Udaan 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Chakor saying everything got burnt. She packs her bags. Suraj says I won’t let you go anywhere. She cries and says husband, love, family, do you meaning of all these, you married me and took vows, one of the vows was husband will not see any other woman, you lost the right of being husband by breaking the vow, so you have no right to stop me. Suraj tries to stop her. She asks him why is he showing worry for her, when he did not worry before. She says stay happy with Imli, the room is yours now, I m leaving. He takes her to temple.

He says you want to leave me and not understand the depth of relations, we have to recall the seven vows, you have to understand the truth in my eyes. He holds diya and says if I did mistake, our marriage can’t break, tell me Chakor, do you love

me. She cries and says I love you a lot, I swear on this pure fire, I m leaving you, third person can’t be tolerated between two people, Imli is the third person between us. Imli and Ranjana come.

Imli asks Chakor to forgive her and Suraj, don’t go. Chakor says if Vivaan and I did this, could you forgive me. Suraj comes in the way. Ranjana says these two sisters have no shame to do drama. Chakor says Suraj if you love me so much, tell me where did your love go when you were with Imli, our love, relation, you did not think anything. He says I know I did big mistake, I should be punished, but not this, you can’t leave me, you can punish me anything, don’t go. Chakor says you may not know, girl’s self respect is her husband’s love, you shattered my self esteem, if I stay here, I can’t pick those pieces, I should leave, you made me fall low, if I stay here, I will fall in my eyes, do you want this. Suraj moves away and hits his hand. Imli shouts Suraj. Chakor stops. She cries and leaves.

Suraj’s hand bleeds. Imli asks Suraj why did you not stop Chakor, you both got separated because of me, how can I forgive myself, why did you not let me stop Chakor, there is still time, go and stop her. Suraj wipes her tears and says stop crying, Chakor will not stop now, I insulted her love and hurt her self esteem. She says no, she can’t leave us. He says its not your mistake, its my mistake, I broke Chakor’s heart and should get punished.

Chakor walks to village. Agar tum saath ho plays…. She cries and thinks of Suraj. Suraj cries and thinks of her. He throws the vase and shouts Chakor…… Imli sees him and cries. Suraj runs upstairs. Vivaan picks the gun and recalls Imli’s words. He drops gun and goes. Ragini calls him out. Imli recalls Suraj’s words and Vivaan. Vivaan throws money and shouts. Suraj shuts the room door and cries. Vivaan sits crying in his workplace. Chakor picks her bag and walks ahead.

Chakor says I have no husband and sister now, I got alone. Vivaan says Imli is your mistress. Suraj and Vivaan fight. Imli picks her and Vivaan’s pic. Vivaan tears the pic. She cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. So emotional. This actually made me cry. I’ve heard that chkr gets divorce papers and then surj burns it as he doesn’t want to. Feel bad for surj most, he’s going through the most pain more than all of them. When will they get back together. Just want VijRa back with their cute little arguments.

  2. What a heart achingly beautiful episode. The last part that showed the suffering of the four of them was so heart touching.

    Loved Chakor’s dialogue and the felt Suraj unbearable pain when he went to their room and closed the door. /my hear broke for Chakor when she collapsed on her way to her parents’ house.

    Ranjana is heartless nothing else to say.

  3. Sukorian

    ov i do not watch the serial in tv i do not like this track of separation ?. Feel very bad ever1 in pain.

  4. I have a request from team udaan plzz show repeat telecast on Saturday and Sunday.. Coz if we miss Friday’s episode it’s really horrible to wait till Monday for the repeat telecast.

    1. Arman

      See on Internet sona

  5. They’re dragging this track, I don’t know when they’ll end it.
    Sukorian , I don’t like it too although the acting is great.
    Sunny, i miss their cute arguments.

