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The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji laughing on Chunni. He tries to snatch the gun and she fires bullet in air. He gets shocked. Kasturi asks Chunni to go. The horse bleeds. The lady says we can just tie a cloth. Chakor says no, I will get herbs paste and apply it, horse will be fine, Kaka says she looks a villager. Chunni shoots on the ground and Bhaiya ji screams. Chunni runs away. Kasturi cries. Bhaiya ji and his men go to find her. Chakor applies the leaves to the horse and ties a cloth. Mutti me hawa ke jhoke hai…………..plays……………. The couple and their son get impressed by seeing Chakor’s smartness.

Chakor says horse will be fine now. Kaka asks how did she come in truck. Chakor says I was running and not getting any place, so I got in the truck. Kaka saks did she do anything

wrong. Chakor says those people did wrong, from whom I m running. Chunni runs on the road and calls out Chakor. Chakor says I have left my home, so that my twin sister can stay with my parents and get their love. Chakor runs in the jungle. Bhaiya ji asks his men to find Chunni.

Bhaiya ji smiles seeing her. He asks Ram Singh to come, wild animals will kill her. Chunni sees him leaving and thanks Chakor for explaining parents’ love. She recalls Kasturi, Imli and Bhuvan. She comes out and smiles. Bhaiya ji stops her. He asks her where will she run, and just remember her parents now. She moves back and gets scared. He aims gun and shoots her. Chakor tells the people that she wants to give all happiness to Chunni. Chunni gets shot and calls out Chakor. She falls down. Chakor stops saying and says I felt someone called me. Kaka says you are a big hearted girl, just like me and laughs. He asks her to come with them to circus. The lady says yes, we have animals too. Chakor laughs and agrees, saying she will always be with this horse. The man says fine, he is also an orphan, he will get a friend. She smiles.

Bhaiya ji says Chunni is dead, now we have to find Chakor. Chakor smiles seeing the Rainbow cricus board. Bhaiya ji says I will kill them, so that everyone say this world is mine, and shouts madly. A wood cutter man sees Bhaiya ji and leaves crying. Om says this is our rainbow circus, once you like it, you won’t go, come with me, its free for us. She says no, I don’t take or give anything for free, I will do some work. The lady says fine, take care of Sultan. Chakor asks who. Om says that pony. Chakor says fine, I will be with him.

Om shows the horses to Chakor. Kaka says Sultan is coming and gets him down. Om asks Sultan to be careful. Ronnie sees Sultan and says he is not walking properly. Kaka sees the wound. Chakor asks what happened, why are you worried. Kaka says nothing, Sultan is fine, wound will hurt him, you both go, Om show her out circus. They go. Ronnie says Sultan’s leg broke. Kaka says do as I say, don’t tell anyone, if Vishaka madam knows this, then we will not be seen here. Om shows the colorful circus. Chakor smiles seeing everyone.

Bhaiya ji tells Chakor’s family to give away Imli, as Chakor is his bandhua and has run away. They cry as Chunni has died and worry for Imli.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Gud……i miss arjun and bhagiya plz add some squence of both

  2. did chunni really die….why…even in qubool hai…sanam and seher…seher killed…udaan…chunni killed…what is the point of stating that there are twins if the additional twin has to die..really…makes no sense…

  3. What the producer’s doing is wrong killing innocent people abusing people with a whip why Do you give him so much power. That’s why he has s*xual harassment charges against him you should stop this

  4. oh nooo.. chunni is dead.. what the hell is this..

  5. really sad about chunni… dammit..

  6. this serial is nice but chunni should not have died… poor girl… 🙁 ;(

  7. Honest opinion

    This is getting freakin ridiculous! Why do kamal Narayan and his evil deeds always win??!!!!!!

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