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The Episode starts with Suraj taken to the stable and tied to the pole. Bhaiya ji and Ragini look on. Chakor looks around and thinks how will Suraj stay here. Suraj recalls seeing the chain and says this was going on since long, you can’t keep me as bandhua for long. Bhaiya ji says I want the same, maybe you die tomorrow, this is start of your bandhua life. He laughs. Suraj says laugh, you think this chain and sign, stamp will make me slave. Bhaiya ji says I have spent nights on jail’s cold ground, you will realize it now, when you sleep here in stable.

Ragini sees Chakor and says she is here. Chakor says I will find some way to meet Suraj always, is Bhaiya ji worried that I can make Suraj run away. Ragini scolds her. Bhaiya ji asks Chakor to meet her fake husband. Ragini says Chakor will try

to make Suraj run. Bhaiya ji says she will not succeed, when her hope ends, it will be fine, if you give food, water or cloth to Suraj, I will not let you come in haveli. Chakor asks what do you mean. He says Suraj is bandhua, did you forget bandhua life, bandhua just thinks of owner’s happiness, go. They leave.

Chakor cries and says what did this happen Suraj. He wipes her tears and says I m alive, is this less. She says is bandhua’s life good. He says I m not going to stay here forever, Bhaiya ji took my sign and stamped bandhua sign, it does not mean I m his bandhua, stop helping me, its risky for your life. She says even when danger was there, I did not leave support to villagers, you are my…. He looks at her. She says you are a bandhua, I will not leave you. He says no, I know my devil father tried to kill you by bomb, I was shocked, if anything happened to you then…. She says nothing happened, I m standing in front of you. He asks her to stop herogiri. She says you don’t know how much hurt I m seeing you. She holds his hand and cries. She says I got this sign when I was very young. He says if I was good that time, I would have not let this stamp get on your hand. She smiles and says we are kids, Maai says I was just 3 day old then this stamp was applied to my hand. He says good we were kids, else this sin would have come on my head. They have an eyelock. An axe is seen lying around.

Pooja stops Vivaan and says I will go washroom and come. She tears her sleeves. Chakor tells Imli that I have to stay in haveli for protecting Suraj, Bhaiya ji played big game, he wanted to make him bandhua, its my life’s biggest failure today. She cries and says I lost, why did I not think Bhaiya ji can do anything. She hugs Imli and cries. Imli cries and says there will be some way, you will bring Suraj out of this bandhua life. Chakor says you know the life of bandhua, it means death. Chakor rests in her lap. They cry.

Imli calls Vivaan and tells Bhaiya ji has nearly killed Suraj by making him bandhua forever. Vivaan says what, he made his son a bandhua, I m helpless and can’t do anything. She asks him not to do anything in anger and not forget aim. He says yes, Bhaiya ji will get punished. She says yes, he will be surely punished. He says I signed big deal, everyone praised me, our dream will be fulfilled. She says I m glad to hear some good news today. Pooja shouts for help. Vivaan says I will call you later Imli and ends call. He asks Pooja are you fine, open the door. She opens the door. He gets inside washroom. She goes out crying. A man sees her. Vivaan says where did she go and looks outside. The man asks Vivaan what was he doing in ladies bathroom.

Suraj says I will run away and hits chain with the axe. Bhaiya ji, Ragini and Ranjana see him. Bhaiya ji says once he is not given food, he will not do this. They see Chakor taking food for Suraj. Ragini says Chakor is taking food for Suraj, I will not leave her. He says my men will manage, don’t worry, see what I do now.

Chakor takes food for Suraj and says Bhaiya ji would hear the sound, stop breaking chain, have food first. He asks why are you taking risk for me, I don’t want to fall in problem. She says its happening since childhood, I can fight with him for saving your life, I can do this to feed you, sit down, have food. Servant throws food. Suraj scolds him. Servant taunts him. Suraj says don’t worry Chakor, I will not die by hunger. Servant says Bhaiya ji asked Chakor not to come here, go from here. Chakor goes.

