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The Episode starts with Kasturi asking Chakor to come along, she will make her gave food and then she can sit back on her hunger strike. Chakor says I will know what I did and its bad to break the strike. Manohar gives food to Vivaan and says he knows my stubborn son did not eat anything, so I have come. Vivaan asks about Chakor. Manohar gets angry and asks why does he support her. Vivaan says she is true like Baa.

Manohar tells him about her hunger strike and she will die in this cold, if she dies, it will be good for me, as my son will have no way but to listen to me and Ranjana. He leaves. Vivaan recalls his words and asks him to open door, he wants to go to Chakor.

Kasturi says I don’t listen to your dad, but this hunger strike and Satyagrah, I can’t understand it, I just want you

to come home. Chakor asks how will she feel if anyone mixes something in her medicine and sells it. Kasturi says she will feel bad, as it will ruin her name and she will beat that person. Chakor says Bapu will feel bad if I cheat in this hunger strike. Kasturi smiles and says I remember one thing which my mother told me, a mother is reborn when she gives birth to a child, she is proud to be her mum. She says I understood its good to support truth, I m with you. She hugs her and says sleep in my lap.

Chale Chakori Chand ko choone…………….plays……….. Ranjana and Manohar argue over Vivaan. Tejaswini comes and asks whats going on. Manohar apologizes for disturbing her sleep. Ranjana says Vivaan and Ragini are going against us, go and see her in Baa’s room, Baa started all this. Ragini reads book about Satyagrah and Tejaswini scolds her. Ragini says Dadi is unwell, so I m here. Tejaswini says she is just unwell, she did not die. She takes her. Baa smiles as their sleep got disturbed by Bapu.

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Its morning, Bhuvan wakes up and says where did Kasturi go. Chagan wakes up and asks Lakhan to see. Lakhan is shocked seeing out of the window. Bhuvan sees Kasturi and Chakor sleeping. He wakes up Kasturi and asks whats all this, if anyone sees her, then Bhaiya ji will burn the fields as Manohar told them. She says let it be, I m with Chakor, as she is with truth, and Lord is with such people.

Chagan tells Lakhan that Chakor is still sitting there and now he will support Chakor. Kishori asks will he burn the fields. Lakhan says no, Manohar was just threatening them, don’t tell this to anyone. She smiles. Lakhan comes to Bhaiya ji and says everyone is supporting Chakor. Bhaiya ji says we threatened them and they are still supporting them. Lakhan says its my mistake, I told Kishori that you won’t burn fields. Bhaiya ji raises hand in anger and stops seeing Baa. He asks her to go to room as she is ill. She says she will be fine in village.

He says you can’t go. She asks what will he do, will he get her beaten up by his goons, but she will still do the same. He says if you go out, remember you can’t come back in haveli again. She laughs and thanks him. Ranjana smiles seeing this. Baa brings Bapu’s pic and keeps it. Imli asks was he not educated. Baa says he was very educated. Imli says still he does not have full clothes, it means education can’t give anything, its waste.

Chakor says I told you many times that education is imp, as we can erase this sign by it. Imli leaves. Baa says let her go, she is very little and Bapu said its many avatars of truth, let her ask anyone, and they all will understand the truth some day. Baa sings Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram……. Chakor smiles.

Tejaswini tells her plan to Bhaiya ji and sends food for everyone. Chakor smiles seeing the food.

Update Credit to: Amena

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