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The Episode starts with Chakor saying I got the way out now and tries to leave. Khasta hears the sound coming from inside and says it means she is still there and fooling me. Chakor sees him coming back and hides. Chakor runs and he finds her. She goes out and shuts the door. He asks her to open the door. She says no, I won’t let you come. He pushes the door. She runs fast. He says she always slips from my hands, but I will not leave you. He follows her.

Vivaan goes to free the kids and thinks he will save them from Bhaiya ji, that cheater Chakor thinks I can’t do anything without her. He gets shocked seeing Bhaiya ji and hides the keys.

Bhaiya ji asks where were you going and gets angry. Ranjana comes and says Vivaan is going to the room where you kept kids locked. Vivaan gets shocked

and thinks why is mummy saying this, I did mistake trusting her. Bhaiya ji asks Vivaan were you going to free the kids. Ranjana says he was going on my saying, I wanted him to see the faces of the kids and their state, who stand against you Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji says you are saying right Ranjana, Vivaan is going against me, this thing can end doing this, Vivaan go and see those kids, their faces has my fear.

He tells Ranjana that Vivaan is my family blood, he will not get bandhua stamp ever. She smiles and says I know, but I want your fear to be there in his eyes. He goes.

Chakor runs and tries to escape. She tries to find exit way and hits the walls. She finds the secret door and hits it. Khasta comes after her. Vivaan opens the lock and meets the kids. Billu asks him why did he come, to laugh on their state. Vivaan says we are friends even now, not like Chakor, who always runs, I have come here to free you all, I have opened the door, when its night, you all run away and go to your parents, be careful, if you all get caught, I can’t do anything, why are you all silent, did you understand my plan. Billu says sorry, we did not know you came to save us, you did work like Chakor, if she was here, she would have saved us. Vivaan says she is cheater. She will never come back. He leaves. Imli sees Vivaan leaving and lock left open.

Khasta comes to Chakor. She says I will go from here and tell about you to everyone, I know who you are. He says you don’t know, what will you say if you go out, that I m joker, there are many jokers in circus. He slips and falls down. Chakor sees him and stops.

All villagers think what to do, how to give grains in haveli in Sankranti. Kasturi gives haldi lep to Kishori to apply it to Lakhan’s hand sores. Bhuvan sees Kasturi’s hands and applies haldi lep to her hands too. Lakhan says that haveli devil knows we don’t have water and grains, if he has to celebrate Makar Sankranti, let him. Bhuvan says we are bandhua labor, we have to give him grains. Kishori cries and says we don’t have water, what will we eat. Lakhan says we won’t celebrate, as our kids are bandhua.

Kasturi cries and says last year we celebrated well with Chakor, this year we don’t have our children. She recalls the moment. Bhuvan says don’t cry, atleast Chakor is free, we should be happy.

Imli asks Vivaan what is he doing. He says talk slowly, my plan will flop, I went to free the kids. She asks what, no. He stops her and asks her to help him, as the kids are her friends. She recalls Bhaiya ji beating Bhuvan and says no, I won’t help, go from here, else I will call Ram Singh. Vivaan says fine, but if Chakor was here, she would have been angry. She says no, she is not here. He says we should help kids, if they were with parents on Sankranti, they would be happy, let them go, they will be thankful. She agrees. Vivaan and Imli asks the kids to slowly leave.

Chakor says I think he fainted, if I go from here, I can’t see his face, I will remove his mask and see his face. She goes and tries to remove the mask. Khasta holds her and laughs, saying I caught you, you fooled that you know me, what will you tell everyone, I was acting to faint. She looks at him.

Khasta scares Chakor and puts her in cage. He says I would have left you if you did not act smart, I have to kill you, bye Chakor… He goes to stab her and she screams.

Update Credit to: Amena

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