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The Episode starts with Ishwar making Lakhan hear him and making him a fool. Manohar meets Bhaiya ji and they talk about Ishwar. Lakhan calls Manohar and says Ishwar has hidden all the documents in his car, in baskets. Bhaiya ji says the papers should not reach court and tells Manohar to manage, as its last chance for them. Kasturi combs Chakor and asks her not to worry, and find if anyone comes to her and talks. Imli shuts her ears. She says how many times will you say, even I remember, not to talk to any stranger. They laugh. Kasturi asks is she imitating her, and Imli runs.

Kasturi says when you become mum, you will know. Chokor says Imli is younger than me. Kasturi says I m scared for Chakor, we are here for Imli. Dadi makes Chakor have food. Bhuvan says this bag has food made by Kasturi. Chakor

asks her why did she do all this. Kasturi hugs her and says when we have money, why won’t I make good food for you. She cries and says you are my daughter, have this food and give to Arjun too.

Baa comes with the sweets and asks them to have. Ishwar asks them to be careful, as Bhagya is not Devi now to cure them. Bhagya and Arjun come there. They all bless her and do her aarti as Bhagya is going to her inlaws. Kasturi says this is Bhagya’s maayka and they will do her vidaai. Manohar talks to Babu and asks how many times will he fail. He says Bhaiya ji was very angry and asked me to cancel your deal, I convinced him and this time don’t miss it, the papers should not reach the court. Babu asks him not to take tension, he will do the work.

They take Bhagya inside and do the rituals. Chakor says she has to go and practice and asks Arjun to come. He says yes, and takes her. Baa asks Ishwar to take some sweets to Lucknow. Lakhan looks on at the baskets kept in the car. Ishwar asks his man to give the baskets to Bhuvan, and asks them to have laddoos. Imli thanks him. Ishwar says we will leave now, come Chakor. Chakor hugs Imli and asks her to focus on studies. Imli keeps fingers crossed and says fine. Kasturi hugs Chakor and asks her to take care.

Ishwar leaves in his car and Lakhan keeps an eye on them. The goons shoot at the car trye and the car stops. They attack on the car and get the basket, Its Vishnu inside it with police and they aim guns at the goons. The goons run. Ishwar, Abha, Chakor, Arjun and Bhagya, along others are in bus. Vishnu informs Ishwar that he was right, the goons attacked and took the basket. Ishwar says don’t worry, that basket did not have papers. Abha asks whats the matter. Ishwar says it was attack on the car, he is worried for Bhuvan.

Imli says she wants sweets. Dadi asks Bhuvan to manage Imli. Bhuvan asks Imli not to trouble Dadi. Imli asks for sweets. He says fine and opens the basket. He sees the papers and asks whats all this. Manohar gets the sweets in basket and scolds the goons. He asks where is the proof and gets angry. Lakhan thinks of Ishwar’s words and how he has given the basket to Bhuvan. He says I think Ishwar has given that basket to Bhuvan and papers will be at his home, I have seen him. Manohar says Bhuvan is gone now. Ishwar tells Abha that Lakhan will understand Bhuvan has the papers. Abha says she won’t let anything happen to them, their life is in risk. Chakor asks what did you say, is my parents’ life in danger?

Manohar, Lakhan and goons come to Bhuvan’s house. Chakor prays at the temple.

Update Credit to: Amena

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