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The Episode starts with Imli saying this won’t happen Ragini, Vivaan will never join hands with you. Ragini says fine, we will meet soon. She goes. Imli says I trust Vivaan, he can’t join hands with Ragini. Suraj cleans his place. Servant asks why are you cleaning here. Suraj says even dog cleans place before sitting, I m human, I will get food today, will I have food in such dirty place, will you do what I said. Servant says fine, if Chakor has no problem, what problem will I have. Suraj cleans the stable area. Chakor comes. Suraj smiles seeing her. He says I have seen that which you wanted to show me, I was blind in ego, false self esteem and selfishness, I have seen innocence of a lovely heart today. He recalls Pakhi and says I realized you were saying right, by meeting Pakhi, goodness is still

alive in people’s heart, I want to thank you.

Chakor smiles. Suraj says for showing victory light in failure darkness, for letting me make a lovely relation with little Pakhi, thanks. He says I ended my work today, I m going to get my fav food, I m thinking what will I get. He guesses the dishes. Girja gets the food. She gives them food and goes. Suraj smiles seeing food. Ragini comes and says that’s not Suraj’s food. She gets Suraj’s food and gives him. She says that Chakor’s food, and this is Suraj’s food, have this Suraj. She shows roti and daal. She asks him to get happy.

Suraj gets angry. Ragini says you are bandhua and you will get such food, don’t have food from Chakor’s plate, else my men will snatch this food. She goes. Suraj and Chakor see the food. Chakor reminds Suraj how he has shut her in class in childhood, she was hungry and got the empty covers, I thought I m eating all those snacks and my stomach got filled, imagination power is strong, have this food thinking you are dining in five star restaurant. Suraj says you are right, so will you like to have dinner with me in this five star hotel, don’t refuse to this dinner date, we are still husband and wife, we can have dinner date, what happened, my clothes are bad, or my hair looking bad, think this is Suraj’s brand style, tell me my wife, will you have dinner with me. Chakor looks at him.

She smiles and says sure, I will dine with my husband. They sit to have dinner. Bhaiya ji’s men look on. Suraj says I got to know today that I can get all dishes taste in one dish. He eats his food. She says this dal makhani looks tasty. She keeps away the other food from her plate. She asks why did you keep it, you can have it. She says yes, but I will eat what my husband eats, I m on dinner date with my husband. She feeds Suraj. He feeds her.

They finish food. He says such nice food and nice partner, I wish this night never ends. They dance. Raaton ke jaage…….plays………they recall their old moments. They have an eyelock. He says you are very nice Chakor, if I see by your sight, I will like the world. She says your goodness did not end, it just got hidden. They smile.

Ragini asks what do you want Papa, why are you killing Suraj slowly, I would have killed him. Bhaiya ji says you can never take my place, I make the rules here, you just obey me. He goes. She recalls Chagan’s words. Chagan comes and says you should give food to Tejaswini. She reminds what Tejaswini did with him in childhood. He says I know, but I can’t burn in revenge fire, I came so that Kasturi and Bhuvan’s load gets less. She says fine, but you have to do a special work for me. He asks what. She says take me out for dinner. He asks what, you want me to take you out for dinner. She says yes. He says money is needed for this, I have no money. She says then you cook food for me and invite me your home. He says I don’t know cooking. She says if you don’t know anything, how can you ask me to give job to Tejaswini.

He says fine, I will do what you say, but Tejaswini should get job. She says I promise, we will meet on dinner. He says one day you can’t command anyone. He goes. She says I get what I want, Vivaan has to dance on my fingers. Imli comes to Chakor and Suraj. She asks Chakor to do something. She tells Ragini’s challenge. She says I m worried for Vivaan. Chakor worries Vivaan’s words. She asks what are you doing here. Imli says Ragini asked me to come here and meet Suraj. Suraj asks how did Ragini send you here, something is wrong. Chakor says yes, Imli stay here with Suraj, I know where Vivaan will be, I will try to talk to him and get him here. She runs.