Vivaan asks Raunak about Pooja, I have to go haveli, there is emergency. Raunak says now you will remember home after doing this. Vivaan asks what did I do. He gets shocked seeing Pooja crying. He says you are here and I was finding you, who did this with you. Raunak says stop this drama, you are a cheap man, you tried to rape your secretary and acting innocent now. Vivaan gets shocked.

Pooja says Vivaan lied to me and took me to ladies washroom. Inspector says all proof is against you. Imli tells Chakor about Vivaan’s arrest and rushes. Chakor gets shocked. Vivaan is put in lockup.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Bakwas episode….except sukor’s scene

  2. This is jus so shit

  3. Loved the epi.. sukor scenes mindblowing… overall emotional one.. the spoilers are scary guys.. watch it out!!!

  4. Hi everyone im a slient reader and i hope im accepted in the udaan group im big fan i hate vivaan he is so mean i seen in the latest spolier that chakor gets tired from running so she ask imli help and vivaan said no i dont want imli doing that but imli does it anyway i hope when vivaan gets in trouble no one helps him then he will feel guilty but i think chakor might help only because of imli vivaan is mean and selfish he is not dìffrent then his mum ranjana suraj helped him to get imli and know he only cares for himself

  5. Great episode l loved d way chakor caring for suraj now vimli is getting in trouble I think chakor shouldn’t help them

  6. Sukor conversation was very nice and heart touching but found today epi very boring and tomo will be vimli crying scenes so i think this week will be very boring and i hope sukor wont get separated as kn will try to separate them, i think now udaan will be boring if kn wins like this i cnt see my sukor so helpless..

  7. Sukor…ummuah…❤???

  8. Wow today’s episode was jst heartthrob. Again,we all got a chance 2 see sukor’cute eyelock. Love u sukor 2 mu6 and especially meera deosthale, love u so mu6.

  9. emotional episode!!!!
    they way both suraj and chakor see their bandhua mogar(bandhua stamp)
    in their hands….wuff can’t able to see them like this..heart winching…
    chakor smiled only because of suraj!! the way he told that when he was good that time he won’t let that kn make her bandhua…only suraj can make her fight,angry,and now smile…
    they both trust each other a lot…
    truly suraj realised what the pain chakor when through these years of bandhua and bandhua life…
    he still care about chakor even his state is worste…
    chakor forgot her sleep,hungry in thinking of suraj…
    surely vivaan want this…he is so selfish…he leaved his brother alone…didn’t help him…and in office he goes to help his secretary….
    he didn’t listen to imli words about pooja…and underestimate imli…
    kn and rangini uff!!when ragini calling chakor bhabi…can’t able to tolerate her…
    why did they show the axe??whats meaning for that??explain me..if any body knows

    the latest spoilers are telling that when chakor ran around well to bring water for suraj…its really less…then asked asked help from imli…she ran around well she stored more water….kn making suraj to doubt on chakor….hope suraj trust chakor forever…without listening kn!!!!.
    i just skipped vivaan scenes…surely vivaan also become bandhua…its in hands of imli…
    the way chakor goes to tell suraj that she did anything for other and he is her….nice scene…
    want to kill kn!!
    i want chakor to save suraj…quickly as possible…can’t able to tolerate kn and co…

  10. Dr friends I am 18 & from Kurunegala,Sri Lanka.

    I think today episode is better than previous. because suraj,chakor conversation was very nice. “chakor- you are my……..” it is the most interesting point of the day.
    but, I wanna punish him… I am angry with him……
    n vivan will go to the jail….soon…(video). very sad…. very sad….

    I started to watch udaan from 1st episode but I stopped. (I watched till Mr. ishwar rawath’s dead. n I resume from beginning of chakor’s young age)

  11. I’m not a fan of Vivaan but no one deserves to have a fake rape allegation hanging over their heads , it’s an insult to women who have really been assaulted and because of women like pooja it makes it harder for real victims to come forward. Any woman who makes false allegations should be dealt with severely, absolutely disgusting!!!

