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The Episode starts with Chagan and Kishori coming infront of Chakor and Sheru to save her. They ask Lakhan to shoot them. Lakhan stops. Baa is brought home, and Bhaiya ji asks Manohar about her wound. Manohar says its not deep, but call the doctor. Bhaiya ji says call doctor, else if she dies, people will blame us calling us devils to kill our mum. He says Manohar, our mum is always against us and supports people who are against us. Manohar says Amma is just mad in her old age, see this, and shows her room décor.

He says see all this is just looking like bad ashram room. Bhaiya ji says its a sign of her protest. Girja says Lakhan came to talk. He says maybe he got Sheru’s dead body, ask him to bury it. She says no, its something imp. He goes to talk to him. Lakhan tells Bhaiya ji about Chakor

coming infront of Sheru, and then his son Chagan and wife Kishori. He says he could not obey his order, all this is because of Chakor.

Bhaiya ji says she thinks she is politician. Tejaswini says I told you, see the result that people are not afraid of your gun. Lakhan says she is right, my family stood against me. Bhaiya ji says you both are right, why is Manohar quiet, I was blind to take Chakor on campaigns. He says it was imp to win elections by her help. He asks what to do ahead. Tejaswini says leave her on her state, she can’t do anything alone, and no one should support her.

Chakor sits with Sheru and everyone look on. Imli says Chakor has sat again, does she like to stay hungry. Kasturi asks Chakor to leave this, and Lakhan will come again. Bhuvan says get up, what will happen if you sit alone. Chakor says I showed them the education dreams, I will get education to make them free from bandhua, I won’t go anywhere.

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Manohar, Lakhan and their goons come there. Manohar asks Sheru about his disloyalty. He scolds Chakor and tells Bhuvan that he can disappear Chakor, but he does not want sin on his head, so he decided that villagers will be punished for Chakor’s deeds. He says if anyone comes ahead to help Chakor, I will burn everything. They are shocked. Manohar says don’t think its our loss, its your loss as if there is no field, there will be work and wages, then you all won’t get any food.

He says if anyone roams near Chakor, I will do what I said. He says she is very clever girl and can make anyone’s mind bad, but its enough, all over now. He says he will punish anyone, even Lakhan’s son or my son, now its their decision. They leave. All the villagers go. Chagan says he won’t go. Lakhan scolds him and says you sit with her tomorrow if she is there. Chagan says yes, she will be here. Lakhan says we will see tomorrow.

Tejaswini says Chakor is small, she will die of hunger and cold being there in open at night. Chakor and Sheru sit. She asks is he feeling cold and recalls Kasturi. Kasturi shows the way not to feel cold and bite their teeth. Chakor starts doing it and asks Sheru to do the same. Udaan hai……………..plays……………..Baa wakes up and asks for water. Ragini comes and makes her drink water.

Baa asks about Chakor. Ragini says she is in village, mum said she will die by cold, and Vivaan is locked in room. Kasturi wakes up and recalls Chakor’s words. She goes to see her and does not find her. She says did anyone take her and gets worried.

Kasturi looks for Chakor and walks ahead.

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