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The Episode starts with Vivaan’s car stopping on the way. He checks engine and thinks of Chakor’s words. He checks for something and gets his drugs bottle in car. Suraj is going somewhere. Chakor stops him. She says you said nothing will happen to Imli, why did police come in village then, they are questioning people for Bhaiya ji’s murder. Suraj says no, you would be mistaken. She says no, did you change your heart, are you trapping Imli, if anything happens to her then… He says nothing will happen to her. She says we should find out are they after Imli or someone else. He thinks he should do this and says I won’t do this, go. She leaves.

Suraj calls servant and asks him to go village and find out what police is finding, be careful….. Chakor looks on. Suraj asks him to go. Chakor smiles.

Suraj says my dad has made me beggar, he gave everything to Vivaan, its because of Chakor, I won’t leave them.

Suraj gets a call from inspector. He says we got your car, we caught that thief. Suraj says no, he is my servant, leave him. inspector says you have to come here and check, he has unlicensed gun similar to one which Imli had, we doubt he can be behind Bhaiya ji’s murder. Suraj says fine, I will come. He leaves. Chakor smiles and says Suraj did you feel just you can use police, I also gave a news to police to trap you. She checks for the knife to that risk on Imli gets off. Tejaswini hears sound from the room and walks there. Chakor gets the knife. Chakor acts like cleaning the room. Tejaswini comes and asks her to work well. She leaves. Chakor checks its same knife which has Imli’s fingerprints. She smiles and thanks Lord for hearing her prayers. She says now I won’t need to be with Suraj, and I will tell Vivaan the truth.

Vivaan takes drugs in hand and stops thinking of Chakor. She says he says Chakor saved me of these drugs and when I insulted her, she has been strong, she has confessed love to me, then why is she with Suraj now, maybe she is lying and there is some truth behind this, I need to find out the truth. He throws the drugs and says I have to talk to Chakor.

Suraj tells inspector that this is his servant, this is my gun, I have license, let him go. Chakor says police can’t stop Suraj for long, where shall I hide this knife, I should better burn this. Suraj asks inspector why is he doing investigation when he did not file car theft report. Inspector says we got info about it, sorry we can’t say who called us. He gives the gun and car keys to Suraj, and asks him to go. Suraj tells servant that Chakor has done this. Chakor burns the knife and says now Suraj’s game is over, now he can’t do anything, I will see how you stop me from taking divorce. Her dupatta catches fire. She does not smile and stand smiling. Suraj comes there and sees the knife burning. He shouts Chakor.

She says you were proud that you caught me and Imli, see your proof is burning, now you don’t have any proof, no video and no knife, I told you can’t stop me, now Imli and I are free, I have won Suraj. He sees her dupatta catching fire and throws her dupatta. He lifts her. She asks him to leave her, where are you taking me. He takes her to storeroom. She asks why did you get me here.

She says you felt you will fail me by burning a knife, this was fake knife, not the real one. She says you are lying. She asks really, and shows her the real knife. He says this knife has Imli’s fingerprints, I knew you would do something like this, I saved you from fire as I have to punish you, you are my bandhua wife. She cries. He says this was your first mistake after marriage, so I have forgiven you, one more mistake and I won’t leave you. She leaves.

Chakor cries in her room. Tejaswini asks her to go to her parents’ house and cry, I forgot they did your last rites, its our bad fate that you married Chakor. Chakor argues with her. Tejaswini scolds her and says you are now related to us, atleast respect our name, how can this happen that Suraj is staying outside room and you are here. Vivaan says this is last chance to say truth, Chakor is hiding something. Chakor says Suraj already ruined your name. Tejaswini says you said you won’t give divorce to Suraj, you have to accept him as your husband, he will stay here. Chakor says no, this can’t happen.

