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The Episode starts with Chakor seeing Imli in reflection and smiling. Babu informs Vaibhavi that Chakor was infront of them as Choka. She gets shocked and asks him to find her. Thapki brings Imli in the pandaal. Babu sees Imli and calls Vaibhavi. She asks him to wait, she will come and asks him not to do anything wrong this time, else she will give his name to police that he was kidnapping Imli.

Vaibhavi goes to Babu and asks where is Imli. He says there. She says fine, get her, I will divert that girl’s attention. She goes to Thapki and talks to her. Imli goes ahead. Vaibhavi says she is judge to decide which is best pandaal. Babu asks Imli her name, and he can take her to her sister Chakor. He takes her. Vaibhavi says you do puja and sends Thapki. Thapki asks won’t you come. Vaibhavi sees

Imli gone and says my work is over. Thapki looks for Imli. Babu takes Imli with him. Chakor looks for Imli too.

Imli asks Babu to leave her. Rocky brings Swara to a beautiful pandaal and says every year there is much crowd, big film stars also come here. Chakor and Thapki look for Imli and collide. Thapki says sorry, I m finding someone. Chakor says I will pray you get the one who are finding.

Babu tells Vaibhavi that he has tied Imli, she is in car. Vaibhavi says if both girls have blood group, we will become crorepati, else we can sell her kidney, we should get Chakor. He says your NGO can put news that Imli is found and Chakor will come. She says nice idea, be sure that Chakor sees the posters. Chakor collides with Vaibhavi and says sorry. Vaibhavi gets glad and thinks to call Babu and get Chakor.

Kasturi lights diya and tells Dadi that Aditya said about preaching Ganpati, so I m praying to get Chakor and Imli. Thapki sees Swara with a chunri and asks how did she get it. Swara says it was fallen here. Thapki says it means goons have caught Imli, and tells everything to Swara. Vaibhavi calls Babu and asks him to come back to pandaal, Chakor is here, just catch her. Babu says I m coming. She smiles. Swara says its very bad, don’t know what will they do with small kids. They pray for Imli. Swara says her Mausi has NGO and she is also finding a girl. Thapki says I have Imli’s pic and shows her.

Swara says its miracle, that so many people are finding her, we will get her. Swara says she is my Vaibhavi Mausi. Thapki says I met her. Swara calls out Vaibhavi.

Rocky gets parking finally. Babu asks Imli to shut up and not shout, else he will kill Chakor. Imli gets shocked and says you are very bad, I will beat you. Rocky tries calling Arjun. Rocky does not see Babu leaving. Imli shouts for help. Thapki and Swara talk to Vaibhavi, and tell about Imli. Thapki says Imli was with me. Swara says I have an idea, we can talk to pandal management, they can help us. Vaibhavi says yes, go and announce, we will get the girl or anyone who knows her. She thinks Chakor has to come after hearing Imli’s name. Imli cries and prays that she meets Chakor.

Chakor looks for Imli and prays. She gets shocked seeing Babu there. Chakor sees Rocky and runs to him. She says that man… and sees Babu gone. She says Imli has come to Mumbai, I have seen her, I want to get her. They hear announcement about Imli. Rocky asks did you make this announcement. Chakor says no. Thapki and Swara say we did this. Chakor says I m elder sister of Imli. Swara says Ganpati unite the sisters today. Imli shouts for help. Rocky says if Imli hears this, she will come.

Chakor goes on the stage and talks on mic. She asks Imli to come to her. Imli tries to open the ropes and is stuck in Babu’s car. Chakor asks Imli to come to her soon. Imli frees her hand and opens the car door. She runs towards the pandal. She comes there and sees Vaibhavi. She gets shocked.

Chakor does not get Imli. They all see Vaibhavi bringing Imli.

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