Udaan 17th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Vivaan ends ties with Imli

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The Episode starts with Vivaan reacting on hearing Tejaswini say about baby. Chakor says I m sure there is some problem, go and see Vivaan. Suraj goes and asks Vivaan is everything fine, what happened. Chakor asks Imli what’s the problem. Imli lies about Vivaan and her little fight. Suraj asks just this little thing to not keep her phone on charging. Vivaan says yes, its impossible to understand women. Suraj says no, I can see Chakor’s eyes and know what’s in her heart.

Vivaan says every girl is not such and everyone’s fate is not such. He thinks to find out why Imli cheated him. Chakor tells Imli that she knows Vivaan, he is her childhood friend. Imli shouts and asks her to stop giving Gyaan, it does not mean she is more smarter, don’t show as if she knows Vivaan more than her. She speaks

rudely and goes. Chakor says how did she talk, what happened to her.

Its night, Vivaan gets Imli to room and throws her down. Vivaan asks her why did she lie to him, when did she lose their child, why did she hide this. Imli cries and says even I lost my child, I did not do anything, I did not fall, I was not hurt, I did not have any wrong medicine, I swear on Maai, a morning came and my child left me, my child not call me, didn’t move and went, don’t know how and when. She laughs and cries. He scolds her and says you are laughing, our baby went, you are cheating me since 40 days, you thought you will get someone else’s child and give in my lap. She slaps him and asks how dare you talk to me this way. He slaps her and says liar, cheater, you felt you will act mad and slap me, I will trust you, your plan was to cheat me with someone else’s child. She says no, I was helpless, because of you. He looks at her and asks what nonsense. She says you left me at mum’s place and joined Ragini, you started drinking and joined wrong work, I was glad that you came back, I thought what will you go back to that hell, so I have done all this.

Vivaan says lie, how shall I believe that you did this for me, you should have told Chakor, Kasturi or Suraj, who took all blames on his head, everyone would have understood none can deny fate, what’s the truth, you are lying. She says I m saying truth, I lost my second child, I can’t lose you now, I have no strength in me. He pushes her on bed and says you wanted to cheat me, this doesn’t happen, you did big mistake, you lost me along with child, you lost my trust and everything. She says no. She stops him and says you can’t leave me, I request you, I accept I did big mistake, forgive me, you don’t like tears in my eyes, I will not cry, I promise, don’t leave me. She shows their pic and says we got this clicked when you took me out after marriage, its beautiful pic, see this room. He says I never imagined you will cheat me, I don’t want to stay with you. She says you can’t end everything. She recalls their moments.

She reminds him the moment. He angrily throws the cream bottle at the mirror and breaks it. He says all memories with this mirror ended. She asks him not to go and holds his leg. He asks her to leave him and pushes her away. He says I hate you and goes. She recalls Vivaan’s words and cries.

Imli says you can’t leave me, I will not let you go. Suraj shows moon to Chakor. Chakor asks Suraj to get away. He asks her not to talk of separation ever, else he will seal her mouth with his lips. They smile.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thanks for the update!
    The whole episode was wasted on vimli drama, can’t blame vivaan, imli lied to him.

  2. horrible episode with all imvivan moment .I just hate them. they always blame each other. but our sukor except each other fault always .And suraj can’t be a angry with chakor.
    Hate u cvs.
    Thanks for fast update di.
    How are u all my friends?
    All the best for sunny.

  3. Sukorian

    arrg i won’t watch.

  4. Imli is always making biggest mistakes. Why does Vivan has to forgive her every time?? Why does she mess with her own life and chakor has to clean it again and again putting her own happiness at stake. Imli deserves to be dumped. Imli needs to be punished. Why does everyone else have to sort out her problems??

