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The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji beating the bus driver. Chakor asks Amma to go and not risk her life. Amma says I won’t go leaving you. Bhaiya ji asks Ram Singh to vacate the bus and get all people out. The bus is vacated. Chakor asks what will we do now. Amma says be quiet, nothing will happen, come, we will hide. They hide in the back seat. Ram Singh asks is there anyone else inside. Bhaiya ji asks him to put petrol and burn the bus. Amma prays for help. Amma asks Chakor to go away and run. Chakor says I won’t go, risking your life. Amma says run away Chakor, before they lit fire. Chakor refuses. Amma says Bhaiya ji won’t leave you if he knows you are Chakor. The police comes there and asks what happening.

Bhaiya ji asks shall I say. The bus driver apologizes. Amma takes Chakor inside

the bus again. The inspector asks Bhaiya ji to go, this bus won’ t go ahead of his car. Bhaiya ji leaves. Amma thanks Lord. She gets Kasturi’s call. Amma holds Chakor’s hand. Kasturi asks for Chakor. Chakor frees her hand from Amma, while she is busy on phone. Kasturi says Choka is Chakor, and Chunni is here with me. Amma says yes Kasturi, I know she is Chakor. Kasturi asks how. Amma says I just got to know. Kasturi says get Chakor back to me, scold her and say I have asked you to bring it. Amma says you talk to her. The bus leaves. Amma turns and sees Chakor gone. She gets shocked. Chakor sees the bus leaving and thinks till when will Amma risk her life, she can’t let anything happen to her. Amma shouts Chakor….. Chakor looks on. yeh hounslon ki udaan hai………..plays………

Chakor walks on the road and tries taking lift. Chakor sees a circus truck and asks for lift. She runs after the truck and gets inside the truck. She asks the horse not to shout, and let her sit in corner. Bhuvan tells Kasturi that Chunni is like Chakor. Kasturi says there is a difference, Chakor did not take anything from anyone and this Chunni took everything and even Chakor’s identity. Dadi asks her to stop it, Chunni has been away for 8 years and bear pain, Chunni is also your daughter, don’t forget this.

Chunni asks for more rotis. Kasturi asks her to eat and gives her. Chunni gets sad. Bhuvan asks Chunni to come to him, and leave Kasturi. Chakor talks to the horses and laughs. Tejaswini comes to haveli and sends all servants away. She calls Bhaiya ji and says we got cheated, Kasturi fooled us. He asks what, and stops the car. He says there is network problem and goes to talk. She says Chunni is Chakor’s twin sister, Chakor is alive, Choka is Chakor, Choka stayed with us for so many days. He gets shocked. He recalls Choka and Chunni. He breaks the car glass in anger and screams. Tejaswini hears him and says get out your anger well, punish these two girls. He says no one should know this, else people will laugh on me, keep an eye on Chunni, I will find Nayantara and Chakor, then I will show everyone the result of backstabbing me. He ends call. He asks Ram Singh to get another car and take him to village.

Bhaiya ji goes to Bhuvan’s house. He calls out Chunni and says your hide and seek is over, come out. Kasturi holds Chunni.

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