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The Episode starts with Vivaan asking Chakor about Suraj. He says I have seen him with Imli. She says even Suraj is worried for Imli, maybe thats why he met her. Ranjana comes crying and hugs Vivaan, saying she had some wishes for the baby, now baby has gone. Vivaan says talk slowly, Imli does not know this. Ranjana says the baby has gone and cries. Vivaan hugs her. Ranjana smiles. Imli wakes up and asks why is Ranjana crying. Chakor takes Ranjana out. Imli asks Vivaan whats the matter, why is Ranjana crying, I was with you, why am I here. Vivaan says nothing, you went to take phone from car, you fell on the way. She asks what, why don’t I remember, where is my baby, is my baby born, where did you hide my baby, take me to my baby. Vivaan says you can’t meet your baby. She asks why, I want to see

my baby. He hugs her and says doctor tried best to save our baby, but could not save. She gets shocked.

She says you and Chakor are fooling me, I will ask Chakor. She goes out and asks where is Chakor, where is my baby. She sees a girl with a baby and says Vivaan, I got my baby. He asks her to listen and stop. She goes and sees someone else, not Chakor. The lady says this is my baby, what are you doing. Imli gets back. Kasturi says what will Imli go through when she knows about her baby. Ranjana says I can’t see Vivaan and Imli’s state, I m going. Kasturi asks her to go home.

Bhaiya ji meets Ragini. He asks did you come like this, if anyone identifies you. She says no, I have a good news, everyone is crying in haveli. He asks who gives you haveli news. She says someone still loves you in haveli, I m saying truth, a person helped me in burning cradle and breaking people. He asks who is it. She says I got her with me, she wanted to meet you and asks the person to come in. Bhaiya ji gets shocked seeing Ranjana. Ranjana smiles. Bhaiya ji says Ranjana…………….

Imli goes to Chakor, Kasturi and Bhuvan and asks for her baby, is it boy or girl. Vivaan holds her and says our baby is dead. Everyone nod to Imli and cry. Imli cries in shock. Ranjana tells Bhaiya ji that Suraj’s illegitimate child died, he was going to become stain on Rajvanshi family, congrats. Bhaiya ji says you got good news for me before also, thanks. She cries and says I can’t believe you are alive, I cried a lot for you, so maybe Lord returned my suhaag to me, I can’t apply your name sindoor till you come back to haveli. He hugs her and says that time will also come, you helped me. Ragini says I understood that I can trust Ranjana, she arranged lawyer for you, who will appeal for you in court. Ranjana says when Ragini said you are alive, I wanted to meet you, it will be fun when you punish your enemies and set example. He says I thought you have got with my enemies. She says no, I could not forget you and did not support those who celebrated your death. He says I will celebrate now.

Ragini says Suraj is in shock of his child’s death, we should use this chance, he is weak. He says no, Suraj is not weak, till Chakor is with him, it will become breaking news if we kill Suraj, first we have to end the protection and then Suraj. Ragini asks how, I can’t go haveli. He says Ranjana will do this work. Ranjana asks how will I. He says you will get Suraj and Chakor divorced, once Chakor gets separated from Suraj, I will kill her. He says Ranjana proved how much she loves me. Ranjana smiles and thinks life does not run by love, I will get my rule when you come back to haveli. Imli says you all are lying.

Vivaan says we are not lying, our baby is gone. She asks how, just tell me this is bad dream and will break. Vivaan says doctor had no way, he could either save your life or baby, we could not lose you so…. She asks you could not lose me, so you killed my child, did you think how will I live without my child. She hugs him and cries. She asks Chakor to tell her that baby is alive. she requests Chakor. Chakor says Vivaan is saying truth, that baby was not more than your life. Imli says how will I love without my baby. She hugs Vivaan and faints in his arms. They all look at Imli and get worried.

Suraj promises Imli that he will get Vivaan for her. Will Imli choose Chakor’s happiness or her love.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. so ur right angel its ranjana who is helping ragini,and omg they r trying to harm chakor,what happens nw

  2. but 1 thing is sure after kn entry we can get many sukor scences to watch,waiting for it,what will be the imli’s decision,vivan r suraj

  3. Vinlora

    Imli tho chakor aur vivaan ko ek karne ki koshish karegi …chakor vivaan se poochegi kya tum ab bhi mujse pyaar karte ho????? Ab vivaan ka javab kya hoga? ???
    Vivaan ko dekh ke eaisa lagta hai ki ab chakor ko lekar uski feelings clear nahi hai. ..wo confused hai. …maybe he developed feelings for imli ?ye baath hamare liye kush kabri hai kyunki agar eaisa huva tho SUKOR ki line clear ho jayegi ???

