Udaan 17th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Roshni thinking how Chakor took the blame on her. She writes her exam soon and gives paper to teacher. She says she has to go somewhere to say sorry to someone. Ragini meets Chakor and says Arjun Sir came here. Chakor asks is she saying true. Ragini says yes. Chakor says its good news, but why did he come. Ragini says I don’t know, he was talking about the race. Tejaswini asks Girja and Laali to get snacks for Roshni. Chakor and Ragini hear this.

Tejaswini asks Roshni how was her exam. Roshni says nice. Tejaswini asks her about Devi. Roshni recalls it. Tejaswini asks did she really see. Roshni says dad asked me not to think. Tejaswini says great. Chakor brings the snacks. Tejaswini says Suraj will come soon and goes. Roshni tells Chakor that she did not come to meet Suraj,

but to apologize to her. She says I m sorry Chakor. Chakor is shocked and drops the glass.

Tejaswini asks who broke it. Roshni says it fell from my hands. Chakor looks at her. Tejaswini asks Girja to make good food for Suraj and his friends. She asks her to send lassi. She sees the chocolates and says why did Laali not throw this wine chocolates till now. She scolds Laali why did she not throw. Laali says I will throw now and takes it. Roshni says I came to say sorry, I did wrong with you, you would have made me get expelled but you did not do this, Suraj and Prince was framing me, but you saved me.

She says dad would have scolded me and put me in boarding school which I don’t like, I m scared of my dad. Chakor says why do you do this, to be scared of parents. Roshni says we are scared so we scare others, we are not brave like you. Chakor says I m also scared. Roshni says but you don’t harm anyone, you got wrong in everyone’s eyes, I will tell everyone but not so soon as I m scared, but I will take some time. Chakor says fine, and they laugh. Roshni says I will tell the kids that you did not cheat them. Chakor recalls and says they are very angry on me.

Roshni says I will find some way to convince them. Chakor says don’t do anything wrong. Roshni asks her to have sweets for their friendship and leaves. Laali thinks she can have chocolates, as its imported. Chakor stops her thinking what happened when she had it. She says don’t eat this, throw it, I will tell Tejaswini. Laali leaves. Roshni looks on and comes to Imli. Imli asks her to go, as it all happened because of her, all kids think Chakor cheated them.

Roshni says she wants to make things fine and tell them that Chakor is nice and did not cheat. Imli says I don’t trust you. Roshni asks do you want everyone to call Chakor cheater, take me to them. Imli says come. Roshni tells everyone that Chakor ate wrong chocolates and she did not cheat them. Imli says she told everything to Chakor. Chagan says Chakor has sent her new friend to save her, so that we forgive her and her family. Roshni says no, she is your friend.

Roshni says they are angry as she did not give them chocolates and shows them. She asks them to have it and see. Imli asks are they mad, the chocolates are not good. Chagan looks at the chocolates. Chakor comes to stable and gets Arjun’s cap. She says it means he really came and dances. Girja calls her and she keeps the cap.

Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai…………..plays………….. She sees the chocolate box empty and says Laali did not throw chocolates. She tells Laali that she will tell Tejaswini that she stolen the chocolates. Laali says I did not steal and shuts her mouth. She says she has sold it. Chakor asks to whom. Laali says Roshni. Chakor asks her to tell Tejaswini that she is in haveli and she will come in one hour. She runs to village.

Billu says he will eat chocolate when Chagan throws it. Chakor asks him not to eat as it has sleeping medicine. Billu eats it. Chagan gets angry on her. Billu gets dizzy and he faints. Chagan says its Chakor’s drama, she is cheater and asks her to leave. She gets sad. Dheere dheere…………..plays……………..

Arjun sees Chakor and stops her. She smiles and says Arjun Sir. He lifts and hugs her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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