  6. All 4 werr great at this episode felt sorry for them the main cause for all 4 problems is ragini i hope she gets punish so badly im actually pleased too see this track as sukor love will go even deeper wen they realise they cant live without one another suraj notices his mistake in todays episode and sunny ur right suraj is suffering the most heartbreak as the villagers will blame him he has to live away from chakor and also chakor wants a divorce from him and the new inspector coming in will all cause alot of heartbreak for suraj but what can chakor do live with suraj whilst he claims he is carrying imli child what is wrong wirh cvs suraj should have wiped chakors tears instead of imlis the reasons why i like this track is becasue wen imli revealed she was pregnant 2 weeks of the episodes were about vimli and sukor were standing in thr background hardly doing anything but now the track evolves around them i think the track will last a month i dont think it will be super long and if it is then we will see alot of sukor scenes in the future as suraj will never divorce chakor cuz chakoe will try stop vivaan whilst the basti will turn against suraj but suraj will want to still help but chakor wants a divorce so suraj focus will be chakor and chakor focus will be the baasti then the new inspector will comr and start helping chakor she will become friends with inspector but suraj will get angry and fustrated seeing this so he will go closer and closer to chakor then the truth will come out and chakor will see the big change in suraj for how he sacrificed and risked losing everything just to protect a innocent child cuz suraj changed cuz of pakhi wen she gave him food so now he has an affection towards kids he even sed wen helping imli that he does not want her child to be called illagtiment thats why he giving the child the name chakor will be a bit upset as suraj neva told her this so the sukor remarriage track will happen but by then the new inspector will fall in love with chakor and will become the problem in between we will see imli problems and toutures by vivaan and we will be seeing bits of kamal and his planning guys i think this is the summer plot lasting 2 months

  7. According to meeras latest vdo on IG suraj is in court may b giving divorce to chakor upto this level how can he go?? Why is he not telling truth of imlis baby to chakor..why it is so difficult for him to commit reality..??

  8. Aqua

    I cried. .. I don’t haven words to describe tonight’s episode. I still think suraj should have told chakor the truth. He is giving everyone unnecessary pain?

  9. Pain pain&pain.i can’t see sukor &vimli in to much pain.

  10. Hi gyz
    Good morning
    @shreya; zoya ;aanya,nemo;lily n all frnds
    Chakor say I hve No husband n sister…nw she is alone …alone ek dam alone ?

  11. Oh my god…such emotional scenes….can’t bear this track anymore

  12. Divya shankar

    It’s emotional episode really feeling so sad especially vivan pain anger unpredictable

  13. Oh my god..I cried a lot???????????i dont know what to say…its full of pain…i think we will have heartattack by seeing this..cant tolerate this anymore…plzzzz cvs plzzzzz end this track plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  14. Brilliant acting by meera and vj….

  15. Shreya.

    Hi guys…I was literally crying bcz of dis episode…guys anyone remember when sukor confess their love tat tym I cmntd I feel like dis cnfsn was happening in my real life am very hapoy.. nw am feeling dis heart breaking thinks r happening in my lyf.. can’t bear dis…when they all both sukor nd vimli breaks down…oh God…don’t know hw to say wat I feel…full of pain..heart breaking moments…d way both sukor nd vimli reminisces their swt moments…one more thing guys I want to slap repetadely tat stupid idiot women ranjana…she called chamli as shame girls nd they r doing drama ..hw dare she talk lyk dis.. go to hell both ragini nd ranjana…I don’t want to c their faces…

    Guys…yesterday I saw one vj’s interview…in tat interview vj told…Suraj goes to chakor house na tat tym he told everything to everyone (chakor,tejaswini ji, bhuvan kaka nd kasturi kaki)…I mean Suraj told am not a father of imli’s child I lied to save imli….vivaan is d father of imli’s child nd vivaans reports r fake…bt chakor didn’t believe his words…bcz it’s too late…after tat only chakor go to d court…

    I saw dis video in ig…nd sry guys I forgot to copy dis link…sry yaar…

  16. Sukorian

    its too late what was he expecting he had the chance but he didnt say it n now its s
    all over…

    1. Shreya.

      Yes dr,it’s too late…??

  17. Latest spoiler..sukor get divorced in court ..news segment vdo from BTDD news..

    1. Thanks for sharing

  18. Today’s episode is so emotional especially the last scenes where they 4 r crying
    But I think sukor marriage sequence will be so intresting as they are divorced now so their marriage will be happen with all rituals and they both will not have patience to get married and there will be lot of sukor scenes but don’t no how much time it is there for marriage sequence.

  19. Epi.was painful dhmaka for me.cvs jo aap dekhana chahte hai bilkul bhi thoughts mil rahehonge aapko right.amazing epi.nd the song was awsm jkhm pe nmk wala feel.nd sukor convo.to dil chu gya.bt m little bit disapointed.suvaan nd chamli ke xprtions to jaan le gye.even vivan bhi ro rhe the wo!jitna bolu utna cm.ek baat hai koi cheez tode bina gussa xpress nhi krskte kya.2 min mai saari setting ki dhjiya uda dete hai.

  20. Aqua

    I want sukor together soon????
    I cried with happiness when they confessed their love and yesterday when they separated I cried out of sorrow.
    This is truly a emotional roller coaster????