She goes to village and sees Vivaan. He asks where are you taking me. She takes him to shade. She asks what happened to you, till when will you regret and blame others, forget it and move on. He asks how shall I forget, my life got ruined, drugs and rape blame will end everything. Chakor says listen to me, Imli told me what Ragini said, Ragini laid this trap for you, don’t do this, there is just one solution, you have to do what your lawyer is asking you to do, you have to admit you did mistake, accept that you tried to rape Pooja. He gets shocked.

Vivaan says I can’t believe you are saying this, you want me to go jail. He pushes her. He sees Imli hugging Suraj and crying. Ragini says they met after long time, don’t disturb them. Vivaan shouts on Imli. He scolds Suraj.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Firstly a big congo to vj that he completes one year with udaan…thank u to udaan team that they make the perfect couple sukor!!! about the epi it was full of romance…really very nice epi,how suraj propose chakor to date…i loved the sukor part,their dance…love u sukor!!!

  2. Mann kar raha hei ye raath kathami na ho
    ….sukor luv uuuuuuuuuuuu…….vivan hate uuuuuuuuuu

  3. Janani9789

    sukor parts are amazing!!!after ishq ka safer!!this is best part of sukor scenes!!today also told this night shouldn’t end!! suraj changed a lot !!
    gosh!!he talking,taking everything positively ….i can’t able to see properly today epi!!but surely going to see repeat telecast only for sukor!!!!
    this ragini really annoying me???, devil… I understood that kn and ragini surely get to fight with eachother soon… Waiting for that….
    Ragini going to fall for chagan I think…???
    Vivaan totally going to turn Grey…. When chakor told suraj she go and see vivaan… Suraj trusted chakor and sent her… But vivaan he didn’t trust his own wife… Who loves him immensely ???
    I already told na this vivaan will get insecure seeing imli with suraj!!!!
    Want this bandhua track to end soon

  4. Suraj and vivan fight…..vj posted a pic in Instagram

  5. I feel pity for Vivan, even if he was a good person many negative things happened in his life… his father s death, mother s 2nd marriage, then drugs, and now these molestation case and infertility issue… he feels that he is losing everywhere… imli once loved Suraj.. so Vivan may be insecure about Imli.. when u are angry and tensed, u can’t see things in the right way… when issues came between Vivan and chakor, he didn’t trust her in the first place. Suraj seen chakor doing many sacrifices and caring for her loved ones.. so he understands, trusts, and respects her a lot. Chakor shouldn’t have said to vivan to accept the blame which he didn’t do..

  6. This means vivaan is gonna turn evil because he is insecure imli was too wen vivaan and her got together thats why she tired to hurt chakor but then she realised that chakor does not want tp snatch vivaan this is why vivaan should understand that imli does not want suraj and know see him as a friend more than a lover and suraj also see imli as a friend and he is falling in love with chakor latest spolier chakor encourges suraj to win and so does imli vivaan gets even more angry because imli is on suraj side this is why i think vivaan will hurt suraj because he gonna get jealous seeing imli talking to suraj more vivaan will also hurt chakor becsuse she told him to accept the case vivaan is very mean to imli all imli wanna do is support him but he always thinks of the bad things

  7. Vivaan wins dangal

  8. I’m thinking udaan going to take leap.
    ..Suraj was In police dress…

    1. Is it on a new spolier plz share

  9. nice episode and impressed with love track between sukor.

  10. Ye vivan ka drama kab khatam hogi yaar…no intrst…only sukor baki sub chod do..

  11. Kaash yeh episode and yeh sukor moments kabhi khatm na hote………..
    still in sukorland…………

  12. guys i got the sukor background song.Its cham cham from the movie striker

  13. Hi sukor fans iam silent reader of udaan

  14. Love sukor moments it was a treat to watch in such a situation . Dnt knw when This track will end n hope due to vivans insecure , there ll be no misunderstanding btwn sukor. Sukors moments were so cute.

  15. I an avid reader of udaan and sukor fan comments guys i got more information from u r comments than written update

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