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The Episode starts with Chakor asking Vivaan to accept the blame. He asks what. She says I know a lawyer, we will get you bailed out. He asks are you mad, why will I accept crime which I did not do, you want me to go jail, you are not happy in your married life, so you can’t see your sister’s happiness. She asks are you mad, leave me, I m getting hurt. He says you wan to send me to jail, why don’t I break your hand, will you call your husband, will he beat me, his mum ruined my life, and now he wants to ruin my life.

Imli cries and says don’t know Suraj, what happened to Vivaan, he talks with love and then gets angry, I feel like I don’t know him. Suraj says don’t worry, goodness wins over evil, very soon his inner goodness will win. She smiles and says you are saying this, Chakor got

this change in you. He says yes, Chakor is like Parasmani, she will fill a motive in anyone’s life, she will change Vivaan too.

Chakor says leave me, you think so bad about me, I said this for your good. He asks for my good? He laughs and says everyone is thinking for my good, after knowing my weakness, I know what’s my betterment in this. She says I m sorry, I did not know you will be so hurt. He says why sorry, everyone is selfish in this world, tell me what do you want Chakor. He laughs.

She cries seeing him. He sees a bamboo stick and recalls Chakor and his moments at the shade. He says the shade used to be here where we used to meet. Chakor recalls breaking the shade. He reminds her promise that she will always support him, and today she is asking him to go jail, so that everyone stays happy, and you will serve your useless and egoistic husband, his mum made me drink poison, he used to drink wine with his friends and scare me, thinking I m weak. Chakor asks what, Suraj knew this.

Suraj says I did not know Chakor has sent food for me by Pakhi, I m sure Ragini is behind Pooja’s plan, Chakor will get Vivaan out of this problem. Imli cries and says I m scared, if Vivaan goes jail, what will I do. He says nothing will happen, Chakor and I are with you. She hugs him and cries. Ragini looks on and says this is the end of Vivaan’s story. Vivaan shouts this is the end of my story, I can’t become father and can’t get saved by that crime blame, you should be happy that you got saved, think if the bride swapping did not happen, you would have married an infertile husband, you got saved Chakor. He pushes Chakor away. She cries and asks him to stop. He leaves. She says how did this happen with Vivaan, he can just see darkness.

Imli recalls old time when everyone used to get scared by Suraj and her name, today we both are not able to save ourselves. Vivaan comes there and gets shocked seeing Imli with Suraj. Ragini stops Vivaan and says what are you doing, they met after a long time, don’t disturb them, you will go jail, Imli should have support, Suraj is her old lover, let them talk. She goes. Vivaan shouts Imli, what are you doing there. She says you came, I was worried for you. He says I don’t think anyone was worried, I m hungry, get some food. She goes.

Suraj stops Vivaan and says you should have scolded Imli this way, she was so worried. Vivaan asks will you tell me how to behave with my wife, I will handle her, you manage your wife who wants to send me to jail. Suraj says Chakor always thinks right, maybe there is some reason, don’t worry for her, I m there. He says you don’t worry for Imli, why do you think I will listen to Chakor and go jail. He goes.

Chakor comes to haveli. Imli gets food for Vivaan. Chakor says I m scared by whatever happened. Imli asks what happened. Chakor says I have seen darkness in Vivaan’s eyes, things can get worse, where is he, we have to find him and explain him, he loves you, he will understand, we can’t let him become gift for Ragini and Bhaiya ji. Vivaan comes downstairs and calls for Ragini. Chakor asks Vivaan to understand, going jail is right way. Imli asks him to listen to Chakor.

He says yes, I always heard everyone, today even Suraj is telling me what to do. Ragini smiles. He says I will decide now, I don’t want anyone’s advice, you want me to accept the blame, no, I will take money from Ragini and throw on Pooja’s face, I will work for Ragini and Bhaiya ji. They get shocked. He asks Ragini to join hands, I accept all your conditions. Ragini smiles. Bhaiya ji looks on. Ragini and Vivaan shake hands. Ragini turns and sees the time.

She says what did I say, Vivaan will join hands with me before midnight, see that happened. Imli says no, I won’t let you work for them Vivaan. Vivaan asks do I need your permission now, I decided to work with Bhaiya ji. Chakor says you are doing wrong, you will regret for this. Vivaan says I would have regretted if I went jail being innocent, stop this now, its enough. Chakor and Imli leave.