Tejaswini says if you don’t agree, then give him divorce. Suraj says mummy is saying right. Suraj asks Chakor who stopped her, if she can’t stay with him, then give him divorce. Vivaan comes there and hears them. Suraj sees Vivaan and starts acting. He asks Chakor will she give him divorce or not. Chakor says no. Vivaan gets shocked. Tejaswini sees Vivaan and asks Chakor to say aloud. Chakor says I won’t give divorce to Suraj, I will stay here in this room with him. Vivaan cries. Chakor turns and sees Vivaan. Vivaan claps and says whenever I tried to explain myself, I felt I m wrong. She asks him to trust her. He says Suraj always said true, you are saying something and doing something. She says you are mistaken, try to understand. He asks her to say she will give divorce to Suraj. She says no. he says you are just a cheat, you cheated even Imli. She cries. Saware….plays………. He asks her to move off his way and leaves. Suraj and Tejaswini say now there will be fun. Tejaswini says we will do all rasams now, then there will be suhaagraat too. Chakor gets worried.

Kasturi hugs and consoles Imli. Vivaan comes there and asks Imli to have food. She asks him did he get good news, did Chakor change her mind. He asks her to come with him. she says I won’t go to haveli. He says Chakor has chosen her path, we have to sit and think what we have to do, we can’t share happiness, we can atleast share sorrow. Kasturi asks will this be right that Imli goes haveli. Imli says Vivaan is right. Vivaan says trust me, I will be with Imli there. Kasturi agrees to send Imli. Vivaan and Imli leave.

Tejaswini makes Chakor ready as bride and asks her to forget the past, now you are our bahu, take care of our Maryada. Suraj says she will take care of everything, I will make her wear this necklace which will increase her beauty. He gets close. Vivaan and Imli come there and look on. Suraj asks Vivaan to see how his Bhabhi is looking today, she looks beautiful. Chakor cries. Ranjana asks Vivaan to come with her. Suraj says let him stay here, I have to go for my suhaagraat in sometime. Tejaswini asks Imli to take Chakor to her room. Vivaan and Imli get shocked. Vivaan says leave it, Imli is already tortured. Imli says no, I will go, I will take Chakor there, I will see how much pain can my sister see. The ladies come there.

Imli covers Chakor with her ghunghat. The ladies compliment Chakor and asks Ranjana will she not do her bahu’s mu dikhai. Tejaswini taunts Imli. Ranjana says actually, Imli’s mu dikhai mahurat is next week. Suraj jokes that he is waiting for next rasam. The lady praises Chakor’s beauty and everyone give gifts to her. Tejaswini tells about ring finding ceremony. The lady says it decides who will rule at home, husband or wife. Suraj tells Chakor that you know well who will rule. They do the rasam of finding ring. Tejaswini tells about a rasam where bride has to touch husband’s feet and take blessings. Chakor refuses and Tejaswini blackmails her about Imli.

Chakor goes to Suraj. Suraj asks what are you thinking, husband is like Lord, touching my feet will give you heaven. She recalls his warning. She keeps her head on Suraj’s feet. Vivaan cries and leaves. He falls over the stairs. Chakor runs to him and asks are you fine. The lady says she is good bahu and taking care of her inlaws. The other lady says but she is more caring towards her Devar.

Tejaswini says no, Vivaan is unwell and fainting, that’s why. She sends guests to have food. Ranjana takes Vivaan with him. Suraj says you left my rasam and ran to Vivaan, its fine suhaagraat is there, I will teach her a lesson, I m going to my room. Imli asks Chakor to come, I will take you. Chakor says no, I will take you. Imli asks why, you snatched my Suraj, why are you ashamed now, come.

Imli drops Chakor to her room. Suraj looks on. Imli cries seeing him and leaves. Chakor imagines Vivaan and smiles. Suraj asks whats the meaning of being shy now. She gets shocked seeing him. Suraj says so you accepted me as your husband, and now I have to do my husband’s duty. He gets close to her. She cries and gets away.

Vivaan sees Chakor with Suraj. He tells Chakor that he spoke to Imli, and going to London, Imli and I are getting divorced. Chakor gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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