Udaan 17th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Aditya covering the Mumbai Marathon. Aditya says we have to see who wins this marathon from these champions. He says I think 501 will win, once she goes without taking prize, we have to catch her, so stay alert. Chakor recalls her family and gets strength. The race begins. Chakor starts running faster than anyone else. Aditya cheers for Chakor and says you are the best, I will take your interview today.

Bhuvan claps for her and says see she is running so fast. Chakor runs barefoot, and recalls Bhaiya ji’s bitter humiliating words. She recalls Arjun’s words. She falls down and all the girls run ahead. Aditya looks on. Chakor recalls Ishwar’s words to not turn back and just move on. She starts running again. Bhuvan and Chagan clap for her. Aditya smiles seeing her. Yeh

houslon ki udaan hai……………………plays……………

Chakor finishes the race first and wins. Everyone clap for her. Aditya says come fast, she will disappear again. Chakor goes from there. Aditya says I think she went, don’t know who is she, this time we would have taken her interview. The man says the trophy and prize are here but winner is not here, 501 is mystery and maybe she wants to stay a mystery, and requests 501 to come on stage, as the world wants to know. Aditya says she won’t come, its all waste, we shall leave. Arjun sees the news. Bhagya prays. Arjun says I m listening the news. She says I m praying, Chakor goes to take the prize today. He says our plan will work out today. Bhuvan says its mad girl, she left this prize also, shut the tv, she will not say who is she.

Chakor comes on stage and says I m 501. Everyone stop and see her on tv. Aditya goes to cover the news. Finance minister takes the oath to serve the country. Bhaiya ji tells Ranjana that its golden day of my life today and prays. Chakor says I m 501, and ny name is…. Everyone look on. She says I m Chakor…. Kasturi hears her and gets shocked. Bhuvan, the villagers, and everyone get shocked. Aditya smiles happily. Bhuvan says that’s Chakor. Chagan says I knew she is Chakor. Bhagya shouts Chakor. Arjun says Bhagya, listen to her.

Chakor says I m Chakor, who is winning everywhere. The media asks why did she hide her name. Chakor says I will tell everything, I stay in Aazaadgunj, you all did not hear the village name, but now you will know where it is located, as Bhaiya ji is becoming sports minister today. Bhaiya ji is called on stage to take the oath. Everyone clap for him. Chakor says my real identity is not that I m a good runner, my real identity is the bandhua stamp, given by Kamal Narayan. Everyone look on shocked. Kasturi smiles seeing her on tv.

Chakor says I m Kamal Narayan’s bandhua, when I was in my mother’s womb, Kamal Narayan got me mortgaged, this stamp was made when I was born, and since then I m his bandhua, all the kids in that village is bandhua, the village has bonded labor of that devil Kamal Narayan, he has made many lives a hell, we are making him a minister so that he becomes more powerful, so that he turns this country into Aazaadgunj and stamp everyone’s hand with this bandhua stamp. Bhaiya ji is taking the oath. Minister gets the news and stops him saying you can’t take the oath. Bhaiya ji asks why. Chakor says I have kept running to save my life, I wanted to tell you all by my running talent, I wanted to say this truth, I don’t want any prize, I want media to know and tell the world that whatever is happening in Aazaadgunj is wrong, I will be returning to my village after 10 years, I want you all to come with me and help me in freeing the villagers from bandhuagiri, tell me, will you come along to free them from this bond. The villagers smile.

Bhaiya ji asks what is the matter. Media asks him why did CM stop him, is he afraid his truth will come out. Suraj scolds the reporter. Bhaiya ji says what truth, even I don’t know this. The man says its illegal to keep bonded labor. Chakor says yes, but I m the live example that I m bandhua, I did not say before as I did not have voice, those people gave voice who has name and fame, this trophy is not a trophy for me, this is my loud speaker, by which everyone is hearing me. Aditya says she is not 501, she is Chakor. Chakor sees Aditya there.

The reporter says it means you are blaming Kamal Narayan, who is becoming sports minister. Chakor says yes, I know just one Kamal Narayan, but there are many more. Suraj gets angry on Tripathi. Bhaiya ji apologizes and says I want to know what is happening. Tripathi says it will be good if you are away from CM. The media reporter asks what will you do against Kamal Narayan. Chakor says leave some questions for the bandhua people and Kamal Narayan. Tripathi asks Bhaiya ji to see the news and switches on the tv. Bhaiya ji, Ranjana and Suraj get shocked seeing Chakor giving statement and putting allegations on Bhaiya ji publicly in media.

Bhaiya ji says I will get Chakor here. Suraj says no need for us to go, my goons will get her. Imli catches Chakor.

Update Credit to: Amena

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