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The Episode starts with Chakor recalling the officer’s words and crying. Udaan hai…..plays…… Imli asks Vivaan to fire Pooja from job, she is not good. Vivaan says she is working good, leave it. She says you have no time to see me. He says I have seen you, you look good, I like you as you are, no need to do this. Imli smiles. Pooja comes and asks Vivaan to switch on tv. Imli asks Pooja to leave. Vivaan switches on tv. They see news of Chakor failing in dope test and banned. They get shocked. The media stops Suraj and asks Chakor about the ban of 3 years on her, why did she take drugs, did she do this to ensure her victory. Suraj gets shocked.

Kasturi asks Chagan what are they saying. Chagan tells about blame of drugs on Chakor. They all get shocked. Bhaiya ji, Ragini and Ranjana

come to village. He asks her to see how this news made them upset. The reporter asks Chakor did she win in races by drugs always, did she have to say anything after ruining country name, answer us. Suraj says stop, no more questions, come Chakor. Bhaiya ji claps and says Chakor is on news, she has ruined our name, her career ended, she has finished everything, its so bad. Tejaswini comes and says you have done all this.

Chakor says Suraj, I have failed, Bhaiya ji won and snatched my name, I won in marathons by hardwork. She says he has finished me, now I can’t save you, he will not leave you, I was your shield, he broke the shield, he did this to reach you. Suraj gets shocked. Bhaiya ji asks Tejaswini are you mad, I have just seen the news. Tejaswini says don’t lie, I know you trapped Chakor as she was supporting Suraj, you will be punished by Lord. Bhaiya ji asks Kasturi to make her quiet. He tells Ranjana that I will punish Suraj, then no one will think of cheating me.

Chakor says no, this can’t happen, Chakor can’t lose. Suraj says no Chakor. Dheere dheere….plays…. Chakor runs and runs. Suraj sees her bleeding feet. He runs after her. He stops her and asks what happened to you, did you go mad, your foot is bleeding, whats use of hurting yourself, this blame is wrong and truth will come out, I m sure you will face this well. She says now Bhaiya ji will not leave us, he ended my career, he will kill you. She says I did not do anything. Suraj says I know you are innocent, you can’t do this, nothing will happen to us, I will make everything fine. She says its all over now, I can never run now, Chakor lost, Bhaiya ji won. She cries.

Ragini says media will leave Chakor now. Bhaiya ji says media will run away from Chakor’s name now, media will leave her, I will run after Suraj. Bhaiya ji makes plans against Chakor and Suraj. He laughs.

Chakor comes to village. Everyone meet her. Chakor cries. Kasturi asks her to believe them, everything will be fine. Bhuvan says yes, we are sure you can’t do anything wrong. They all support Chakor. Chakor says thanks for showing belief on me. Imli and Vivaan come. Imli says I believe my sister and hugs Chakor. Imli says don’t get sad, there is some mistake which will be rectified, don’t worry. Vivaan says yes, you are runner, focus on finishing line, not the way, your race did not end, we are with you, we will find out about the reports. They all feel there is mistake. Tejaswini says Bhaiya ji has done this. They get shocked.

Chakor says your life is in risk, go from here, before Bhaiya ji does something. He says we will face this problem together. Suraj looks for Chakor in haveli. He gets shocked seeing…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Poor chakor she cried in full epi ??and suraj just trying to console her that hug is heart touching? and that trimurti was too much ?but tomo epi will be enjoyable as we will going to watch talli chakor? waiting 4 tomo epi guys pls vote for sukor at twitter trending pole for best couple plss

    1. Mee too also want to vote sukor how can we vote them

  2. this episode really makes me teary eye. can’t see chakor in this state.kn did this plan cleverly this time chakor really broken.chakor should fight against kn boldly and now suraj also with her…she should face the problem boldly.
    when she accused she fully shattered. even though she worried for suraj more than herself and about suraj life
    this is more than a care her everlasting and pure love towards him before realise her love (she should finish that kn and smash him. make his life hell)

    now suraj yaar his face his showing the pain.even chakor in the problem but he goes through the pain his face show it clearly.
    we didn’t see this type of suraj before,even when imli rejected his love he worried and his maa thrown out haveli he become angry.

    before suraj will enjoy whenever chakor get pain and shattered he will be happy. but today his eyes shown the pain which is more pain than all he faced before which is uncompareable!!!!!.he is more worried for chakor and he can’t see her in this state. he didn’t care for himself now and became a true man who supports his woman when she is in probem
    that hug though and he hugged her back and he become her support system..

    waiting for a day when suraj and chakor together defeat kn and his group…waiting for that eagerly…..

