine, but find him first, where is he. You have 24 hours to find him, else I don’t know what will I do, you will be responsible for his death. Chakor says but you said…. Bhaiya ji says your time starts now…. Chakor runs. He laughs.

Bhuvan is sad and asks am I wrong Kasturi, I lied for Imli’s

sake. Kasturi says there is difference, you have risked Chakor for Imli’s life, I m saying right, why is Chakor alone, she is alive because of his friend, Aditya saved her and got all media here, did you not understand this, you have Aditya to Bhaiya ji, Aditya is Ishwar’s son, if anything happens to Chakor, you will be responsible.

Chakor looks for something at home. Kasturi asks what are you finding. Chakor says I want torch, I have to find Aditya, I have just 24 hours. Kasturi says calm down, everything will be fine, its darkness there, how will you find Aditya, wait till morning, we don’t have torch. Chakor says no, I have to find Aditya. She sees Bhuvan outside. She tells Bhuvan what Imli did, and shows the slap marks on her cheek. Bhuvan gets shocked. Chakor says Imli thinks she is doing right, because you support her for doing wrong, she has become like Bhaiya ji and Suraj, you have let her become like that, you be happy now. He feels sad.

Suraj asks Bhaiya ji why don’t you kill Aditya. Bhaiya ji says this media will get after me, I don’t want that. Suraj asks what will you do. Bhaiya ji says we will wait and let Chakor find him, we will enjoy, she will be tired of finding Aditya, then we will bargain.

Vivaan gets restless and says I want milk…. He starts sweating and sees milk glass. He says stop Maa, give me that milk… he wakes up from dream and looks for milk. He says I will take it myself, if Maa does not give me. He goes to kitchen and drinks milk from entire vessel. He throws the vessel and says its tasteless milk, don’t know what milk Maa gives me.

Vivaan says I should apologize to Maa and get that milk. He hears some sound from the secret passage and checks. Aditya asks for water. Vivaan gets shocked seeing the door. He asks is anyone there and goes to see. He sees Aditya tied to chains. Aditya asks for water. Vivaan says no, I can’t do this mistake, Maa will scold me and not give me milk. Aditya stops him and says you are Vivaan right. He recalls Vivaan and smiles. Vivaan says you know me… Aditya says you are still innocent like you were in childhood, that’s why Chakor and I like you so much. Vivaan says I don’t know you, Chakor also tells something, I don’t remember her and you. Aditya gets shocked. Vivaan says I did mistake, I came to get milk, I want that milk, I m going. Aditya stops him and says listen to me, you don’t remember our friendship, we three used to go same school, I m in problem, for humanity sake, please help me, open this ropes, free me, it will be big favor on me. Vivaan says I can’t help you, Suraj and Bhaiya ji are bad people, they kill people. Aditya says that’s why I m saying this. Vivaan says I m scared of them.

Chakor thinks where to find Aditya. Suraj asks what happened bandhua cat, what are you doing here, find your friend, just 3 hours remaining. He leaves.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ohh Sad for these 3 Besties……..

  2. Ya I just remember their childhood days when they used to be in the same school. Those were the best days of chakors life.. Hope to see vivaan fine soon and waiting for their reunion..

  3. I am so sure thay tejasvini is giving drugs to vivaan in milk

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