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The Episode starts with Abha says Arjun and Bhagya are really getting married. Chakor smiles and says its good. Abha says you don’t know meaning of marriage and gets worried. Tejaswini does the ghatbandhan and Bhaiya ji does the kanyadaan. They get married by all rituals. Ishwar checks the files and smiles. He says this proof can send Bhaiya ji to jail, I don’t know how to thank you. She says no need to thank, she has given birth to a sinner, maybe this can make her repent. Ranjana asks Ishwar to go Sitapur police station and get arrest warrant. Ishwar says its not so easy, home ministry will send the orders, I will fax the papers to them.

Bhaiya ji says where did Lakhan go. Arjun thinks its happening wrong, Bhagya does not even know whats happening. Arjun and Bhagya take the rounds. Lakhan tells

Bhaiya ji that he has looked everywhere, they are not here. Tejaswini says I think we should leave. The pandit asks them to wait. Arjun recalls about Bhagya and stops. He removes the sehra and Bhagya lifts her ghunghat. Abha, Chakor and kids get tensed. Arjun says I won’t be able to do this. Bhaiya ji, Tejaswini and Lakhan see them and are shocked. Chakor says what will happen now. Aditya says Bhaiya ji will not leave him.

Abha says we can’t leave him alone. Acharya asks Arjun to complete the 7th round. Arjun says I know the meaning of 7 rounds, and Bhagya is innocent, she does not know whats happening with her, but I know it, I can’t cheat her. Bhaiya ji gets angry and says you have much courage. Bhagya cries. Bhaiya ji hurts Arjun. Chakor says leave him. Manohar comes to haveli and sees Ishwar. Manohar scolds him. Ishwar says we are not having enmity, and Manohar stops him. He asks Baa to go to her room and talk to Bapu.

Baa says Ishwar is not stealing the papers, Ranjana and I have given him from the passage to ruin your brother’s Lanka. Manohar is shocked and asks about her memory. She says she remembers everything and who has shot her. Manohar holds her feet and apologizes, saying he is bad person, but not a bad son, he was killing Chakor that day, not her, she came in between by mistake. He says forgive me. Baa scolds him. Manohar says Chakor made their life hell, he did not wish to hurt his mum. Baa says she will forgive him on one condition, that he allows Ishwar to take the papers, the day Bhaiya ji gets arrested, he will be forgiven. Manohar is stunned.

Abha says Bhagya has come here by her wish, as Bhaiya ji is torturing her, see her face once. Bhaiya ji scolds Abha and Aditya. Acharya says you will not get such a good groom for your daughter, he would have married and completed 7th round if he wanted, but he did not do this and came infront of you, think again, its about your daughter’s future. Tejaswini says how can he marry our daughter like this. Bhaiya ji says she is Devi Maa. Chakor says she is not Devi. Bhaiya ji asks her to shut up and scolds her.

He says he will show the world what is the result of cheating him. He asks Lakhan to take Arjun. Bhaiya ji says sorry Devi Maa and takes her angrily. Chakor runs after them. They all come out. Bhaiya ji makes Bhagya sit in the jeep. Bhaiya ji tells Lakhan to tie Arjun’s hand and make him run after the jeep. Lakhan ties rope to Arjun’s hand and fixes him to the jeep’s rod. Chakor is shocked.

Arjun runs and Bhagya cries. Chakor apologizes and asks Bhaiya ji to stop.

Update Credit to: Amena

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