  5. How many times will imli lose her baby! Give her a break. At least let her carry child to full term for godsake!

  6. Piyal

    Absolutely wrong!!!! Imli behaviour disgusting towards chakor! Cvs scrapped everything for imli the new track was chakor getting stabbed and kamal exploiting his plan which was filled with mysteries this imli was so rude to chakor vivaan was right atleast she should habe told chakor who loves her so much sukor did so much and now she will blame them and now cvs changed everything so that imli gets a better role iv had enough of her all udaan storylines apart from bundua and the beginning all revolved around this imli now she will turn villain and will go after sukor so dumb hate these writers i fear show will lose remaining audience becoz of this track shw lost alot during this stupid buchua track even on this page comments have decreased…they ruined all the maza of remarriage didnt like thr camp trip cuz vimli were in it the marriage was cute and romantic the consumation was qucik sukor have had more romantic scenes then that and then this is what cvs do they give us 2 romantic sukor scenes and whole storyline were sukor stay in worry in how to helpimli!!! Iv had enough cvs think they can fool us by showing random sukor scenes they wrecking the story for imli and rushing sukor story!! Im very pissed of and i wont watch this show any longer until kamal track is on i prefer kamal than this vimli please stop this imli drama iv had enough of her!! She doesn’t give a crap about any1 she is so rude to chakor andcvs still try showing her as a devi like seriously….

    1. ??totally agree cvs have made thier remaarige a joke some days thiers 4 left somedays 9 wth they have runied all the maza 4 the marriage cvs kept cheap budget we wont get a proper marrige for sukor that’s whythey got married like that and cvs showing these romantic scenes of sukor just for trps is low i expected the remaarige more but they feel is best for another separation cuz of imli precap hinted az chakor was talking bout separation

  7. ????udaan writers biggest fools they use sukor for trps and focus on main heroin imli look if cvs love imli why did they add suraj and chakor characters to show why add them they should have should vidhi and paras as main lead then i would understand the meaning of vimli getting main storylines why r they playinh with our feelings we love this show but no this story was about a girl named chakor who stood up from generations of torture to stop bundua giri grown up chakor suppose to continue the story and on the way of this battle met her love suraj who helps her reach her goal and see how thier love life blooms instead we see 1.5 yrs of imli pregnant who thr dad why no1 loves imli etc imli blablabla….cba with this imli crap who gonna be the child of 3rd child chaggan i mean he to once loved imli and vidhi is bragging abour her new avtaar no1 was interested about production house gives her over importance cant believe this week we only saw kamal and sukor face of rest was bout imli all the suspence was good really was looking forward but how dumb of me not to think it will be about imli cvs sabotaging the future of this show for a character that suppsoe to be a sidelined character to the show many argued defending her role but i dont see no more supporters i to understood othet characters are needed to run the show but cvs only seem to use imli 4 everything every storyline was about her child which started in june 2016 still ongoing if she is not pregnant then its how she should get pregnant the show should be called imli ka duk (imli pain) as she wants a child vivaan is equally as wrong but i agree with him he never told sukor as he wants them happy becoz he understood thier sacrifaction that they did for them he includedhow much chakor loves imli and how suraj took all the blame and supported her wen she had no1 and instead of thanking them for life she shouted at chakor as always she blames chakor…really cvs her role is the worst she is worser than kamal and ragini vivaan realised what sukor did butthis imli can never hate her for life hated her since buchua track wenshe accused sukor of being jealous of her lifenow she will burn and be jelaous of sukor she was always inscure bout sukor cuz suraj always flirted with chakor and never took notice of her she wants every1 after her and gets jelaous if chakor gets attention she is the worst sister role iv seen normally in otherserials sister r portrayed as each others support here its chakor putting everything on line for imli sorry for my rant guys but i cannot be falselead by cvs and continue watching the show i loved sukor as protagonist amazing kamal amazing villian love tejswani new role of being positive ranajanashould be in jail and the baasti r dumb for always believing kamal going against chakor but wenkamal shows his true colors they beg chakor again? loved paaki and suraj so cute they gave suraj a child friend instead now she is gone everyone is pushed to the side for imli what was a good show has been ruined and i dong think show will return to orginal charm as they smashed our hearts by not doing remaarige and r nowadding vimli to it thats why thry separating them i cant watch remarrige now as i canf stand imli cant watch the show as sukor only get 2 minutes screen space….? and cvs showed same precap so that they can get views absolutey twistedin how the played with audience feelings and mislead us all thinking that we will get a happy remaarige track with all rituals they have budget for imli guhad burai she can have like 10 but they dont have budget for chakor clothing or sukor remarriage goodbye all as i am leaving the show as a viewer and a reader

