Udaan 15th June 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Arjun and Abha seeing the goons. They hide and Abha calls Ishwar. She says she did not reach Sitapur police station, the car stopped and Bhaiya ji’s goons are finding them, they are in temple where mass marriage is happening, she made Arjun and Bhagya wear bridal dress, just get proof and come, else we will be caught. Ishwar says how to get proof, the haveli does not have anything here, there is big Shiv ji idol here and he is just seeing the business of making bandhuas. She says I will get some way to reach Sitapur. He says fine.

He thanks Ranjana for help and says he will leave now. She asks did he lose. He says he has lost. Baa comes and says truth never loses Ishwar. Ishwar and Ranjana get shocked seeing Baa. Abha tells Arjun that Ishwar did not get any proof, now they

can’t save Bhagya. Arjun and kids get shocked. Chakor says no, this can’t happen. Arjun says if Ishwar did not get anything, we should leave. Abha says goons are finding us, we will be caught. Arjun says goons are checking all grooms and brides. Chakor asks Bhagya to come.

Ranjana asks Baa does she remember, her memory? Baa says she remembers everything, all thanks to Bapu, she is glad to see Ranjana supporting the truth. Ishwar says I can’t say how happy I m seeing you happy, when Chakor knows, she will spread happiness. Baa says I just did not forget Chakor, my memory came back because of her, I m thankful. She says Lord has awakened her and shows the idol.

He asks him to move the idol, she knows everything in this haveli, she is here till the foundation was laid. Ishwar and Vishnu push the idol and she shows them the secret passage. She asks them to see the passage where Bhaiya ji hides his sin account. Abha, Arjun and Chakor tell Acharya to save Bhagya. Bhagya holds his clothes and Arjun asks her not to worry. They all convince him to help Bhagya. Abha says Bhaiya ji has come and they all get shocked.

Acharya asks Arjun and Bhagya to come along and talks to Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji tells him about his Devi maa and asks Lakhan to find her. Acharya asks him to bless the couples so that they should remember some big person came in their marriage, they give you votes. Bhaiya ji does not see Arjun and Bhagya. Arjun tells Acharya that if this marriage happens without her parents’ wish, they are not doing right. Acharya asks him to think about Bhagya and Bhaiya ji shouts saying he does not have much time.

Baa brings Ishwar, Ranjana and Vishnu in the passage and shows them the files and sin accounts. Ishwar and Ranjana check the files. He says son did not repay 1500rs and his mum has died in the factory, still the money was not forgiven. Baa gets teary eyed. Abha, and kids worry as Arjun is really marrying Bhagya.

Bhaiya ji sees Arjun and Bhagya as husband and wife, and scolds Arjun. He says he will say the result of cheating him and sends him with the goons.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Arjun and bhagiya both are so cute………

  2. Good couple of bhagyaarjun…..

  3. Luv u ArGya ARjun bhaGYA……bt i think they should not marry like this…..they should marry in a proper way with both in luv with each other…….i am also having another name that is IshBha for ISHwar aBHA

  4. No cryng epi…..#anya dr i also thnk d sm….dy shd mrry in a pror wy nt lik ds….nd nic nms IshBha ArGya

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