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The Episode starts with Suraj going out of the hospital. He recalls Imli and how he asked her to abort the baby. He shouts yes, I told Imli to abort baby, she did not listen and Lord listened, is Lord happy to punish me, why did Lord punish Imli, she has suffered a lot, she will not suffer now. He leaves. Vivaan and Chakor are with Imli. He says how will we tell Imli about the baby. She says Imli needs you, just you can become her support. He says how shall I tell her, she will break down. She says you have to support her. He says who will pacify us.

She says you and Imli are each other’s support, you both have to take care of each other. he says why does this happen with me, whomever I love leave me, I loved Papa and he left me, I loved you and did not get you, I accepted this child by heart

and even he got snatched from me, what joy does Lord gets to shatter my dreams. Chakor says I know, but you still have Imli. Bhuvan and Kasturi come to the ward to see Imli. Kasturi thanks Lord that Imli is fine. Vivaan asks them to go, he is with Imli. Kasturi says don’t worry, we are with her.

Chakor thinks where did Suraj go and goes out to check. She says I have to find him. Suraj collides with her and the suitcase falls. She sees Imli’s clothes and asks Suraj about so many clothes, Imli will not stay in hospital for many days. He says I m taking my Imli away from here forever, she has suffered a lot, she lost baby because of me, she will forget all her sorrows. She asks did you get mad, do you think she will forget she lost her baby. He says I will not leave Imli for a moment. She asks him to come and see, look there carefully, Vivaan is with Imli.

She asks do you want to separate them, when Imli needed your love, you did not give her love, today when she is getting Vivaan’s love, you want to snatch it, what is this justice Suraj, today Imli needs love and support, which she can get by Vivaan, not from me and you. You maybe loving Imli, but you did sin by rejecting Imli, you can’t repent by separating them, don’t be selfish. He says I m not selfish, I truly love Imli and want to end her problems. She says this is not love, you are trying to free yourself from your sins, see there.

Vivaan takes care of Imli. She says Vivaan is taking care of her, its not imp that you love her, its imp whom Imli loves, she loves Vivaan, snatching her love will be big sin, do you want to do this sin. He leaves the bag and says since childhood, I never liked you and your words, today don’t know why I m not angry on you, I did not feel your words are bad, maybe because you are saying truth, which I never accepted, but today I m helpless to believe this truth. They both cry.

Ranjana asks Tejaswini was it call from hospital. Tejaswini says doctors could not save baby. Ranjana says its bad, you wanted this. Tejaswini says you also wanted this Ranjana. Ranjana sees Bhaiya ji’s pic and says living life alone and facing world is a tough task. She misses him and says it would be good if you were there, don’t know how will I manage Vivaan.

Suraj sees Chakor talking to nurse, Bhuvan and Kasturi sleeping. He goes to meet Imli. He holds her hand and apologizes, saying I should have got punished for my injustice, if Chakor did not stop me on time, I would have done another mistake, I was thinking to share sorrow with you, now I understood you will get hurt by my attempt, I realized late that I love you Imli, I don’t have complains that you don’t love me, I don’t deserve you, you should get Vivaan, I m happy for you, I truly loved you, and true love is not selfish, I wish you could hear me and see my eyes, I want to apologize, I know you can’t see and hear me, I said what was in my heart, I could just give this, I pray that you get happiness, good luck. Vivaan comes there and sees Suraj. Suraj gets up seeing him.

Imli asks Chakor about her baby, is it boy or girl. Vivaan holds her and shouts our baby died. Imli gets shocked. Everyone cry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I am new here.But I always lie chakor and vivan…..won’t they b back again?????will it b sukor and vivan and imli…..could sm1 plz help me with it

  2. l feel bad for everyone…vimli, sukor..writer jadhi sab thik kardho…

  3. Aww…
    feel vry bad..
    smetimes want vikor , smetimes want sukor…

  4. @anonymous,Ya 100% the pairs r gonna be sukor n vimli….as imli hav feelings for vivan, vivan will be confused btwn chakor n imli n in btwn sukor also started luv type scenes so these all things proves that the pairs r gonna be sukor n vimli…..