    1. I didnt wanna stop watching but imli made it intolerable for me to watch as viewer im one of many leaving to unfortantly i loved concept of show it was different and unique but is ruined by this imli who has to much over importance first time in ages i too agree with vivaan he is keepinf queit for sukor as he understands thr pain they went through for them he never vented out any anger on sukor likr thid imli did to chakor absolutely disgusting vivaan was told he was impotent his dreams were shattered cuz of ragini changing his reports but wen he learnt reailty that he can be a father imli played with his emotions and would carry on if he never found out now she will make sukor seperate and i cannot continue watching the show anymore

    2. Sukorian

      haha imli ka dhuk???

  8. (Wont comment much on this imli as we all have same views of her) finally vivaan understands sukor sacrifice and even he can see how chakor loves imli alot chakor was giving her adivse as she knows vivaan well at times wen imli use to talk about suraj chakor never rebuked her cuz suraj was her husband and she knew more cvs gave insight on how this imli will talk to chakor from now on suraj doesn’t seem much bothered but only asked cuz of chakor i hope sukor stay out but we know this imli will attack chakor for no reason i think we will see chakor and vivaan friendship and this imli will attack chakor she has no1 to blame but herself for lying vivaan turned evil cuz he thought he was impotent and can buy happiness by giving this imli money he even sed that no1 has control ovet destiny every1 would understand why she lost child i only watched the beginning and took it of had enough of imli and her behaviour towards chakor disgusts me so much she dosent deserve any1 shes just a jealous insecure individual who sees her sister as competition wen he sister chakor thinks the world of her cheap storyline by cvs will be pissed if vimli added to remaarige track and il be so angry if cvs try to make imli look like she was hurt wen she ends up destorying sukor we all know sukor will seperate once again becoz of her???

  9. Udaan became a waste by concentrating only on imli and her pregnancy issues for most of the times. 2 times miscarriage.. 2nd time it was like a joke. Imli was happy and godh bharayi happened. Till the part she fell was ok. Suddenly in hospital story is changed. What the hell is this? Just to divorce sukor cvs brought this track? Just romance for sukor… no story for them. Don’t feel like watching it now days even sukor only romance no marriage.

    1. Exactly story dont make sense wen baby kicked chakor felt it and so did vivaan cvs delaying sukor marriage on monday chakor sed 4 days yesterday it was changed to 9 sukor r shown limited only 5 minute snipits and this imli baby fake pregnancy drama does not make sense or add up very bizzar show did get runied with her baby storylines and i think imli is favouirted that’s why she is getting main storylines cvs scrapped kamal plan and remarrige for chakor to clear imli mess ans in the making will wreck her own relationship up whilst imli won’t be thankful had enough of imli over importance show has lost its charm it feels like its getting dragged day by day the wow factor of the show is losing its touch day by day?

  10. How r cvs justifying this imli she lied to vivaan about thier child mislead every1 and think she did right and expects vivaan to forgive her as nothing happened chakor was right vivaan never thinks in anger he needs time.to cool but she thinks she knows everything and thinks shes better than chakor at everything and will turn evil for vivaan lool what a joke and this is how she will talk to chakor from now wth if she starts talking bout past hope chakor sticks up and teaches this loser a lesson boring epsiode hate this imli she lies and is making her self look like the victim well if u knew ur vivaan so well why did he leave u ?no1 even liked her in haveli and now she thinks she is the rani vivasn kick her out of haveli and let her rot in a coner and focus on sukor cvs sukor consumation was shorter than this…

  11. Amrutha

    Today really nothing to comment…just imli….imli….imli maharani….I really Fed up with her witch avatar…. Imli real is behavior is that only…but till now she covered it by acting good….How dare she was …she talked so rudely with my chakor…guys just remember how she forced suraj to marry her…. and told that chakor never come back see now definitely she will be jealous and tries to separate them…but later they will show that she doesn’t want to do it intentionally and some one manipulated her…cv’s again makes her as mahaan…mahadevi… stupid imli… don’t come and interrupt our sukor….hate u imli go and die anywhere