Vivaan tells Ragini to give money to Pooja and end the case, then there will be no blame on me. She says sure. He says I will just manage accounts like I did before. She says yes, you will do as I say. He says fine, I will what you and Bhaiya ji want, but nothing else. She says fine. Bhaiya ji says i don’t accept this.

Bhaiya ji says Vivaan has to prove his loyalty. He announces Dangal between Suraj and Vivaan. Suraj and Vivaan fight. Bhaiya ji smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. ye kya ho raha hai..suraj imli ke sath aur chakor vivan ke sath.i dont want this to happen.i want sukor

  2. I am new to this page and can i join you all guys. It was a okay episode why is vivaan behaving so selfish and the way vivaan spoke to chakor was really very bad and above all why dont vivaan trust imli. I liked the suraj and imli’s conversation it was lovely and suraj is falling for chakor and the way he trusted chakor it was flawless.Eagerly waiting for monday’s episode i hope suraj wins

  3. suraj will lose I saw it in a video of utube ..N it’ll be more interesting bcz harne ki baad chakor suraj ki zakhm pe medicine lagaye gi ???

  4. Janani9789

    i totally disliked today episode!!!
    vivaan!! he doesn’t listen to anyone only thinking of himself!!selfish guy!!!
    even suraj as in same.situation once!!once for his mom!!who thrown out haveli!!he feels helpless!!he got angry when his ego clashes!!but he understood chakor!!when she explained him!!.
    but vivaan who is be friend of chakor more than ten years!!who doesn’t hear her!!
    vivaan who loves imli and marriesld,started new life with her!!why did he went to shade which was the once meeting point of vivaan,chakor….he itself told he loves imli…and moved on leaving chakor alone!!and told they good friends !!now whats point to go there!!
    most annoying thing is he making chakor to recall past and creating misunderstanding between chakor,suraj!!!!
    atleast he should listen to imli!!who loves him immensely…vivaan always controlling imli…doesn’t let her talk…or taking decision…butvimli should listen him…what fact this is!!!
    vivaan feels insecure!!over imli suraj!!disgusting!!!first he never trusted chakor after bride swap….now imli…
    next torture is dangal suraj will loose,vivaan will win!!!
    suraj!!!he is the one who being matured and understands chakor well!!!he changed a lot man!!!
    the way he talk about chakor…even he didn’t realise his feelings for her…he trust he completely…..
    first banfhua track,now vivaan villanism..can’t able to tolerate…bad happening with suraj and sukor…..

  5. As much as i dont like vivaan i understand where he is coming from, he’s being told to plead guilty for something he didn’t do, he’s just found out he is infertile because he was drugged for years then he sees his wife in the arms of the man who got her pregnant, obviously he’s going to be angry anyone would be and im not saying its right but naturally youbtake it out in the ones who are closest to you. I like Suraj and he is a nice guy now but end of the day the crimes he had committed who in real life would forgive him that quick and easily

  6. I think imli will be around suraj more which will make vivaan even more jealous vivaan needs to stop being so insecure and ragini is know realising that kn does not care for any1 but himself

  7. https://youtu.be/IzDNAS5ItMA guys ye link dekho…again yellow wait…

  8. i think ragini gave bribe to doctor for making wrong report

  9. Finally suraj snaan kadiya…dat link me dikra ha hei…sukor ka romance bhi….

  10. Sai

    Wow nic link cat…tq for tat… Waiting for tat

  11. Thnx fr the link cat. Waiting fr those sukor moments. I’m glad tht I missed this epi n love the way suraj understands chakor n their bonding . In this epi thy show how self-centre is vivan n poor imli.

  12. After watching the new spolier i cant beleive vivaan punches suraj and why is kn not being mean to vivaan vivaan was the one who put him in jail vivaan was so rude to chakor he was the one who left her for imli and i cant beleive he pushed chakor on the floor vivaan is cheap and ungrateful kn totured suraj all his life by making him do his dirty work and chakor was totured also thoughout her whole life and vivaan is acting as if he is the only one being totured vivaan is weak and very selfish

  13. Nic spoiler..

  14. Janani9789


    guys upcoming sukor doing arti together,and happily….for mahashiv ratri….excited

  15. Sai


    Guyz…chakor gets drunken… After maha sivrathri pooja…go through the link…. Sukor were awesome… Waiting

  16. Nice episode

  17. Thnx fr the links every n , exciting to see those upcoming sukor moments.thy were so cute together

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