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The Episode starts with Chakor telling Bhuvan that Aditya is Ishwar Rawat’s son. Bhuvan recalls Aditya and Ishwar. Bhuvan asks Ishwar’s son. Chakor says yes, you have sold Aditya today. Bhuvan cries and says what did I do. She says you broke my trust and ruined everything, I don’t want to listen anything, I will not let Aditya die. Kasturi cries. Chakor says I m going to save Aditya. Kasturi says no, they are dangerous, don’t go. Chakor says I don’t care of my life, Ishwar sacrificed his life to save me, now Adi will not sacrifice his life, I will save him. She leaves. Bhuvan cries.

Aditya is tied by chains. Bhaiya ji and Suraj mistreat him. Aditya laughs and jokes on Bhaiya ji and Suraj. He says I wished I had camera, I would have shown your truth to world, it would be fun. Suraj beats

him and says starts talking nonsense, this is not your media world, there is no guarantee you will get saved. Aditya says if you do anything, media will get after you, none will get saved. Bhaiya ji asks how much money you want, ask me, I will pay double, then you will not be seen in Aazaadgunj and not meet Chakor. Aditya says you feel I will be sold for some money, I m supporting Chakor as she is with truth, till I don’t get Aazaadgunj people free, I will not let breath peacefully, this is my oath.

Bhaiya ji laughs and reminds Suraj about such honest man, IAS officer Ishwar Rawat, he used to give me lecture, asking me to walk on honest way. Aditya gets angry. Bhaiya ji says you change, else we will do same thing with you as we did with Ishwar. Suraj says tell him what you did with Ishwar. Bhaiya ji says nothing, a big blast and Ishwar died in it. Aditya fumes and laughs… He spits on Bhaiya ji’s face. Bhaiya ji cleans his face and gets angry. Suraj removes his jacket and punches Aditya. Bhaiya ji says you did right Suraj. Suraj says I would have broken all his bones, you stopped me. Bhaiya ji says let him be here, come. Suraj says its hidden passage here, none will know if I kill him. Chakor asks Bhaiya ji to come out. Suraj says bandhua cat has come…. They come out of the secret place and hide the door.

Chakor shouts on Bhaiya ji. He says you would like to know about Aditya. She asks did you kill him. He asks her to talk in low tone, you know me, I like to kill by torture. She asks him to free Aditya and folds hands. Suraj smiles. Imli looks on. She requests him. Bhaiya ji laughs and asks her to apologize. She apologizes to him. Bhaiya ji asks what is this way to apologize. She asks how to apologize then. He sits and says my shoes got very dirty, clean it. She gets shocked and cleans Bhaiya ji’s shoes. He recalls her words and spoils shoes again. She cleans his shoes by her dupatta. He says wait and spoils shoes again. Suraj smiles. Chakor cleans shows another time. Bhaiya ji asks her to go. Chakor says I apologized as I wanted, now leave my friend. Suraj says you have hurt my heart too, won’t you apologize to me.

Bhaiya ji says Suraj is right, she should apologize. Suraj says I will tell you how to apologize. He asks men to tie her hands. The man ties Chakor’s hands. Suraj says she is tired of finding her friend, she might be hungry, her punishment will be that she eats this apple, I will forgive her then. He keeps apple on the floor and asks her to come. He treats her like an animal. Chakor sits and bends her head to eat the apple. Suraj moves it away and says aww… try again. He troubles her. Imli looks on. He asks Chakor did she get tired, won’t she save her friend. She bites the apple, thinking to save Aditya soon. Suraj says great…. The man opens her hands. Chakor says leave my friend. Suraj says you are always in hurry, you just apologized to me and Papa, you have hurt Imli too, apologize to her. Imli walks to Chakor.

Bhaiya ji says you have 24 hours, find Aditya and take him, else don’t know what I will do. Chakor says but you said…. He says your time starts now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. surajjjjj…. very bad…
    plz …. trun ve…
    ilove sOo much….

  2. Hate u Suraj..
    Chakor Plz save Aditya

  3. Imli very bad slapping chakor is chakor s fate to be bandhua. She let her freed u in childhood. Selfish imli

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