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The Episode starts with Suraj confronting Ragini and showing the birth certificate. He asks her whats this. Tejaswini thinks why did Ragini come back to fill poison in our lives. She recalls how Bhaiya ji asked Tejaswini to accept Ragini, else the world will know of it. Tejaswini says I can raise the girl, but not love her. After Bhaiya ji married Ranjana, Tejaswini told him that she will not take care of Ragini now. Fb ends. She thinks Ragini is the stain on our family. Suraj says I know Ragini, you are not my real sister, you are Papa’s illegitimate daughter, I know so much of you, which even you also don’t know, your mother’s name is written here, these are the letters which Papa wrote to your mum.

Ragini cries and says yes, its not my mistake, after Papa married Ranjana, everyone changed

for me, I left thinking no one should feel I m burden. Suraj says fine, I won’t tell his to anyone, don’t try to cross my way. Chakor comes and hears them. Ragini leaves. Chakor asks Ragini why was Suraj angry on her, whats the matter. Ragini says nothing, I don’t cry. Chakor says fine, tell me how did you defuse the bomb, it was dangerous bomb and could kill many people. Ragini recalls Bhaiya ji’s words. Ragini says I don’t know defusing bomb, I just took Lord’s name and pulled wire, we were lucky to get saved.

Chakor says you are brave. Ragini tells Chakor about Suraj’s contract. Chakor asks what about it, Suraj will make villagers work for free now. Ragini says I got papers, but Suraj took it from me, but I remember it had your name on it. she gives the number and asks Chakor to call on it and cancel contract. Chakor thanks her and asks why is she helping her. Ragini says for friendship, you have to make kheer for me now. Chakor says sure. Suraj goes. Chakor sees him and thinks he is going to village, she has to follow him and win villager’s trust.

Imli threads the needle. Vivaan says its needle, not a gun. She stitches the button and says I know. They get close and he looks at her. He gets away and says wait, I will remove my shirt and give. He gives his shirt. She stitches the button and gives him. he says now I m sure this will never break, thanks. He leaves. She smiles.

Suraj gives ration and water to villagers. Bhuvan and Kishor ask what does he want in return, tell them beforehand. Suraj says I m making a building here on my wife Chakor’s name, I want you all to work there, and get this ration and water from me. Chagan says you mean you want to make us bandhua again. Suraj says you all are free, just decide and tell me. Chakor looks on. Suraj says he will get contract for them. Suraj goes.

Chakor tells the villagers not to sign on contract. She says I have nothing to do with this, trust me, I will get this contract cancelled, wait. She calls Gupta and says I want to cancel the contract which Suraj asked you to make. Suraj comes there and takes her phone. He says this is wrong number and dials police station. He asks inspector did he find out about Bhaiya ji’s murderer. Chakor stops Suraj and says don’t do anything to Imli. He says if you do anything against my wish, then no one can save Imli from going to jail. She says I can’t let anything happen to Imli, but how to stop Suraj. Chakor asks villagers to do as Suraj says. The villagers get angry on her. Bhuvan says Chakor is a liar. They all leave. Chakor cries. Suraj calls Chakor a liar and goes.

Chakor tells Tejaswini that Ragini needs her guidance. Tejaswini says Ragini is not my daughter. Chakor asks Suraj to show the file, whats Ragini’s truth.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I luv this episode….happy to see vivan nd imli getting close to each other..i will not watch the show if chakor nd sooraj will not unite…plz writers show romantic scenes between sooraj – chakor…

    1. we want romantic scenes of chakor+suraj. they are the best couple ever. nicee!!!

  2. Jokhy

    Aah i wish they reunion chakor and vivaan plzzzzz yar…….i love vikor

    1. whose vikor..?

  3. Hmmm nice episode. But its fishy

  4. Lol all these Vikor supporters need to invest in tissues or a new soapie, Vivaan is paired with Imli, it cannot be undone

  5. right i want vikor

  6. Friendship is the best relationship

    Its clear suraj love’s. Imli.. and vivaan only love chakor.. Imli ko vivaan sirf us k bachy ki wajh sy support kar raha hai wo bhi chakor ki khushi k liye.. Qk shahyd sb bhol gai hain per chakor k kehny sy hi wo ruka tha.. Imli k sth..

  7. I love sukor

  8. I love sukor

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