  3. Can’t see chakor in this state? but we know u will face this one and will be the ultimate winner? and time Suraj is with you ?…I loved how he consoled her and the hug was so heart touching and both have become each other’s strengh
    But guys I saw new olv in which chakor gives volenteir retirement and leaves haveli and kn challenge Suraj to run as far as he can and says his men will definitely catch him and see what happens next ?

    But if she gave VR how could she go to new Zealand for olampics???
    Don’t know what CVs are upto…but i totally trust them as they never disappoint us..looking forward to tomorrow’s episode ??

  4. Ohh very sad for Chakor . Bhaiyaji should not do like this. Very Bad!!!
    Sukor is awesome.

  5. I think she is already in love with him and can’t realise it bcz she worried for him the most? forgetting everyone

  6. Guys new spoiler ?chakor will win asian games ?and kn will give party to celebrate his bahu victory? and to make people think how much he love and take care of his bahu chakor? but sukor will know his plans but still dnt stop him ?.,soo may be that black dress meera was wearing was for the party https://www.instagram.com/p/BN_Bx4ZgcKG/ ?hope its truee otherwise we cnt realy know if this spoilers are true or not?

    1. Hi angel . I found u r a great sukor fan like us . I have a request . Plz made a whtsapp group of sukor fanS . When we all can chat abt the show . If u like the idea thn made it .Sorry if i distrub u

  7. Sukor for best tv ? couple ? please
    How do we vote? #Fiji#

    1. Mee too also want to vote sukor

  8. Very sad for Chakor

  9. Today is sad episode. But I only hope even in sad episode please don’t make episode that seperate sukor too long like in ep 28th november – 2nd decembef 2016, but thanks for last minute first sukor hug. That time I felt my waiting for sukor wasn’t useless, but 4 days were too long to see them. I missed them so much. I hope it will be the last time sukorians wait that long for our best jodi rocks the screen. Hehehe

  10. Today is sad episode. But I only hope even in sad episode please don’t make episode that seperate sukor too long like in ep 28th november – 2nd decembef 2016, but thanks for last minute first sukor hug. That time I felt my waiting for sukor wasn’t useless, but 4 days were too long to see them. I missed them so much. I hope it will be the last time sukorians wait that long for our best jodi rocks the screen. Hehehe

  11. Today’s episode was so sad. Chakor was so hurt and broken and you could see how her suffering was affecting Suraj. Seeing her in so much distress and pain was saddening him as well. The line where he said that it didn’t matter to him what the world said, he had complete faith in her no matter what. The hug they shared was so adorable. Normally it is Chakor who is the optimist and is comforting Suraj in a time of difficulty, but today we were able to see the opposite. Which I personally thought was nice. Seeing how they both care and support each other. They stick by each other’s side through thick and thin. This goes to show how well they fit together and how perfect they truly are for each other. The scene where the media was confronting Chakor was so well executed on the team’s behalf. When the media is questioning Chakor, she raises her hand and you can clearly see her stamp. Which I believe was intentional on the team’s part, to symbolize the lose of her freedom. Quick question though, what happened to all of the Sukor fanfics?

  12. Chakor acting was awesome and sukor was supporting chakor scene and his beliefs &encouraging words was nice. Love u sukor.

  13. Tejaswiteju


    Chakor interview. Kn hides Suraj latest twist ?

  14. guys pls vote for Meera as fauvorite actress 2016 @colorstv

  15. Guys pls vote for sukor as best jodi this polls helps them in winning the award so pls vote sia,varshu,tarn,janu,neema,nidhi,riya,nisha,tejaswini,arrasukman,sonia,arshu,ankur,mary and all plsss

    1. Tejaswiteju

      Already i have voted ra angel

    2. Vivi


  16. why evil wins always. writers shoulalso show truth wins over

  17. what will happen to suraj now???will he become bandhuva????

  18. hug was so adorable

  19. Tejaswiteju

    May or may not we don’t know .but in interview Chakor says that again banduvah track will come.it is the imp track in udaan.may be love journey of Sukor know.i think Chakor and Suraj come too closer by this .lets see

  20. Dubari thanks? but i think if we want to chat we all can chat here in updates as it will also help team udaan to understand our suggestions and opinions about sukor and it will also increase comments okk?

  21. Suraj & chakor looks great together plz add one scene of sukor romance in every episode

  22. hai frnds I am new here I too love sukor .loved sukor scenes today

  23. Yaa .I think ur right . . ?? Angel

  24. Very sad epi.But their hug scene was superb

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