  21. Hi shama…gd evening dr….
    yesterday epi was so painful…i just cant see sukor separated…
    nidhi…ur task that u have gave us…is really tough dr…nd sry… I am breaking my promise….hm yaha cmnt toh kre but aanya se baat nhi…aisa nhi ho skta…from 2 days I controlled myself….but now I cannot….aanya dr kya aap hmse baat krna chahogi phir se…waiting for ur reply…

  22. Ary ek baat or cvs aap jo dikha rahe ho sb shi.pr mai disapointed iss liye hu kyou k mujhe udaan k characters bhut unique lg rahe the pr nhi hai. sory to say bt isme bhe bhi dikh raha hai jo or seriais mai hota hai.schi bolte hai pyar andha hota hai pr yeh bhi bolna chahiye tha na k pyar sirf pti-ptni mai hi ho skta hai or kisi rishtey mai nhi.i think real life mai bhi yahi sb hota hai,pr esa nhi hona chahiye.kyou ek ptni yhi chahti hai k uska pti sirf usi se pyar kre.kya pti k or rishtey nhi hote ,ya fir un rishton mai pyar ki jrurt nhi hoti.gusse mai chakor itni pagl kese ho sktin hai k vo apne pti ko na smj paye jisse vo itna pyar krne ka dava krti hai or suraj kyou unpe vishwas krke unhe schai nhi bta skte.realy pyar itna kmjor hota hai k dil tutne k dr se rishta khtm hone ki nobt le aaye?agr sukor ek baar ek dusre pe vishvas kren to divorce nhi hoga.kyou insaan ankon pe vishwas krna jruri smjhta hai or dil ko pagla bol k chod deta hai?mujhe ek baar kisi serial mai yeh dekhna hai k agr ptni apne pti ko kisi or ldki ke saath dekhe to aapne pyar k bdle usse hr rishtey ka pyar bhulane na bole.kese chakor bol skti hai k imli teesra bjud hai jbki vo unki real sister,suraj ki friend cm uski ptni ki behen bhi hai.kya friendship koi maine nhi rkhti.kyou pyar ke bdle hr insaan yahi mangta hai k jisse vo pyar krta hai vo duniya mai sirf usi se pyar kre,to kya or rishtey khuch nhi kisi k liye.sbse pyara bndn bolte hai ise to sbse km bhrosa or sb se jyada dil tutne ka dr kyoun hai iss rishtey mai?subha se teen logon se pucha ye swal sb kehte hai tere swalon k jwab nhi hote.tanu di to boltin hai unwanted logon ko rishtey or pyar ka khuch pata nhi hota.bt i know hr swal se phele uska jwab paida hota hai ajj nhi to kl iska jwab bhi mil hi [email protected] team agr aap ye cment pdte ho to iss swal k jwab jrur dena bcz yahan koi mujse baat ni krna chata bcz m a presistent girl or zidi logon se koi baat nhi krta pleeeeeeese dedo iska answer wait krungi agr kisi ne answer nhi diya to agee se esa swal he mn mai uthne nhi dungi.

  23. I wonder if they are deliberately pushing viewer away from Udaan so they start watching Naamkaran…

    1. Why should they? they’re at different time slots.

    2. Kalika…plz don’t say that…I know this track is not so gd…but it doesn’t mean that…we would stop watching udaan…today we r saying this track is boring..
      but…after some days when this track will be over…then we all will be going missing it a lot…u remember bandhwa track is also like that only….

      1. Sukorian

        but zoya I love bandhua track from beginning!! this track is awful n sad.

  24. Lily k thankyou for the links.___its ok shreya no need to say sorry.___its ok zoya i know its very difficult to avoid choco but it was my last hope which is broke.i am sorry to intrupt you all.even its also difficult for me.noone can avoid her and she takes it as an advantage.my mom-dad already have started to talk her so what can i do now

  25. Thanks for the links lily. Thanks for the summary shreya. It’s good they’re not dragging the divorce, hope imli’s baby truth comes out soon.

    The new jacket is terrible.

  26. The sad thing is this track brought them good trps during IPL. I think like in the bandhua track, the first month was more emotional and the second month things started to improve, so this will happen here too.

    I liked bandhua track more because sukor were together and nobody was doubting suraj.

