Udaan 17th August 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Munna and his goons finding Chakor. She hides in the drum. The goon kicks the drum and it goes down the lane. Munna says Chakor was in that drum and scolds the goon. The drum stops Rocky’s car. Rocky sees Chakor in the drum, and says I was finding her everywhere and I got her here in this drum. Munna says I will kill myself before Madam kills me. The goon stops him. Munna says Madam will kill me. The goon says we will get Chakor, tell me what to do of the kids who have made Chakor run. Rocky lifts Chakor and makes her lie in her car. Munna finds the drum and says where is Chakor.

Rocky sees him finding Chakor and thinks she is unconscious, and such people are finding her, it means she is in big problem. He closes the door and asks Munna what is he finding. Munna says a girl,

my daughter, she plays around drum, maybe she came here. Rocky recalls Chakor wishing to go Aazaadgunj. Munna asks did he see her. Rocky says I did not, I will go. Munna asks him to open the dicky and show him. Rocky says you think she will hide in dicky, and leaves in his car. Munna gets angry. Babu comes there and sees the car leaving.

Rocky drinks wine and says Chakor is in problem, where should I drop her now. Babu ties the goons in anger and calls Madam. He gives her the bad news. She gets angry knowing Chakor has run away. Babu scolds the goons and says Madam told what to do with you. He punishes the goons. Rocky comes home. His Nana says I will open the door, my spoilt grandson Rakesh would have come. Rocky brings Chakor home. Nana asks what did he get, did he start bringing girls,

Rocky says give me chance to explain. He wakes up Chakor. Nana says why are goons after such a small girl. Rocky asks him not to be afraid and go and sleep. Nana says we have to help her. Chakor wakes up and takes the kids’ name. She sees the place. Rocky talks to her. She asks about other kids. He says this is my home. She looks around and asks what am I doing here, I have to save Billu and Bhola. He asks what was she doing inside the drum. She recalls hiding in the drum.

She says help me, I have to save them, Billu can’t stand on his own, he is weak. Nana says Rocky’s mum runs a big NGO, she will help you. Rocky says no Nanu, she is my friend Chakor, I don’t need Vaibhavi’s help, my friend’s dad is commissioner, I will take his help. She gets glad. The number does not connect. Nana says wait till morning. Chakor says no, they will kill my friend till morning. Rocky says right, we will go and save them. Nana stops him and asks will he go in this drunken state, they will beat him and keep him with the kids.

Chakor imagines this and says Nana is right, we will take police in morning. She recalls he forgets her in morning and asks him. He says I won’t forget it, as I have wine with me, don’t let me sleep. Nana thinks to inform Vaibhavi, if Rocky does anything wrong in drunken state, kids will lose life. Madam is shown doing puja and none other than Vaibhavi, Rocky’s mum. She gets her dad’s call and says she was doing puja. Nana says Rocky…She asks what happened to him.

Rocky takes call and ends it. Rocky says he does not want Vaibhavi’s help and asks him not to interfere in his work. Vaibhavi calls her dad and asks is Rocky fine. Naa says he is fine, I called to say Rocky came home early, you also come. She smiles and says its great news, but I have imp work, and sees Chakor’s pic. She says one girl is missing, she has to find her, and wishes she gets her. Nana blesses her to get that girl.

Madam ji shoots the goons and asks Babu not to do this mistake again.

Update Credit to: Amena

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