  4. Thanks ramyasri but i dnt understand 1 thing ?why ranjama helping kn i mean her own son vivaan is responsible and was helping chakor to fight against kn ?so is she not afraid that kn will harm her son too ?but i m happy that kn thinks that chakor is suraj protection ?and yup it will interesting to watch how they will break the relationship of sukor and there marriage? finally so relieved? now sukor is final couple and its 100% sure??

  5. @Angel, Ya i was also thinking the same thing that why ranjana is helping ragini n Kn as her was the main responsible for him to get behind bar but then i thought she is so selfish…n she only thinks about money n rutuba..if she can kill her hus (manohar) then why not vivan…n may be the three of them’s plan is to instigate sooraj agains’t chakor so that can seperate them….eagerly waiting for their real luv story to start…..

    1. SUKOR luk a strong couple
      BUT VIVAAN is so cute … who agree ??

      1. ya i l will agree that i like sukor as pair but i like vivan also,and i like suraj height

    2. May be he is small …..but his hight is normal 5’5″ is normal rather than that he is a great actor i have seen his works s8nce 2008 he is a workoholic and a very great actor ..that is why he is the love of my life ..❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  6. Guys I don’t know if anyone ever noticed or not but dekha jaye toh chakor and suraj ka pair bohaat unique hai…kisi or wajah se nahi balkey iss wajah se kyunke jo chakor ( bird) hota hai woh chaand ko paana chahta hai…Magar serial me chakor ko Suraj mila hai 😛 😀

    1. Hahaha… Lol
      Ur right

  7. Cutie pie 4 u

    I Agree…
    1st time commenting..HeHe

  8. SUKOR luk a strong couple..
    but PARAS ARORA is cute…

    1. Cutie pie 4 u


  9. … y is there no deleting tab..?

  10. yes its 100 %sure its sukor,and i too felt very happy when kn said that chakor is suraj protection,bt i dnt want any thing happen to sukor marrige life,bt i thnk with this plan of kn to seperate sukor make them realise their love for each other

  11. yes its 100 %sure its sukor,and i too felt very happy when kn said that chakor is suraj protection,bt i dnt want any thing happen to sukor marrige life,bt i thnk with this plan of kn to seperate sukor make them realise their love for each other.i am waiting to see their reaction when they will know that kn is alive

  12. But I do not understand that who is trying to buy chakor

  13. Paras is cute but veejay is hot handsome tall and smart and i dnt like meera and paras jodi as i feel paras looks younger to meera physicaly

  14. its sukor…because when imlis photos falls down chakor and suraj both tried to take it and they looks each other romanticallyand ya chakor also told suraj that whatever u r after all ur my hubby and now if writer dont make them a couple then it wil worst

  15. Ya Ankur if writers don’t make them a couple then it will be not only worst but also disaster….atleast 4 the sake of TRP they hav make the pairs like sukor n vimli….even i also started watching udaan regularly just after sukor’s marriage took place….now i also started liking vimli pair as they make cute n perfect couple together…..

  16. yes sia bt i like sukor scenes than vikor…i think vivan will not accept chakor and chakor will not divorce suraj bcoz kn thinks of separating sukor its 100#sure that it will be the opposite

  17. yes sia agree with u bt i like sukor scenes than vikor…i think vivan will not accept chakor and chakor will not divorce suraj bcoz kn thinks of separating sukor its 100#sure that it will be the opposite…

  18. @Ankur, Ofcourse Kn is thinking sukor to seperate…but i think this will get them even more closer….n nowadays the episodes will be more about imli’s rona dhona drama n all….

  19. Right bas imli or vivaan ka drama khtm ho or bas sukor love story start ho but isme bhi ek prob hai agr vimli ek ho gye to chakor firse apni mai bapu ke ghr chali jayegi bcoz wo haveli wapas vimli ko ek krne ayi thi fir wo kyu suraj ke sath rhegi

  20. maha epi bhi aisehi jaegi

  21. But Angel vimli jab tak ek honge tab tak shayad chakor ko sooraj se pyar hojayenge….toh uska uski mai bapu ke ghar mein jaane ka sawaal hi nahi paida hota….but ha chakor ko sooraj ke liye pyar wala feeling ka realize thodi der se hogi shayad….joh bhi ho bas sukor hi ho….

  22. well,I am also a big fan of sukor.toh main bi bas yahi chahti hun ki imli aur vivaan ki drama jald khatam ho…..phir hogi shuru ek nayi love story ki…..wow!!!it will b very intresting to watch them together#Sukor

  23. Tejaswiteju

    Wow,its very interesting sukor love story is starting.all the fans of sukor are eagerly waiting..

  24. Rigjt sia bas sukor hi ho par thoda haldi ho

  25. I am waiting for sukor love scenes

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