Udaan 16th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Chakor talking to principal. Arjun comes in Sitapur and looks on. Tejaswini gives sweets to Bhaiya ji for sealing the big deal. He says fine, let me read the agreement first. She says why, it will have what we told them. He says no, it has different things too, and says about sports day celebrations in inauguration event. She says great, what problem do you have, it will be good, have sweets. He says you have the sweets and give to servants. She thinks what happened to him.

Chakor is glad that she proved she is not a liar. Imli comes crying. Chakor asks what happened, why is she crying. Imli says all villagers have hurt Bhuvan and Kasturi and tells everyone. She says I cried a lot, but no one heard. Chakor asks are they mad, how can villagers hurt you all, don’t cry, I will

tell everyone that I m not liar and cheater.

The NRI guest congratulate Bhaiya ji and say sports authority of India is also with us and send their supervisor here for all training and event. Bhaiya ji says its good for publicity. She asks who is he. Bhaiya asks his name. Arjun comes and says Arjun Khanna. They are shocked seeing him. The men welcome Arjun and smile. Arjun joins them. The man says we called you to meet Kamal Narayan ji. Arjun recalls what happened last time.

Arjun says we have some misunderstandings, we will sort it. The men leave. Chakor comes to haveli. Bhaiya ji smiles and says I know why you came here, to make Chakor participate in the race. Chakor thinks when villagers know I m not liar and cheater, then they will believe me. Bhaiya ji says I m sure you will try best to make Chakor win. Arjun says you understood everything, then we are friends, as friends understand each other well. Bhaiya ji says Chakor won’t run. Arjun says fine, every kid has right to run in race and Chakor is your school’s student, who wil stop her.

Bhaiya ji laughs and says Chakor is not in my school now, she is expelled. Arjun says what. Tejaswini says yes, she was caught cheating. Arjun is shocked and says cheating, impossible, Chakor can’t do this, you have trapped her, its your plan. Bhaiya ji says no need to go deep in this, she is expelled, she will come to me to request for permission to take part in race, but I won’t allow her.

He asks him to have sweets. Arjun says fine, we know one thing well, that she is Chakor, she will find some solution, I m with her. He eats sweets and says his sweets are dull, and ruined the taste. Arjun comes out and says where can be Chakor. Chakor goes and does not see him. She comes to stable and sees the wall. She marks right that she proved that she is not liar. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai………………plays…………….

She says I will prove soon that I m not cheater. Arjun sees stable and goes to see her. He says she is not here, where is she. He sees the wall and reads. He smiles and says her fight is not over, good to know she did not lose. He keeps his cap there and leaves. Chakor passes by and they don’t see each other. Tejaswini scolds Chakor and asks where did she go. Chakor says I went to Roshni’s home to show I m not liar, but Devi Maa run with my book. Tejaswini asks what nonsense. Chakor says she stays in closed room in temple behind Roshni’s home. Bhaiya ji looks on and gets tensed. She asks Tejaswini to ask Roshni. Bhaiya ji scolds her and asks her to run off, there is no Devi.

Tejaswini says Chakor should be punished. He says don’t you have any work. She thinks what happened to him. Chakor thinks why did Bhaiya ji stop me from saying. He comes to her and scolds her, asking her to shut her mouth, else he will send her parents to jail. He raises hand and says Devi Maa is not there, you did not see her and any temple. He leaves. She thinks Bhaiya ji also went there, then why is he saying so.

Roshni comes to haveli and apologizes to Chakor. Chakor is stunned and drops the glass.

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