Udaan 17th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Suraj asking Chakor to tell Ajay. Bhaiya ji says I came to get my son bailed out. Ajay says I know everything, she does not need to say. She thinks what’s happening, Bhaiya ji came to bail Suraj. Suraj asks her to say. She thinks Ajay will feel bad if I tell Ajay everything here, Bhaiya ji will get Suraj freed, I will go. Suraj asks her to listen. She goes. Imli asks Vivaan will he not help Suraj, who helped her in tough times. He says yes and goes. She drinks the soup and smiles. Bhaiya ji bails out Suraj. Suraj gets freed. Bhaiya ji says I will always be with you.

Suraj comes to meet Tejaswini. She gets glad and says so Chakor got you freed. He says no, Bhaiya ji has bailed me out. She says I know why, you came to take his side, my answer is no. He asks why, I did not come

to take his side, I feel bad seeing you this way, I want you to get your place back, don’t trust him, but just come back to haveli. She says how to trust such a man, who has insulted me and kicked me out of house, Chakor’s parents helped me, I can’t forgive him. He says I know he behaved badly, time is like water, once flowed, it never comes back. Chakor comes. Suraj says when my family is uniting, why are you moving back. Tejaswini says I will just go there believing you. She sees Chakor and asks them to talk.

Chakor asks don’t you think there is something fishy. Suraj asks why shall I tell you, you did not tell Ajay that you love me, I would have not taken help from Bhaiya ji, you don’t love me. She says leave me, your mummy will come. He says let her come, let them know how I got arrested. She says he would have got hurt if I told this in front of everyone. He says it can happen that you break my heart and go away. She smiles and holds him. She says I will never break your heart and never leave you, I will make everything fine, do you trust me. He hugs her.

Bhaiya ji laughs and plays cards. Chakor comes and says I think its your new plan to get Tejaswini back and bail Suraj, you don’t do anything without greed. He says you are not in this haveli, you want to know why I m doing this, I don’t have to answer you, you are not suitable, but its necessary, I want my family to be back, this will happen, good thing is you are not part of this family.

Tejaswini asks Kasturi not to cry, else she can’t leave. Bhuvan says it will be my loss, she will not leave me after you go. Tejaswini says I will keep coming, I m not going from your heart, I can’t forget your favors. Kasturi gifts her saree and says this color will suit you, I was thinking how will you like this small gift. Tejaswini says its nothing like that. Kasturi says we will miss you a lot. Tejaswini cries. Bhuvan blesses her. He says I have sent a message to haveli that you are coming. Bhaiya ji asks Chakor to leave. Chakor says don’t get happy, it does not take time to change. She keeps a card and says maybe I come back in this haveli, as your ace can’t live without me, Suraj loves me a lot. She goes. He sees the ace and tears the card.

Imli asks Vivaan to meet Suraj. He asks will you forgive me. Suraj says I m ready to meet Vivaan for your sake, but on a condition, marry me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sukorian

    KN n Chakors fight is back yes. I loved the talk of Suraj n Teju n I’m happy both don’t trust him. Suraj n Chakor convo was cute n the best part was when Chakor put her hands on Suraj shoulders she explains him the situation n he made a face but the hug ufffff ?????. The convo of KN n Chakor was like old times n huqum ka ika Suraj loves me… n the best of all parts was the promo where he asked her to marry her ????? hope of more Sukor scenes

    1. Sukorian

      Kasturi Bhuvaan n Teju oh great friendship she will never forget their help.

  2. Finally! Suraj proposed to Chakor! Please, please, please tell me she says yes! I’ve seen the spoiler and I think there is going to be a fight between Suraj and Vivaan. Well, their brother relationship isn’t that great as we all know that Suraj and Vivaan don’t work that well together. But still, I really want Chakor to say no to Ajay. Sukor forever!

  3. Great episode! Enjoyed all scenes. I liked mother-son conversation, I hope both keep distrusting KN. Sukor scene was nice and the hug was beautiful. Tejaswini BhuKa scene was emotional, I hope she never forgets their favor.

    Chakor-KN scene was awesome, loved Chakor’s trust in Suraj’s love, she also realized that KN is mainly after Suraj. It seems KN wants Suraj to contest the elections.

    I don’t know what’ll be Ajay’s reaction when Chakor explains the truth to him, hope he doesn’t turn negative.

    The proposal in the precap was an amazing surprise. Even if something delays marriage this time, I’m happy there is no misunderstanding between them for the time being.

    1. Chakor knows how to make KN angry, loved how he tore the card in anger.

  4. Haven’t watched yet but after reading the update, i can say that Teju and Chakr’s mom and dad part was good. It was a bit sad but loving the love between this relation. Sukor r understanding each other. Which is sweet. But I’m a bit confused about the precap. Who asked who to marry?? Was it Surj asking Chakr to marry or vivan asking imi to marry?

    1. Sukorian

      Suraj asked Chakor to marry him. Only then he will go out with Vivaan n sort out the problems…

  5. I love tejhu, kasturi and buvan friendship. I hope tejhu will not become bad again. I think I will enjoy this week episode, love chakor hair style in precap. It’s time sukor to rocks baby…. Hehehhee

  6. The episode was fantastic.I loved every bit of it from the sukor scene to the kn chakor scene.The hug was priceless and the precap is like an icing on a cake!The last week’s ratings must have given them a boost and i guess we have a pile of interesting things this week.Glad to see the show coming back pn track!

  7. Sukorian

    to make imli forgive Vivaan n Suraj play together


    1. Thanks for the links!
      Where has everyone gone ? ?

      1. Sukorian

        don’t know ☹?

      2. Sukorian

        hmm first intention was wrong it’s Chamli who r trying to bring the bro together n the bro play a prank on the girls just for fun


    2. Loved your story on wattpad, sorry couldn’t comment there as I don’t have an account. Loved the happy ending, the honeymoon wasn’t exactly a success ???. Hope you can write a chapter about when they attend Vivaan’s wedding or after a couple of years leap to show Sukor with their children.

      1. Sukorian

        haha Haan I will try to write a chapter 2. U know me I like/love to make jokes in my FF’s n the honeymoon was the best part I could use thank u ?.

  8. I know i’m late,but i have to say this…it was a beautiful episode..i couldn’t find a single scene to skip.For me,udaan has reduced to a show of 5-7 minutes.But today I watched full episode.I don’t expect future episodes will be like this,so i enjoyed it as much as possible!I was so happy that i watched it on tv..i didn’t even skip ads in between!

  9. I’m not criticizing, coz i know this is the norm that hindi serial makers underestimate their audience very much. It is weird to see kn ‘reuniting’ with tejaswini without remarriage..Udaan writers have twisted concept of relationship i know.But they want us to forget their divorce happened,that’s funny.I try my best to forget that i have a brain and conscience while watching,..clearly i need to try harder!

    1. They should mention that they’ll get legally married, but you know CVs, they’ll say he never submitted the papers to court.

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