Udaan 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Chakor saying I know its Imli’s mistake, she got mad to get a child, she made you drink. Suraj gets shocked. He says you are mistaken, Imli is not at fault, I did everything, I was drunk, I had no sense, I made Imli drink. Chakor recalls Imli’s words. Suraj takes the blame on himself. Chakor laughs and claps. She says there won’t be anyone blind than me, Vivaan says right, I don’t know identifying people. She pushes Suraj and scolds him. She says Imli says Suraj is not at fault, and you say Imli is not at fault, whose fault is it. She says I have heard a lot, now its enough, such a big cheat. She asks Suraj to go to Imli, now there is nothing left between us, get out Suraj. He gets shocked. She holds his hand.

She says you spoke of love, was everything a lie, you saved

me from Bhaiya ji’s men, you refused to slap me, you gave colorful dreams to me, was this a cheat, tell me. He says truth is my love is true, but another truth is I will be called Imli’s child’s father. She leaves his hand. Mahiya….plays…. He leaves. She sits crying.

Suraj sleeps in living room. Vivaan and Ragini come. Vivaan jokes on Suraj. He says it seems wife made him leave and lover refused to keep him, this happens when person tries to step in two boats. Suraj says I m fulfilling my duty, you don’t need to act smart. Vivaan asks him to lower his tone, you forgot how bandhua talks to master. Vivaan asks Girja to clean guest room. Girja tells Vivaan that Imli is staying in guest room. Vivaan asks what did you say. He goes and gets Imli. Suraj asks him what is he saying. Vivaan says keep her in room.

Suraj says Chakor is staying there, what will people say. Vivaan asks why did you not think of people when you got a child with her. Suraj asks him to leave her hand and raises hand on Vivaan. Vivaan stops him and asks Ragini is Suraj fooling them, what problem he has to stay with Imli if he is father of her child. Suraj asks Vivaan to mind his language, he is saying about Imli. Vivaan says she was my wife, now she is your mistress. Suraj shouts Vivaan. Imli cries. Vivaan says agreed she does not have your child, but she has someone’s child, tell me his name, we will send her to his room. Suraj punches him and says Imli has my child, she will stay in my room. Imli asks Suraj what is he saying.

Vivaan says enough of emotional drama, Imli will stay in Suraj’s room, if they don’t stay together, they will be kicked out of haveli. He says Ragini and I are going out for work, till we come back, you two should be in same room. They leave.

Imli cries and asks Suraj what did you do, how can we live in same room, how will we hurt Chakor, just Chakor has right to stay there, you love her. He says yes, I love Chakor a lot, I can’t tell her truth, Vivaan will kick you out, Chakor is annoyed with me, I don’t know how to explain you, she thinks we are fooling her. She says I wanted your relation not to break, so I said that, what shall we do now, I can’t see her this way.

He asks her to wait and not go anywhere. She asks him to leave her hand. He says stop for your baby’s sake, you won’t tell anything to Chakor. He says I know the result of all this, don’t tell anyone, I believe my love, I will win Chakor’s love, I will convince her. He consoles her and asks her not to worry. He asks her to rest. Imli goes.

Ragini and Vivaan come to village and see kids. He says kids are playing with love, do you think villagers can make gun. She says I don’t think so. He says I think kids have to do this work. They see villagers struggling to do work. Vivaan says our dream will be fulfilled, then money will get high, our enemies will just see. Servant says senior inspector is getting transferred, new inspector is honest. Vivaan says its fine, we will pay him. Ragini says everyone has a price. Servant says none could give him his price. Vivaan says we will see him.

Chakor burns their pics. Suraj asks her to leave it. She says everything burnt, Chakor who loved Suraj a lot also got burnt, now I feel I should throw the ashes out of this room, you and Imli will stay here now. She cries.

Imli asks Chakor not to go. Suraj hurts his hand. Chakor cries and leaves. Agar tum saath ho….plays…. Suraj shouts Chakor and cries Vivaan throws money and shouts, crying. Imli cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    1. my name is mona

  2. According to latest meera ig vdo suraj is in court n may b giving divorce to chakor upto to this stage how can he go?? Why is he not telling truth of imli’s baby to chakor..why is it so difficult for him to commit reality..?????

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