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The Episode starts with Chakor lying to Baa and leaving. Amma scolds Soham and Tamasha. She asks them to have food. Soham says I feel this is a party and gets glad seeing the food. Chakor meets Bhagya and says I m Choka. They shake hands. Chakor says I heard a lot about you. Bhagya asks from whom. Amma says I have told her. Bhagya asks how does she know Arjun. Soham says we all know Arjun, he tells a lot about you. Bhagya asks what. They all start singing.

Tejaswini asks whats happening here. Sunny asks can’t she hear it, they are singing songs. She laughs. Tejaswini asks her to stop it, this is not a bird sanctuary. Ranjana and Tejaswini ask Girja to get food in their rooms. Chakor recalls Kasturi and thinks she has to make her fine. Imli gives food to Kasturi. Kasturi refuses to eat. She throws

the food and says they have killed Chakor. Imli asks Dadi how will we get Chakor now.

Chakor goes to meet Kasturi and asks her to wake up. Amma says the kids in village knows Choka is Chakor and asks everyone to get Chakor back. Chakor opens the handcuffs chains. Kasturi looks at her. She runs and Chakor tries to stop her. Bhuvan does not see Kasturi and thinks she went to haveli. Kasturi says she will not leave anyone. Amma and everyone look for Chakor. Amma stops Chakor and asks her not to go, else everyone will know she is Chakor. She says you have to save your parents and make Vivaan’s voice fine, and end bandhua stamp. She says you can’t do this being Chakor. Chakor hugs Amma. Kasturi comes to haveli to beat Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji scolds her. Bhuvan comes there to take Kasturi along. Bhuvan beats Kasturi. Chakor shouts Maaiii and Amma stops her. Vivaan beats the plate. Manohar and Ranjana ask them to stop this drama.

She says Vivaan is getting worried. She asks Ragini to take Vivaan inside. Manohar scolds Bhuvan and asks him to take Kasturi and do anything at his home. Bhuvan apologizes and says I will take her home. He asks Kasturi to come home and holds her. She cries in pain. He says he has medicine and gives her wine. Kasturi throws the bottle. Chakor thinks Kasturi knows wine is bad even in this state. Bhuvan asks Kasturi why did she throw it and raises hand to slap her. Chakor holds his hand and stops him. Kasturi looks at her.

Chagan says this is Chakor. Soham asks him not to tell this and just leave. Amma says Chagan can tell villagers Choka’s truth.

Update Credit to: Amena

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