    1. Sukor r better than vimli chakor stayed with suraj so imli dont go jail chakor let go of vivaan so imli can have him chakor supported imli child pregnancy but she convinced chakor the child is suraj imli always shouts and chakor and belittles her all the time vimli r insecure and have no trust as soon as they have problem they blame every1 else yes imli informed suraj but wen chakor warned vimli ragini is wrong no1 believed her and imli ended up smacking chakor several times wen a problem occurs imli brings up the past and always thinks sukor r jelaous of her and vivaan wen sukor have moved on…. and she has been having baby track since last yr and its really dull cvs changed the storyline mid way cuz last week vivasn felt the baby kick ragini was in jail but imli helped her for no reason all her explanations r dull and she getd to much screen space the show is abouy azzadi and how sukor r bundua and how they will try to fight for thief rights but so far cvs have drifted away and focus on imli children etc chakor suffered alot but her emotions r not shown as how imli r independence day was important as that is the main concept of serial but they didnt even show that this baby drama was not necessary her Turing villianon sukor makes no sense what evet happened ainy thier fault and her helping ragini is cheap no1 forced her to do she thought it was the right thingwen it was not it was vivaan who helped suraj to expose kamal and bring the kids bk imli did nothing sukor have done alot for imli but she is never thankful she was only nice wen things went her way but wen oneproblem occurs she blames chakor and no1 is happy with this drama of her child that’s been goinh on for 1.5 yrs she played with vivaan feelings he thought he was impotent and she played his feelings which is wrong as he thought he cant have kids thatbit was ragini fault she seeemed pretty happy until her lie was exposed and noe she is acting like psycho vivssn is hurt he needstime he still loves her but she will make everything worse sukor have done eay more than vimli

      1. @yashin tiwari

  12. Sukorian

    the best part would be if imli dies…

  13. I think its all because of Ragini. Maybe Ragini forced imli to abort her child and she did so to save Vivaan..

  14. I love vimli and i think due to her miscarriage she is emotionally disturbed and vivaan too tried to hide the reports of his being impotent for a long time and I dont like sukor they are so boring and those who are hating imli they should remember that she saved chakor’s life when ragini has conspired to kill chakor, it was imli who informed suraj and when the villagers’ kids were kidnapped sukor were separated then also vimli helped sukor by saving the kids from the clutch of kamalnarayan so those who are hating vimli they are really great!

  15. hey all my. lovely friends and di s I came back with lots of talk bcz I came home for eid vacation .how are u Shreya;Zoya;nemo;dil d;lily k;piyal;Madhu;sukorian;sunny;tippu;asha. di and all my new friends?????
    Sunny all the best for ur exam.
    Tippu di where is ur ff?And plz give update on( arrange marrige).
    Now come to epi.if tell about it I have to talk about a cheap girl but I don’t want that.
    precap is toooo cute lock with lips.suraj become very passionate lover.he is eagerly waiting for a baby.but dicided sad chakor only neglect him……cuteeeeeeeee.
    love u sukor.
    love u all my friends.

  16. http://www.latestgossipwu.com/gossip-15431-a
    Poor imli she goes witg kamal to destory the baasti and sukor what a disgusting piece of woek and all her actions will be justified by saying she was controlled by kamal prefer for all tine low trps cvs disgusting they want vimli remarried thats why they runied sukor marrige for them and idk how vimli supporters can justify this as vivaan had evidence he cang be dad thats why he turned evil but imli has nothing as i sed vimli love power and money and dont carw aboutany1 elze the show makes me sick

  17. imvivan save sukor one or three times but. sukor save them many time specially chakor ;she help imli in her childhood also and surak sacrifise his carecter and chakor to save imli.Morover her acting is not good She did over acting all the time.
    And yeh I like to be great bcz I know sukor is great.
    I respect ur thought but say something genuine.
    love u dear tiwari di

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