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The Episode starts with Bhuvan hugging Chakor. He asks her to get vegs and he will get sweets, they will keep party at night. She says I can’t believe this. He asks her to call everyone who helped her. She says Arjun Sir helped me the most. He says yes, but Arjun Sir is not here, there will be someone else. She says yes, I have a friend, he helped me a lot, when you know his name, you will be happy. He says really, then invite him. Chakor leaves with Kasturi happily.

Bhaiya ji asks Tejaswini what is she doing in her room, Ranjana did big mistake by asking me to take you, you are using this. She says sorry, I did not come to ask my rights, I came to ask what are you doing with Chakor. He says don’t worry, Suraj is enough to cut her feathers. She says yes, but you don’t know Chakor came

inside this haveli to meet Vivaan. He gets shocked and asks what is she saying. She says I have seen Chakor, I m seeing you are not doing anything against her. He says thanks for pity, I will not leave that girl, wait and see what will happen now. She says its 10 years now after our separation, but I have still did my duty and thought your good, I went in that party and did not tell anyone that we are staying under one roof as strangers, its because I love you a lot. He claps and says you know playing with words so well, you are proving you are more than Ranjana. She says fine, but I m not less than her in loyalty, think the woman who could not be loyal to her husband and son, will she be loyal to you. He asks her to get out. She leaves and smiles.

Its night, Suraj and Bhaiya ji wait for the call. Suraj shows the call and answers. He asks Bhuvan to say if its good news. Bhuvan says yes, come here, he is here. Suraj smiles and tells Bhaiya ji that rat got trapped in cage. Bhaiya ji smiles. Bhuvan hears Chakor and Aditya laughing. Kasturi gives them food. Chakor asks where is Bapu. Kasturi says he went to get sweets. Bhuvan feels bad to cheat Chakor, and leaves. Chakor tells Kasturi about Aditya and laughs. Kasturi gives him more food. Chakor jokes he will get fat and serves him more rotis. Suraj comes there with the goons. Aditya says the food was very tasty. Chakor says I wanted Aditya to meet dad.

He says I m not going, we have to get library and school opened in village. Kasturi thanks Aditya. Bhuvan thinks I can’t hide like coward, I will tell everything to Chakor. Chakor thanks Aditya for protecting her. He says anything for our friendship. Suraj and his goons break open the door. Suraj greets them and says I m glad to meet you. Chakor asks how dare you come here. Suraj says you are helping this bandhua cat. Chakor asks Suraj to leave. Suraj says whats the hurry, it took time to get this rat, now give me chance to serve him, take him to Papa, he will explain this guy. Chakor says you can’t take him. Aditya says I m not your bandhua to agree to you.

Suraj asks really, will you come on legs and shall my men break his legs to take him in arms. Chakor says he won’t go with you. Kasturi cries and sees the door open. She asks Aditya to run away. Aditya says Chakor… She asks him to go. Aditya runs and gets hit by Imli. He holds his head and falls down. Suraj smiles. Kasturi shouts Imli……

Chakor asks Suraj to leave Aditya. Kasturi asks Imli not to do this, its wrong. Imli leaves with Suraj and goons. They take Aditya. Bhuvan sees this and worries. Suraj says great Bhuvan, Imli your father also helped us and deserves a prize, we caught that rat. Chakor gets shocked.

Kasturi and Chakor confront Bhuvan. Bhuvan says I did this, its better to risk a stranger than Imli’s life. Chakor cries and tells him that guy is Aditya, Ishwar Rawat’s son. Bhuvan and Kasturi get shocked. Bhuvan recalls Aditya.

Bhaiya ji asks Chakor to apologize to her to get Aditya freed. She apologizes. He asks her to clean his shoes and apologizes. Chakor gets angry.

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  1. i think chakor and vivaan will love each other but, suraj will end up marrying chakor.

  2. when will this bhanduva rat will be dead I want to see this bhanduva rat to be dead..

    1. Who is bandhua rat?

  3. I too think the same haru

  4. Guys I am new why do you say suraj will marry chakor haru

    1. its serical basic.heroine loves but marries villan.

  5. lovely episode. Feel sad but its reality I guess.

  6. I jst lv sweet fight bw charaj

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