  5. It’s Sukor, Suraj and Chakor are the main characters. Imli and Vivaan are side dishes. Don’t get too caught up in sukor vikor vimli simli the big hbad Bhaiyaji is back. Things are way more interesting with him around

  6. Today’s episode was good…n the best part was sukor scenes…i like the way sooraj told ‘ from childhood i hated u but now whatever u r saying i’m not getting angry with it’….i’m eagerly waiting to watch how sooraj gonna make vimli together….

    1. Me too. I like the Suraj told

  7. Yaar ptani kab tak imli ka drama chalega its getying on my nerves now yaar chakor ko chod sab uske piche pde hai realy so boring but only bcoz of sukor i have to tolerate her.,bas ek baar yeh vimli mil jaye fir hi sukor ek honge aaj ka pura episode 16 sept imli ke rone dhone main niklega or shyd maha episode bhi

  8. Don’t let suraj to go near imli please . All are satisfied with sukor please don’t change this plot again

    1. yes sweety ur right,see d comments here,in 10 comments 7 for sukor and 3 for vikor,it shows more ppl want sukor,i guess i am d 8th one who want sukor,and yes waiting for kn entry,now vivan will b busy in taking care of imli,so sukor will fight with kn,it will b soooo intresting to watch,how sukor will fight with kn,what is d plan of kn,against suraj,how chakor will help him,after kn entry we will get more sukor scences to watch,so waitng for kn entry

  9. How can imli be so selfosh to snatch chakors love.imli and vivan loved suraj and chakor for such long time and they changed their love in a spell of few days. If that was what love is then why show that they loved very much.they are like bees taking what comes in their way. Imli is such a lousy character.

  10. i am new here i started watching udann just after they got married i have a confusion please any one tell me who is elder sister either chakor or imli

    1. hi nitya chakor is elder

    2. chakor is elder

    3. chakor

  11. Guys I am little scared that how will be the person who is helping ragini I saw thre spoliar that Suraj will join hand with kn and trouble chakor then how will there luv story will start.

    1. yes ria i too saw bt i dnt think its true,and it should not be true

    2. It should be a fake news. Lots if website release fake articles. suraj won’t take his side now that he has turned postive. Whatz more he despises his father the most. Even Kamal Narayan wants to to get revenge for what he did or him, hence I dun think he will join hand with kn.

  12. yes they should stop imli drama,its becoming boreing now except sukor scenes,and waiting for maha episode

  13. I just hope ramyasri it should not be true otherwise sukor will not unite and udaan will going to loss trp because there are so many sukor fans they would stop watching it

  14. I think its chagan who is helping ragini my first suspect may be bcoz of imli and suraj no way how can he help ragini and if is helping ragini than why kn hatches a plan against him think guys

  15. ya ria,its not true bt if they dnt show who is helping ragini,its may b true,bt if its true surely trp will fall,so i hope its not true,today they may show who is that person it may b rangana chances are more for it bt dnt knw exactly

  16. I think Ranjana is helping Ragini, Ranjana is as malicious as Kamal Narayan – remember how she killed her own husband. I wonder why they not showing Bhagya, Suraj has never asked Chakor once about his elder sister; neither has Tejaswini – have they forgot that there is an elder sister – during the Raksha Bhandan episode SuVaan was acting as if Ragini was their only sister. Suraj won’t join KN, he knows better. Suraj will have to protect Chakor from his father. I hope Vivaan and Imli exit they can go live in London; Imli is becoming too annoying if I have to see more of her rhona dhona I think I will kill someone. CV’s if you are listening please cut VIMli’s scenes short as Imli and Vivaan bore us to tears.

  17. Ya even I started to like suraj and imli…they r nice…please don’t change

  18. u like suraj imli r suraj chakor

  19. I think it could be Aditya also who is helping ragini

  20. @Kalika, further 2-3 episodes it will be only about imli rona dhona n all….infact imli will hold sooraj’s hand n symphathise with him….i also think that it is ranjana who is helping ragini….Plz Cv’s, show some more romantic scenes of sukor….n also stop imli’ crying drama….

  21. No,i dnt think its aditya i mean he is doing simar sasural ka

    1. So that doesn’t mean that he can’t come back to udaan cast

  22. In day before yesterday’s precap there was a guy’s shadow who was helping kn,so i think it is the worker who ragini had sent to make suraj guilty of losing his child while seeing that guy go behind bijli saying that he is his father or maybe aditya

  23. Its chagan i think

  24. Everyone is just waiting for the final pairing…?☺?☺?☺

  25. Thank you guys

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