  12. Iv just seen a spolier that chakor is trying to give suraj water by using her scarf i dont know how shes doing somthing then shikoo comes and grabs chakor and takes her duptha off suraj gets really angry and starts to strangle shikoo then shikoo calls kn men to help him and chakor was also telling suraj to stop kamal is so evil but i hate ragini more shes the worst

  13. This is the link and chakor is wiping suraj face https://youtu.be/1Lc5pKc_57I
    I hope ragini becomes bunduwa too i hate her and ranjana killed kn brother i wonder what he is gonna do to her

  14. Latest spolier shows imli getting water and kn uses this to instigate suraj because chakor is a marathon runner but instead imli is taking the water out this makes suraj think kn is so bad i hate and its so sad what they also doing to vivaan both couples should team against kn but vivaan is to scared

  15. Dear Chakor,
    Sorry to know about the rise in slavery. You may be desperate to give suraj food and water. Do not feel helpless.
    Water can be given by filling in balloons with long neck. First, keep the balloons in boiling water for a while to kill germs in it. Check for any leakage. Now, it is fit to keep inside mouth. Take a syringe, throw away its needle, suck up drinking water and inject enough water into the balloon so that your mouth remains closed. Tie a ribbon in its neck to prevent oozing out of water. The mouth and neck of the balloon should be outside. Cover it with handkerchief or shawl. Informing suraj earlier about this plan can be of help. Act like both of you are about to kiss. The guards will turn away. Loosen the ribbon, water flows from higher to lower level. Objective accomplished!!!
    Best wishes,
    Your well wisher

  16. epi was not so good .

  17. Makar sankranti will be celebrated in udaan and ragini chakor will be seen doing a kite flying competion but if chakor loose from ragini suraj wont get food to eat and kn said a very big twist is coming…

  18. All nonsense drama why you guys make such a cheap drama in the story really make some changes according to the situation dont drag the drama and some stupid storied in the udaan

  19. All nonsense drama why you guys make such a cheap drama in the story really make some changes according to the situation dont drag the drama and some stupid storied in the udaan

  20. Vivian.. hufff i hate that guy. He don’t deserve the fake rape case surely he deserves something bad in his life. When imli was telling abt suraj ‘s matter he ignored that and was happyly telling her abt his meeting.. bullshit.. i dnt mind vivian being bhanduva of kN… imli is far better that Vivian atleast she was there when suraj was in trouble but vivian being selfish went for meeting. He only thinks abt him and imli.. let him suffer. If vivian was in trouble then suraj would never do this cheap thing.

  21. Sukor scenes are only worth watching yesterday…..aaj ka suraj tab hota Na tumhare haath or ye mohar kabi lagne nahi deta ?… dialogue of the day
    Vivian really…..very disgusting? how could he take Suraj’s matter lightly….I thought when he got the charge against
    him….it’s tit for tat(I mean it happened obviously wrong with him but selfishness pays off)
    I think this week would be very boring with Vivian drama and suraj’s torture….new olv is very horrible… Suraj’s state OMG,i think some celebrations are going on and suraj is tied in front of the village…I’m very disappointed with this 3°torture against suraj…it’s very painful, I don’t have big heart to witness this inhuman torture
    KN mujhe Hitler ki yad dila di?I’m going to skip these episodes and only watch sukor scenes

    1. Aqua

      I too loved that dialogue. .. these to have come a long way to be able to talk like that with each other. .. the first suraj in April 2016 episode n now so very different. .. it’s like night n day change. ..

      I am also going to watch sukor scenes. .. I don’t like vimli. ..they r good ppl they don’t want to harm others but they don’t want to get involved unless they r affected by it.

      I watched the October episode where kn put chakor on vivan n ragini says if we push suraj’s mom then suraj to leave imli n vivan loves imli so he will leave chakor so chakor is the first to die. … I cried in that episode. … no one loved chakor even though she is such a kind Bravehearted person. .. n they all walk out alive because of chakor sacrificing her finger ????
      I think wo suraj becoming a bandhua he would have never appreciate hee worth even though he said she is better than others…. now he will feel that she is better than others every cells of his body?

      Sorry for blabbing on so much he hehe. .

    2. Aqua

      I’m getting the inspired to write a romantic sukor…????

