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The Episode starts with a truck driver keeping Chana for the horses. Chakor hides and thanks the horse for hiding her. Bhuvan and Kasturi ask Chunni to have food. Chunni sits quiet. Kasturi asks Dadi to see how Chunni is troubling them. Dadi says you are making Chunni feel she took Chakor’s place, how can Chunni have food. Kasturi says ask her to eat it, else she will get ill. Bhuvan says Chunni needs your love. Chunni and Kasturi cry. Kasturi wipes Chunni’s tears and hugs her. They smile.

Kasturi apologizes to Chunni and says she was just missing Chakor. Chakor feels hungry and thinks what to eat. She asks horse to eat his food. She sees the chana and says I understood, you want to eat by my hands, take this, its your food. She asks do you want to eat with me. Horse neighs. She says you are

so good and are my best friend, eat now. She also eats Chana and likes it.

Chunni tells Kasturi that she tried to stop Chakor, but Chakor did not stop. She says everything what Chakor said. Kasturi says I know my Chakor, she thinks for others, come I will feed you by my hands. They all happily cry and eat food. Bhaiya ji comes to the village with his goons. The men shoot in the air. The villagers get shocked and come out. Chunni worries and holds Kasturi’s hand. Bhaiya ji shouts for Chunni to come out. They all get worried. Chakor is done with the food and talks to the horse. The horse happily dances and the wooden base slab breaks. The horse slips and his leg gets stuck inside the broken wood. His leg gets hurt. Chakor worries and asks driver Kaka to stop the truck. Kaka is singing song and does not hear. Chakor tries helping the horse.

Kasturi and Bhuvan cry for Chunni. The goons tie up Kasturi and Bhuvan. They ask Bhaiya ji to leave Chunni. Bhaiya ji says he has dealt of 50 lakhs with Chunni, see how he recovers now and shoots in air. They all get shocked. A jeep stops the truck. The man tells the driver to see whats happening and shows the hurt horse. Chakor asks them tol save the horse. They all see the horse hurt. The man saves the horse. The little tells his mum that this girl is great, she is helping the horse and goes to help. The boy sees Chakor falling down the truck and holds her hand, asking her to be careful.

He says my name is Om. She shakes hands and says I m Chakor. They smile. A goon comes and Bhaiya ji asks him to beat Bhuvan. Bhuvan gets beaten up by the hunter. His family cries. Dadi asks the villagers to stop them. Bhaiya ji scares them and asks them to not come ahead. He says this old woman has planned all this, don’t leave her. The man beats Dadi. Dadi falls down. Kasturi cries and shouts Maa. The man says this old woman fell. Bhaiya ji says yes, but Kasturi is here, she cheated me, beat her. Kasturi says kill me, I won’t live without my daughter. Chunni sees the gun and takes it from Bhaiya ji’s gun. She aims at him and stops him. She asks him to stop the man, if his goon touches Kasturi, then she will shoot him.

Kaka asks Chakor to come with them. The couple also asks Chakor to come to the circus along them. Chakor smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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