  27. Kalika ples don’t say like this.udaan is best forever.itna bhi bura track nhi hai yeh.or vese bhi life mai pyar pyar or pyar to nhi ho skta na.sb viewrs sirf romance he kyoun chahte hai.think once agr life mai sirf pyar ya sirf nfrt he hoti to kesa lgta?hr cheez ki apni importence hai.mai to ji hapy hu iss track se mujhe vo dekhne mil raha hai iss serial mai jisne mere mnn mai naye swal uttha diye pr hfsos kisi se muje answer nhi mila.sory dear if i hurt u with my [email protected] maine to aapse baat krni bnd hi nhi kri thi.mai to kbhi kisi se gussa hoti he nhi.or maine vo gndi si dwai khali [email protected] di sb khuch importent hai mere liye family bhi or friends bhi.aapne mjbur kiya hai vo dwai khane k liye.agr aapko mujpe viswas ni to apne maa se puch lijeye.nd @all nidhu di,shreya di,zoya,lily,sruthi,nemo,sukorian nd all sory ples forgive me.mai aapko hurt nhi krna chahti thi. Ye serial he dwa hai hr mrj ki to doctor ki dwai lene ki kya jrurt.agr udan ka koi epi.mis kr dia to syd jrur critical ho jaungi.lov udan bt hate pills.didu its first n last time ok.mai to kisi se sikayat bhi nhi kr skti.

  28. Shreya.

    Welcome back aqua…agree with u it’s really a emotional roller coaster…hope our sukor will together…

    Zoya Dr…even I don’t want to c our sukor separation…

    Aanya Dr…tmrw is ur xam ryt…he was ur xam preparations going on dr??…take care of ur health…am really sry Dr…

    Yaa nemo they r nt dragging lyk other serials…am really upset with dis divorce…bt guys after divorce v will definitely c our sukor nok-jokhs cute arguments etc etc…nd guys nw am thinking already d mrge is fake I mean when they married d pairs r swapped…there is no love…so I think dis divorce also necessary….definitely our sukor mrge will happen soon…dis tym d mrge…no swapping, no lie, no haterness…full of love nd trust…

    After hearing d divorce news first I felt everything is over bt nw am looking forward to c angry Suraj baby nd his jealousy…definitely v will got more sukor scenes…

    Thanks for d link nd latest spoiler informations guys…

    1. Aqua

      I am thinking the same. Reboot of angry suraj. Honestly, I want him to miss chakor. Like go over the furniture that she got and Reminisce over them. When they first got married he hated her in his room, now the room must feel empty and quiet without her since he has no one to.fight with. I want a scene like that.
      There is a rumor a new male lead is coming. I don’t think chakor will fall for him because she has failed two relationships. .. she might forever give up.on love, but that he guy might like her and her parents including tejwanji might influence her to move on. Of course our suraj babu will not let that happen. The track might go as far has chakor getting ready for the wedding and maybe Vimli truth with come out.

      But I don’t want Vimli and sukor re-marriage to happen together. Vimli needs to work on their relationships. Vivaan is treating imli like garbage, no one deserve to be treated that way.
      If suraj needs such harsh redemption track then vivaan too needs one.

      1. Completely agree with you, a new male character is not a lead just to make suraj jealous and work harder to get chakor.

  29. Shreya.

    Am really sry guys there r Some mistakes in my cmnts bcz of auto correction…don’t mine yaar

    1. Sukorian

      its ok we do have the prob.

  30. @ zoya No need to sy sory dear.i know gys u lov me nd u can scold me.agr meri maa mere paas hoti to vo bhi esa hi krti jsa nidhu di or unki maa kr rhi hai.so sory zoya.mai schi aapko hurt nhi krna chahti [email protected] sory to talk with u rudly.bt i lov udan.koi serial esa nhi.viewrs sirf romance he kyoun chahte [email protected] di aap abhi bhi baat nhi kroge mujse ples sooooo sory di.schi bolu mai ye dwai iss liye nhi khati kyoun k mujhe isse reaction hota hai.nidhu di aap meri halt dekh skte ho aake.ziddi mai nhi app ho bs kisi tarha kl ka din nikl jaye.phir chahe kitna bhi drd ho mai sehne k liye tyyaar hu.thnku didu aapne meri mom bnne ki kosis ke pr aap mere liye nidhu di he better ho.kl exam mai leke jate bkt chup mtt rehna vrna mera exam gnda hoga.

  31. Aanya whatever you said about husband-wife’s relation only you can think like this. How can somebody think like this. Everyone is upset with this separation track only accept you.your thought are unbelevable for me.

  32. So finally aanya di aap ne dawa khali yakeen nai hora and all the best for your tomorror’s exam or aap ka question meku sirf thoda samajh me aaya isliye sorry that I m not able to answer ur question

  33. Shreya.

    Ok aanya dr, no need to say sry…

    Hi sadhna…

  34. What a stupid serial this is. No direction no nothing. All evils will become good and vice-versa.
    Actually the serial was fantastic when Spandan chaturvedi was there. Even Meera’s initial days was ok. But now it has become nothing but a scrap. Also where are characters like arjun,aditya,aabha and arjun’s wife Udaan?

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