  22. Aqua

    Wow I’m loving the sukor moments. Each sec were very nicely acted… I just loved how suraj wiped her tears n gave her encouragement by saying at least he is alive and the moment wentry he felt for the first time the pain n trauma chakor went through as a days old infant. .. n he realized compared to that he hasn’t been in much pain. .. I love this new suraj who is able to empathize with chakor n her fight for freedom.
    I think this bandhua track was needed to bend suraj from an arrogant takur to a loving husband. .. I thought the scene with them holding hands n seeing their stamps was very symbolic for sukor…. they in a way became one.

    Alao, the last scene when he saw tears in chakor’s eyes as she failed to feed him…he immediately tried to make her feel better by saying he doesn’t hv much of appetite anyway.
    I just love these two… ?????????

    1. Aqua

      The moment when he felt for….^


      Sorry for the typos?

    2. aqua. please upload another os.(romantic)

      1. Aqua

        OK. ? I will try to write one soon

  23. really guys I didn’t watch the whole episode .only watched sukor scenes,now I am thinking that cvs is going to drag the track..

  24. hey sia,angel please tell what is the position of udaan at trp list of this week please please..

  25. Hi, chakor acting was stunning, she has great future and sukor really they are together more beautiful than vimli.

  26. Nice epi.and nice idea subi bt actors n makers dont wonna do that n we couldnt enjoyed romance without torture.how can runak bleave pooja.he knows about her.he should help viva.lovely sukor see.its nothing in udan without sukor romentic conv….n tapa my bd is first feb.tell me ur dear.gys i heared that suraj’ll doing same wt kn ji n ragini doing now to defeat them both nice track everyday im wating for wt next n u gys i hope angel n janu more then me.u r so nice tappa.

  27. Guys i think chakor will fail kite competition with ragini as suraj said in interview that if chakor win he will get food but it wont happen as if he get food how will kn torture him and how show go on..

    1. ya i also saw that iv angel???if chakor lost means how will she give food to suraj!!because no one is helping chakor!!! and no possible way for chakor to bring food for chakor!!! its very sad!! in past she didn’t lose to anyone…
      she doing everything to bring food for suraj!!!but i don’t want chakor to loose hope!!!
      how will suraj survive without food???want to kill kn and group!!especially ragini!!!

  28. Kya ho gya h iss serial ko koi achi story nhi h kya

  29. Guys I found something interesting today…a new poll stating “whom do u hate the most in udaan”

    U know guys options are superb? kn,Ragini,Vivaan,imli,shiku. I found it difficult to vote?


    1. One more thing I was not a registered member so I couldn’t vote…so if you are registered then only vote dears

    2. Dil d........

      Even I wnt be able to vote cz I’m nt a registered member.bt it’s a very tough choice?? cz I hate all of them .

  30. Boring ??????

  31. Aqua…where to read those os…any link available…. Send yaar…

  32. Sorry guys I’m very late for commenting
    yesterday’s episode was very boring except SuKor conversation precap also very boring
    yesterday episode se ye pata chal raha hai ki Ramsingh ke pass thoda humanity hai per Shiku ke pass wo vi nahi hai at list ramsingh ne Chakor ke sath tammiz se baat kiya per Sikhu to Chakor ke sath misbehave karega (according to new olvs) jaab se Sikhu ne evil trio ke saath deal kiya hai vo ladies ko respect dena vool gaya hai (except his mother n his so called Malkin) pehle Chakor ko bhabi kehta tha abb uske saath misbehave ker Raha hai
    Suraj ke liye uske maan main jo nafrat hai aisa laag raha hai ki vo mouka dhund raha tha Suraj she baddla lene ke liye

  33. Love sukor scenes. It’s kind f getting boring except sukor scenes.dnt knw why bt the earlier episodes r nt like tht maybe cz Wht we r expecting wnt hpn a twist my be thr bt nw a days it’s getting boring. Evn I m watching nly sukor scenes while skipping others, cz thy r worth watching .i hp sukor wnt fall into trap (. Misunderstanding) created by kn

  34. Suraj state is getting worsed day by day n chakor becoming helpless which is hard to tolerate, i really dnt knw hw to watch specially torturing given by trio, thts the reason i didnt watch udaan earlier. After seeing sukors bonding nly i start watching recently, hp chakor cm up with a great plan to defeat kn. Love brave sukor

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