Udaan 16th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Suraj rescues Chakor

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The Episode starts with Chakor trying to come up. Ranvijay laughs that she died. He sees her and gets shocked. He steps on her hand. Suraj comes and pushes him away. He pulls Chakor up. She cries. It rains. Suraj gets cleaned. Chakor says I knew you will come to save me. They hug. Mahiya….plays…. Ranvijay says don’t act smart else I will shoot, Suraj leave her, she is your dad’s murderer. Suraj beats him. The gun falls away. Suraj gets the mangalsutra back from him. Ranvijay says how did you raise hand on me for this girl, who killed your dad. He beats Suraj. Suraj holds his hand and recalls how Ranvijay injured him. He says I m not bandhua, I m Suraj Rajvanshi. Chakor happily cries.

Suraj says Chakor killed my dad, because he was a devil, if she didn’t kill him, I would have killed

him, because he killed my unborn child, I got my memory back, you are my enemy, Chakor is my wife, my love, my pride, and till I m here, no one can touch her. He beats Ranvijay. Chakor says I wanted to hear this from you, you remember everything, this is Mahadev’s blessing. Ranvijay picks gun and says Chakor, your belief is fake, Suraj don’t come in her words. Suraj says you made many stories, I got my memory, I remember your every deed, I will take revenge, I will make your and Imli’s lives hell. Ranvijay says I will kill you two. Suraj hits and gets gun from him. He points gun at him. Chakor asks Suraj not to take law in his hands. She asks Ranvijay to kill her, she will see what he answers Imli. Ranvijay angrily leaves. Chakor holds Suraj.

Mahiya……plays…. he says your belief has got me back, I promise I will never go away from you now. She says yes, Lord did this, mum says right, Mahashivratri fast has much power, I kept fast for you and prayed you get memory back, I have also made a promise, come with me. They go to the temple and perform the shiv puja together. Mahiya….plays…. She stumbles. He says its hurting a lot right. She says no. He says liar, you got this pain because of me, I promise I wont let you get a scratch from now on. He lifts her and they leave.

Ranvijay asks Imli to play with lights, Suraj and Chakor are romancing, he got his memory back. She says your place is in mental asylum. He says your place is in hell, see the wounds Suraj gave me, come with me and see Suraj and Chakor. She asks did Suraj beat you. He says yes. Suraj and Chakor come home. Suraj says after so much time, I can see my Chakor in these diyas, who was lost in darkness. He holds her. She sees his wounds. She asks how did you get hurt. He says villagers gave me this wounds, they did right, I have left you to die, I should get punished, punish me for this. He asks her to slap him. She says no, your wound hurts my heart, you didn’t remember anything, I just want to forget everything, I got you back, this is enough for me. He says you also have wounds, your mum would have applied haldi, where is she.

She says I don’t need any haldi, your love will heal my wounds. They smile. He holds her. Chakor changes and comes. O re piya….plays…. Suraj shows the mangalsutra and makes her wear it. He makes her wear the red chunri. She cries. He says if I didn’t forget my past, then you would have not tolerated so much pain, if I didn’t forget you, Ranvijay would have not seen you, you have stopped me today, else I would have not left him, I will not leave him, I will take revenge. She stops him and says don’t leave me tonight, else my loneliness will kill me, I have waited for this moment to get into your arms, I missed you so much, hug me tight. Suraj nods and hugs her. Mahiya…..plays….

Chakor asks Suraj to love her like before. Suraj kisses her and wipes her tears.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. good episode, enjoyed it!

  2. Amazing episode, Sukor scenes were so emotional. Looking forward to see how the’ll fight RV and Imli.

  3. Aww SuKor scenes ???
    RV and Imli..lets see what they do now

  4. ???? Sukor ?

  5. The episode was really amazing… Especially sukor scenes were toooooo good… I hope that they don’t reveal that suraj regained his memory and keep it as a secret… But totally loved the episode and eagerly waiting for the next episode… ???????????????????????????

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