Udaan 15th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Suraj regains memory

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The Episode starts with Chakor going to the cliff. She recalls Suraj’s words and smiles. Mahiya….plays… She reaches the cliff and shouts Suraj, ask me anything, I will answer you and make you recall the past. Ranvijay turns and smiles. The men laugh. She gets shocked. Ranvijay laughs and says I m yumdud today, I have come to take you. She says Suraj is waiting for me, where is he, what did you do with him. Suraj shouts I m here. She goes to him. He says I have come here to kill you. She gets shocked. She asks what are you saying. He holds her neck angrily and says you have killed my dad, I wish to kill you, but I can’t do this, Imli asked me not to kill you, Ranvijay will fulfill my revenge. Ranvijay smiles. Suraj says Ranvijay will kill you today. He pushes her. Ranvijay catches Chakor.

He asks Suraj to go temple and sit with everyone, tell Imli I m in haveli. She asks Suraj not to go, they will kill her. Suraj leaves.

Ranvijay applies soil to his forehead. He says I will kill you, you proved me mad, I will show you, how are real mad people, I will bite you and then beat you. The men laugh. Ranvijay says you remember this stick, you wanted to face me by this, what did you teach people, it will be fun when your stick hits your head. He hits on her head. She falls down. Suraj comes to the temple. He sees Imli doing puja. He recalls Chakor’s words. He closes eyes and sees her. He says Chakor….. Chakor gets beaten up and shouts Suraj. Ranvijay says Suraj wants you to die, as you killed his dad, you are going to die. She shouts Suraj. She kicks and beats Ranvijay and his men. She shouts to Suraj again and again.

Ranvijay says you will get tired shouting, Suraj won’t come. She says he will come and this time he will come forever. She hits on Ranvijay’s head. He sees his blood and snatches the stick. He slaps her. Kasturi asks Suraj where is Chakor. Imli thinks Chakor and Ranvijay aren’t here, is Ranvijay doing anything. She leaves. Kasturi says I m asking you, Chakor said she is going to meet you, where is she. Suraj says I left her to die, I left her with Ranvijay, who will take her life in some time, she should die, she killed my dad. She holds his neck and says tell me where is she. He says I won’t say, what will you do. Villagers throw him in the mud and ask him to say where is Suraj. Kasturi says I will never forgive you, tell me where is Chakor.

Bhuvan and others beats him. Ranvijay says your mangalsutra is of no use, you shouted Suraj, did he come, he didn’t come. Bhuvan hits on Suraj’s head. Suraj falls down in the mud. Bhuvan says we shall go and find Chakor. Ranvijay says Suraj is not your husband now. He wipes Chakor’s sindoor. She says he will come, this time he will come to be mine forever. He asks would he leave you here to die. He snatches her mangalsutra and laughs. He says this is your husband Suraj. He throws it. She shouts my Suraj will come, you will see. He asks how shall I kill you. A man comes and says villagers and Imli are finding you, they got to know Chakor is with you. Ranvijay says before they come, Chakor has to die, Chakor get ready to die. He takes her to cliff’s end. She says leave me, Suraj won’t leave you alive. Ranvijay asks her to go to heaven and see these dreams. He pushes her down. She shouts Suraj.

Suraj gets conscious. Shiv puja goes on. Suraj gets a mangalsutra and recalls Chakor. He recalls marrying Chakor and their moments. Mahiya…..plays….He shouts Chakor…….


Chakor tries to come up. Suraj comes and pushes Ranvijay. He lifts Chakor up and says I have come, your love has won. Ranvijay points gun at him. Suraj says my memory has come back, I will not leave you and Imli. He gets the gun and points at Ranvijay.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hah!! At last this Suraj regained his memory. At least we’ll get some sukor scenes from today!!!! This Ranvi and Imli must go to hell!!!

  2. OMG the precap is freaking interesting am eargerly waiting for it .I really waited more than chakor 4 the memory return of suraj and finally Tc back???????????my old suraj z back that feeling thou z amazinggggggggg surajjjjjjjjjjjjj

  3. I’m angry that they didn’t redeem this Suraj till the end, he was a victim but was made into a villain. Why didn’t they show him beaten up by goons while trying to save Chakor instead of being beaten up by villagers.
    Very disappointing end to the track. I feel sorry for VJ, he put in so much effort for such a lame sequence.

  4. Sukorian

    Happy he gains his memory back @nemo u r right would be better if some goons had beaten him up while saving her as he was getting flashes!!! To the precap finally RV n Imli game over

    1. I think it’s good the villagers beat him up, it shows how far the villagers have come, how they will fight for themselves and Chakor. There was no need for the goons to beat Suraj up because obviously Imli and Ranjivay have manipulated the truth about KNs death so he thinks he is getting justice for his dad and delivered Chakor to deaths door. This way he gets punished by the villagers and gets his memory back and save Chakor

  5. Finally!
    SuKor r back!
    Hate RV

  6. I usually get the show at 4pm ,its not on no more where did it go last I seen was when they buried Chakor alive , but escaped because Sir dug her up. I really look forward to this show all week . EXTREMELY disappointed its not on am ADDICTED to this show????

  7. Superb episode, finally suraj memory is back, now it will be good after they both met

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