Udaan 16th November 2015 Written Episode Update


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Anandi helps Kasturi and asks her not to worry. Chakor sits over Nimboli’s shoulders and calls her out Anandi and Kasturi. She sees them away and tells Nimboli that they both are there. Harki asks Badri what is he thinking. He says I will find them and goes. Nimboli hugs Anandi, while Chakor tells Kasturi that she is her Chakor, she won’t let anything happen to Kasturi. Kasturi holds her hand and cries. She hugs Chakor, while Anandi hugs Nimboli.

They all hear the announcement by the man, that the situation is under control now. Bhaiya ji looks for Chunni and Kasturi. Chakor buys some fruits. Bhaiya ji sees her and calls out Chunni. She does not respond. He says she became Chakor and acting, and forgot me. Chakor asks Kasturi to come. Kasturi and Anandi go. Badri and Harki ask ladies about Anandi and Nimboli, and give their appearance description. Harki says she lost the chance to end this story. Badri says we will find them, come.

Chakor tells Nimboli that she can see Anandi is your mum. Nimboli says Anandi is not my mum, our relation is good, Anandi is best and no one can be better than her, and no one can be worse than my real mum. Anandi hears this and gets sad. Chakor asks Nimboli why is she saying so. Nimboli says her real mum has thrown her in dustbin, her life was miserable. Chakor asks did she not ask her. Nimboli says I don’t know her, I don’t have good mum like you.

Chakor tells how her parents made her bandhua before her birth, bandhua means servant who does not get any wage. She says she also faced bad days and then asked her parents why did she do this. They said they were very poor and took money for my Dada ji’s final rites, Bhaiya ji gave money and made me bandhua. She says even your mum would be helpless, else no mum can throw child in bin, I can’t believe this. Nimboli gets thinking.

Chakor is falling down and calls out Kasturi. Anandi and Kasturi get shocked. Nimboli rushes to save Chakor and throws rope to rescue her. Badri comes there and cuts the rope.

Update Credit to: Amena

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