Udaan 16th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Imli and Ranvijay join hands

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The Episode starts with Imli getting a call from someone and leaving. Chakor says we have to get free and run away, we should know all corners of this house. Kavya says I don’t think we can go, Ranvijay won’t let us go. Preeti says we are always scared of him. Chakor says such people make others’ fear their strength, Bhaiya ji is also such a devil, he made everyone bandhua as they were scared of him, I fought with him, so he was scared of me and wanted to kill me, even then I made everyone stand against him. Ranvijay’s mum agrees and says what can we do. Chakor says if bird has strength in wings, they can fly taking the cage along. She asks them are they with her. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai…..plays….. They all hold hands.

Chakor sees the window. She looks out. Imli reaches somewhere.

Chakor sees someone outside the house. Imli meets someone and says finally, we met. Chakor asks who’s there. She sees Suraj. Imli meets Ranvijay. Chakor gets Suraj. Ranvijay’s mum says there is no one there. Chakor says I have seen Suraj there. Kavya says you think of him, so you have seen him. Chakor says no, Suraj has come. Ranvijay’s mum asks her not to think all this, everything will be fine. Chakor says yes, I will see once again.

Imli says last time, I gave you a file, many things changed from that day, I came to meet you to inform that Suraj is not here, maybe he is in your house. He thanks her and says I will shoot Suraj if he is there. Chakor looks for Suraj. She says I will be glad if you succeed in your work, when I saw your pic in Suraj’s room, I understood this and gave you the files. She recalls meeting Ranvijay and giving him the file. He says you have helped me, you said Chakor is Bhaiya ji’s bahu, I kept her in my house thinking her husband will come to free her, its good if she comes, like Bhaiya ji killed my dad, I will kill my dad, I will also kill Chakor and her child, I will kill Bhaiya ji on right time, thanks for the favor, tell me what do you want, you also want them dead, there will be some reason. She calls him clever.

She says I want to rule in Aazaadgunj, I want to become Imli devi, so I got ready to help you, you are my friend as our enemy is one, Bhaiya ji. He says problem is Aazaadgunj is not my area, else I would have given it to you, its not related to me, what can I do. She asks him to just kill her enemies, Bhaiya ji and Chakor, do anything, kill her or marry her, Suraj said Chakor and he got married in private, Chakor shouldn’t come back here, if she comes back, my dream will break forever. Imli says I don’t know your enmity with her, I will do what you are saying, I promise it will happen as you say. They shake hands.

Suraj talks to Pakhi on call and says I have reached Ranvijay’s house, I saw a girl like Chakor. She asks him to be careful, and not go in till he confirms Chakor is there. Suraj says inspector made his house a jail, there are many guards here, I m afraid if he does anything wrong, I will talk later.

Ranvijay sees all the jewelry. His mum says you can do anything, we don’t wear this. He asks her to keep a necklace for her bahu. Chakor says I will go, its your personal matter. He asks her to sit. His mum gets a necklace. He says your choice is good, now give this as shagun to your would be bahu Chakor. They all get shocked. He shouts on them and asks them to smile, they like Chakor. Chakor gets back. He says I decided I will just marry you.

Suraj asks someone to come fast. He sees Chakor’s pic and smiles. He thinks Chakor gave me these clothes. FB shows Suraj looking for something. He tells Chakor that he was finding her, he doesn’t want her to get away. She gifts him a kurta. FB ends. Suraj says I always look good. Chakor says I m already married. Ranvijay says it was all timepass, you will marry me now. He asks her to keep necklace. His family looks on. Chakor throws necklace and calls him mad. She asks him to stop his madness, and let her go now, she is just of Suraj and is bearing her child. He says what I decide once, it didn’t happen that it doesn’t get fulfilled. Chakor says you can cage me, but not force me, my marriage happened, I love my husband, I can’t think of anyone else. He says I don’t have habit to say no, its final that we are going to marry, I m not asking you, I m telling you, if you try to stop me, you will get a loss, they will be punished, whom you love. They get shocked.

Ranvijay says I m marrying Chakor. Imli smiles. Suraj thinks to ask about Ranvijay and goes to him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sukorian

    Imli is mad wanna kill her hope it will reveal soon n she will be kicked out. Sukor should guve her the biggest punishment n I’m sure KN will give her too

  2. Too much Imli and RV, but their connection was expected and explains why RV trapped Chakor in his house. I wonder who Suraj was talking to.

  3. Imli wants to rule Azadganj? That’s what she wanted all this time! She forgot family for power….how disgusting ?..Hate her!
    RV is now getting even more creepy…He wants to marry Chakor..? how young is she compared to him…Waiting for Suraj to come and save his Chakor from this villain’s clutches.

  4. There’s no point to all this after suraj saves chakor there will be a leap some new characters and sukor wont be together they will be separated imli is disgusting she wants chakor dead wth after leap i think we will see imli ruling azaadganj

  5. Yes… they want to make imli the ruler of azadgunj. Too much…. how can she thinks to kill suraj? She loved him once…And suraj lost everything by helping imli and they were good friends also. RV s behavior was expected. Because he is mad in revenge. Omg I don’t want a leap… I just want sukor together… fed up watching udaan… losing my hope seeing today’s episode and hearing about the leap.

  6. Aleya.marzan

    what the …… this imli yaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  7. I dnt understand why every track in udaan is based on only sukor separation when only core part of serial is sukor togetherness….. in bridal swap, ragini vivaan track, kn come back, bundhua track, imli baby 1 -2 tracks, rv track in each n every only sukor separation.. but audience want their love, nok jhok, romance track with different story not separation..

    1. Exactly!

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