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The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji asking Lakhan to tie Arjun. Lakhan ties Arjun. Chakor apologizes to him and asks him to leave Arjun. Arjun says no need to say, nothing will happen to me, he can’t do anything to me, you all go back. Bhagya asks Tejaswini to save Arjun and cries. Tejaswini and Bhaiya ji sit in the car. Lakhan drives the jeep and Arjun runs after it. Manohar cries and says he will die, but not cheat Bhaiya ji. He says he will not repent by cheating his brother. Ishwar says he has come with his plan, he can arrest Manohar for attempt to murder Chakor, which he has accepted, its recorded too. Vishnu says yes and shows the recorder. Ishwar says Baa has got her memory, she will give statement against you, side with us for the better.

Manohar says you will arrest me, did you bring handcuffs,

think when Bhaiya ji knows that you cheated him, what will happen. He says before he touches him, his goons will kill Ishwar. Manohar scolds Ranjana. Ishwar thanks Ranjana for helping the bonded labor. Ishwar’s staff comes and arrest Manohar. Ranjana asks him to support them. Manohar gets angry and says he will not leave Ishwar. Ishwar says take him.

Ishwar thanks Baa. Baa blesses him. Chakor runs after Arjun. Abha and the kids also follow her. Chakor falls and they help Chakor. Chakor says I m fine, call Ishwar soon. Abha says yes, I will call him. Abha says he is not taking the call. Chakor says we have to find them, as they will take Bhagya to the temple. Abha says yes, they will use belief of people and punish Arjun, come lets go. Chakor says she will keep trying to call Ishwar, maybe he takes the call.

Ishwar is on the way with Manohar and sees Manohar trying to free himself. Ishwar asks him not to try. Manohar says if Bhaiya ji knows this, think what will happen. Ishwar says this time he has come well prepared, Bhaiya ji will go jail. Manohar says no one has power to arrest Bhaiya ji. He says Bhaiya ji has trusted you. Ishwar scolds him for fooling the villagers and making them bandhua. He says Bhaiya ji has made false promises, and scolds him.

Ishwar says he is not against Manohar, he is obedient to Bhaiya ji, but its risky for him too, now it is his wish that he wants to be alive or sink with Bhaiya ji. Bhagya cries seeing Arjun. The cars and Ishwar’s van passes the same routes and does not see each other.

Abha and kids are on the way. Aditya says shall we try to call Vishnu. Abha says no, we don’t know with whom is he now. Vivaan says he is worried for Arjun. Chakor says don’t worry, Arjun is sports teacher, he is very strong. Abha says yes, Arjun will not get a scratch. Bhaiya ji and everyone reach the temple. Bhagya cries seeing Arjun. Bhaiya ji asks Lakhan to tie Arjun inside, and call the villagers here. He says he has tried to harm Devi Maa. Tejaswini asks the goons to respect Devi Maa and takes her. Lakhan ties Arjun to the pillar. Bhagya cries.

Tejaswini asks her to be quiet and not insult them. Abha and the kids come there. Chakor asks Abha to call Ishwar, only he can help them now. Baa hears Ishwar’s phone ringing. Bhaiya ji sees them and takes Abha’s phone. He throws it and says he is quiet as she is Ishwar’s wife, now he will not bear anything. He asks Lakhan to take Abha and Aditya and tie them.

Lakhan tells the villagers that Chakor and her friends have disrespected Devi Maa, she is their Devi Maa too, and asks them to come in temple to see the result of the bad doings. Imli hears this and tells Sheru that they have to go and save them. Abha and Aditya are tied. Tejaswini asks where is Chakor. They all look for her. Bhaiya ji says where did she go. He asks his goons to find her. Tejaswini says where will she go. Chakor comes to haveli and calls out Mausa ji. Baa comes and says he has done his work and went. Chakor asks how does she know. Baa says she remembers everything. Chakor gets glad that her memory came back. Chakor smiles.

Bhaiya ji tells the villagers that Arjun was marrying Devi Maa, and asks them to beat Arjun with stones. Bhagya cries and Abha asks them to stop. The villagers hit big stones to Arjun. Chakor looks on shocked.

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